Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


28. chapter 29

 (No ones POV)

Later that week while Zayn was gone Jamie finally moved out of her parents house and moved in her new dorm. Jamie's really excited to start college, most importantly living a hall way away from Zayn. she was relived to know she didn't have to sneak around anymore just to see her boyfriend like she use to. She also loves her roommates Amber and Sarah they all connected and are good friends thanks to them she hasn't been so lonely since Zayn left but tonight he'll be home and she cant wait.

(Jamie's POV)

"AMBER WHERES THE STRAIGHTENER I CANT FIND IT" i screamed in panic running around like a crazy person.

Zayn would be here in about 30 minuets and i haven't even started my hair. He's finally home from Georgia and tonight there's this party thing his teams putting on celebrating them wining the playoffs and advancing on to states which he wants me to go with him an be his plus 1.

"IT SHOULD BE IN THE BATHROOM" she yelled back

I quickly followed her instructions darting off to the bathroom to find the straightener laying on the counter ,

"THANKS" i screamed finishing up my hair.

I had a tight black dress that barley made it pass my knees, blue stilettos and a little makeup on i looked at myself one last time and I'm not gonna like it did look good.

"you look absolutely stunning, he wont be able to keep his hands off you" Sarah gushed

"thanks i hope so" i replied blushing 

"you better be wearing sexy panties" Amber teased winking at me

"i am" i responded remembering i was wearing the panties i bought with Whitney that had Florida State on the butt.

"good because i'm sure your not going to have that dress on for very long" Sarah added to the embarrassment

"shut up" i hissed laughing 

My phone started going off.


"Hey baby are you ready" hearing Zayns sexy British accent made me realize how much i actually missed him.

"yes bade I'm ready" i answered felling a bit nervous

"alright love meet me out side, i love you"  

"I love you too Zayn"

With that i ended the call grabbing my bag.

"Bye girl don't forget to use a condom" Amber said between laughing

"ohh i wont , bye don't wait up" i said with a cheeky smile.

I walked out  locking the door to see the most sexiest man on earth standing by my door with a bundled of roses a huge smile plastered on his perfect face. 



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