Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


30. Chapter 31

(Jamies POV)

As we made are way into the party I couldnt help but feel a bit nervous, there were camras everywhere taking pictures.

I tightend my grip on Zayns hand making him chuckle lightly giving me little simle.

"Everythings fine love" he whispered quitely in my ear givivng me a sweet kiss making my body feel calm.

"Lets go find our seats yeah" he added resting his hands on my hips guiding us to our seats.

We sat with the rest of the boys except Harry he was at the airport picking up Addie.

After all the football players said there speaches we decided to leave since Zayn already talked there was no real reason to be there.

We both agreed on walking sice it was close to our dorms, it was really peacfull watching the moonlight it was so beautful.

"I was thinking maybe we should stay at your dorm tonigh" he mumbeld kissing my neck tighting his grip on my waist.

I looked up smiling "Why"

 "Well Harry asked me and the lads if we could stay out tonight since Addies finallys home and hes has a romatic thing going on" Zayn explained chuckling a bit.

"Well i guess you could stay " i teased kissing his cheek.

"Why thank you beautiful, how could i ever repay you" he said sounding all proper making me laugh.

"well i think i might have a few things in mind" i whisperd wrapping my arms tightly around his neck giving him sweet little kisses, i could feel his body freez up.

"Baby you know you shouldnt be teasing me" he groaned digging his fingers lightly into my hips making me moan.

"Whatcha gonna do about it Mailk" i whisperd sliding my hands up his shirt rubbing his toned chest.

"I'm going to Take you to your dorm and show you" He groaned loudly picking me up bridel styel walking us the rest of the way to my dorm room.

"Baby please get the door open or i'll just have my way with you right here" he moaned pointing towards the ground.

I droped the keys turning towards him "That would be fun" i whispered pulling him by his coller smashing our lips together as his hands went to the top of my dress slowly unzipping.

I had no idea what was going threw my head at that momment in time, but it was amazing how much of an effect he had on me.






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