Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


26. Distractions

    (Jamie's POV)

I woke up to the loud obnoxious screaming of Harry running up and down the halls like a crazy person telling everyone to start cleaning and get ready because Addie would be home soon.

I found my self giggling at Louis threatening and screaming at Harry to shut up.

"Their so annoying" Zayn groaned covering his face with a pillow making me laugh even more.

"Aww poor baby" I said running my hand up and down his chest teasing him.

"Good morning love" he mumbled in my ear with his sexy morning voice sending shivers down my spine.

"Morning" I replied giving him little kisses on his jaw line, he groaned loudly pulling me closer to him.

"You really know how to make me want you" he mumbled in my neck moving his hand up and down my naked thigh, my cheeks becoming red "stop" I whispered sitting up looking towards the clock it read 1:30 wow we really sleep in.

He also sat up kissing the back of my neck "Zayn it's 1:30 I have to go home" I said climbing off the bed waking to the bathroom until Zayn grabbed my hand stopping me.

 "What are you doing baby" I asked sweetly.

"Don't leave me" he begged pulling me back on top of him.

"Zayn" I groaned before I could protest  he quickly pressed his lips to mine turning into an intense make-out until the door shoot open revealing Harry with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Am I disturbing something" Harry asked crossing his arms across his chest.

I quickly hid my head in Zayns chest pulling the blanket to hide my naked body felling really embarrassed but Zayn laughed.

"What do you want mate" Zayn said still laughing.

" I was coming to see if you too wanted to come to breakfast with me and the others but I see your already filling your appetite" Harry teased making me feel even more uncomfortable.

"Well I'll leave you guys alone" Harry said leaving shutting the door.

I jumped off Zayn and started freaking out "Baby calm down its not that big of deal" Zayn said trying to calm me down.

"Babe Harry just saw my whole back side naked I'm soo embarrassed" I wined looking for my clothes.

Zayn just stared at my naked body looking me up and down licking his lips "god your stunning" Zayn lightly whispered running his hand threw his hair.

"Stop" I said trying to sound serious walking in the bathroom slipping on my underwear and bra.

I walked back in the room grabbing my dress as Zayn put his boxers on.

"will you drive me home" I asked pulling my dress down then grabbing my boots.

"off course love" he responded putting on some sweatpants and a plain blue shirt.

"babe you know how I'm was suppose to leave Friday for the playoffs in Georgia......" he asked sounding a bit nervous.

"yeah" I said back giving him a confuses look he grabbed  my waist.

"please don't be mad but instead of leaving friday i have to leave tomorrow" mumbled moving a piece of hair out of my face.

When he said that I felt like crying was he being serious "I-I thought you didn't have to leave till Friday it's only Tuesday" I said confused.

"I know baby but coach wants me there early so I'll be completely focused" he explained rubbing his thumbs gently on my cheeks.

"but tomorrows my graduation" I mumbled moving from his grip to my bag trying to hide my teary eyes.

"I'm sorry but I don't have a choice" he said defending himself .

"whatever Zayn can you just take me home now"I said rudely pushing past him walking to the door trying to hold back my tears.

"Jamie please this is stupid why are you fighting with me over something I don't have control over " he said I could hear the anger in his voice.

I wanted to brake down right there but I new I had to act strong "I don't know Zayn maybe I thought My BOYFRIEND would want to be there but I guess not" I yelled slamming the door walking to the front door but I was quickly stopped.

"what part of DON'T HAVE A CHOICE do you not understand" he yelled back holding a tight grip on my wrist I quickly pulled away.

"so your the only one who has to leave 3 days early why Zayn that makes no sense"  I said waking away.

"baby i already told you my coach wants me to be completely focused" he replied running his hands threw his messy hair I quickly turned around.

  "what would keep you from focusing Zayn"  I asked crossing my arms on my chest.

He looked down at the ground trying to hide his face, I new it the distraction he was leaving to get away from was me ...

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