Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


5. He forgote me !


(Jamie's POV)

When Soccer practice ended I felt butterfly's grow in my stomach from the excitement of seeing Zayn.

He always had this effect on me that I could never explain. I rushed in the locker room and quickly changed out of my practice uniform and put on some blue shorts and a plain grey shirt. I new I didn't look amazing but I could careless we were past that stage in our relationship were I felt like had had to look good all the time I was comfortable around Zayn.

I eagerly left the locker room walking towards the parking lot. I looked around for Zayn but he wasn't here. I sat down on the sidewalk thinking maybe he's coming or running a little late. After a few minuets I grabbed my phone and called Zayn it rang and rang and rang he didn't answer. I felt my eyes start to water did he really forget me. He promised he would come.

15 minuets later I still sat there tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t believe it.

How could I be so stupid to actually believe he would change. He could of at least called me and told me he couldn't make it but instead I'm sitting here like a fool.

I finally realized that he wasn't coming. I grabbed my phone and called Max


I tried to sound normal but it didn't work out very well "H- hi" I managed to spit out.

"Jamie" he questioned he sounded very surprised "what's wrong" he added I could hear the concern in his voice.

"C-can you come g-get me" I asked between my sobbing.

"Of course love where are you" he asked I could hear him moving around and keys making noises.

"School" I mumbled

"Okay babe I'll be there in 5 minutes don't move" he demanded I heard his car door slam shut.

"Okay" I mumbled again hanging up.

Did he call me babe. Me and Max have been friends since we were little. I use to have a huge crush on him a year ago but he had a girlfriend and he would never like me so I gave up on that dream a long time ago. But of course I still loved him he was always there for me when no one else was.

Ever since I've been dating Zayn we haven't been as close as we use to.

Zayn says he hates Max, but I only think the reason he says that is because he hates how close we are.

He says guys can't just be friends with a girl like me. Max isn't anything like that he's sweet and caring but Zayn doesn't ever listen so I stopped hanging out with Max so much we only talked at school so Zayn would shut up about it.

After thinking about all that I found myself hugging my legs crying into them not caring if anyone saw or what anyone said. I just let my emotions out.

I heard a car pull up but I didn't move I just sat there gripping my legs tighter. I heard a car door shut and foot steps getting closer and closer until they stopped in front of me.

I felt two strong arms wrap around my tiny body I loosened my grip around my legs crying into his chest. He tightened his arms around me and gently rubbed my back which calmed me down a little after awhile of being in his embrace he picked me up bridal style and walked to his car.

I wanted to protest for him to put me down but I was to weak so I just let him carry me. I hide my head in his neck I felt so safe in his arms different from what I felt with Zayn.

"I'm going to put you in the car now" he said loosing his grip on my waist, the last thing I wanted was for him to let go of me but I guess he had to.

He gently put me in the passenger seat and kissed my head. I started to get butterfly's in my stomach but I ignored them.

He got in the drivers side and stared the car. I brought my legs up to my waist and wrapped my arms around them like I did before but this time because it was cold Max must have noticed.

"Cold" he questioned I nodded my head. He quickly pulled his blue sweatshirt reviling his perfectly naked chest and handed it to me. I tried not to stare but I couldn't help it he was so fit and very attractive. I new my cheeks were turning red by the way he was laughing

"Sorry I didn't have time to put a shirt on" he said shyly.

"'s okay thanks" I mumbled pulling it over my head.

We sat in silence for a while until he spoke up. "Are you going to tell me what happened" he asked looking over at me.

"Zayn" I whispered braking down again he moved one of his hands from the steering wheel and moved it to my hand and squeezed it.

"What did he do this time" he asked I could hear the anger building up in his voice. Every time me and Zany got in a fight i would always go crying to Max that's why he never like Zayn very much.

I didn't answer I just hide my head in my legs.

"Did he hurt you" he added with even more anger in his voice I quickly shook my head.

"Not physically" I mumbled bring my head up.

"What he do" he asked I don't really know what to say.

"umm h..he forgot" I barley mumbled braking down once again, Max didn't respond for a while but he never removed his hand from mine I couldn't help but notice how they fitted so well together.

As he gently brushes his thumb on my hand I felt my self calm down. "I was surprised you called" he admitted.

I felt my body freeze up I didn't respond.

"I've heard around school Zayn tells you not to talk to me I thought we were a lot closer than that" he added looking at me I could see the hurt in his eyes .

I felt my stomach drop "I.. I'm sorry Max" was all I could get out.

"It's not you fault love it's his" he assured smiling at me trying to act like he wasn't mad but I new he was and it killed me.

We didn't talk for the rest of the ride we pulled into my dive way. He quickly got out of the car and opened my door I stepped out and grabbed my bags

"Thanks for the ride" I mumbled walking closer to him.

"Anytime love if you ever need me please don't be afraid to call me" he pointed out pulling me into a hug.

I couldn't help but get memorized by his smell "I would come in but I have tones of homework that's due tomorrow" he said gently pulling out of the hug and kissing my head.

"Call me Jamie I really miss you" he confessed grabbing my hand.

I couldn’t help but get butterfly's again but this time I couldn't forget about them.

He pulled me closer to him "I miss you to" I whispered back.

He pulled me even closer so our noses were touching "you deserve so much better love" he mumble inches away from my face i felt my body go numb he kissed my cheek and walked to his car he waves one last time and drove away.

I felt like I was going to puke, why was life so complicated.

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