Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


16. Chapter 17

The sound of the obnoxious ringing filled my ears before my eyes could even open.

I found myself tangled in Zayns motionless body

"Zayn" I moaned in a quite rough voice.

"Zayn you phone" I called again shaking him lightly this time his head began to stir bumping his chin into my head softly.

His arms unwrapped from my body as he sat up reaching for his phone. 

"hello" Zayn croaked with his usual deep morning voice I lifted my head to a pillow closing my eyes once again.

"your kidding right" I heard Zayns rough voice ask I opened my eyes becoming interested in his conversation.

"no the game isn't till next week and today's suppose to be my day off" he argued his voice rising slightly.

"that's bullshit I've been working my ass off for this team and all I ask is for one day" he slightly yelled my eyes locked on Zayn fearful how the conversation would end.

"I don't care I'm not coming" he responded with a angry tone.

"Zayn" I spoke softly lifting myself to sit up.

"it's okay" I assured him understanding what they were talking about.

Zayn and I planed to spend the day together since he didn't have practice and I didn't have class but I guess our plans quickly changed.

His  eyes meet mine I smiled and nodded reassuring him everything was okay.

He let out a loud sigh not wanting to give in "Fine I'll be there at one" he mumbled miserably into the into the phone before hanging up.

"Zayn you can't talk to your coach like that" I reminded him as he threw his phone down beside him.

"I don't care today was suppose to be our day and now I have to go" he groaned flopping on the bed.

"I'm sorry baby I know I said we would talk" he added I could tell he was felling a bit guilty.

"it's not your fault we can talk when you get back" I said he looked at me a while before grabbing my waist and dragging me towards him.

His head rested on my shoulder once I was situated on his lap.

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