Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


1. Bad boy




(Jamie's POV)

I walked threw the school halls to my locker with my two best friends Cassidy and Dillion, they were both going on about some funny video they watched expecting me to be listing but I was off in my own world. The events of last night flooding back in making my blood boil. I couldn’t understand how I feel for him but I did and hard.


Zayn Malik is not the type of guy you want to fall in love with or bring home to your parents. Zayns what’s you would call a "bad boy". He brakes girls hearts, he goes to all the party's and gets wasted, smokes cigarettes just the normal collage party boy. He was everything people warned me to stay away from but of course I didn't listen.


The way he made me feel when he touched me, the way he would call me "his girl", especially when he kisses me it was just a feeling I couldn't put in words. I really fell hard for him. But don't get me wrong I hate all the drinking, staying out late, not to mention barely being able to see him because his always busy with football practice and tones of other stuff.

I hated how when we fought we would say things we didn't mean. There was a lot of things I hated about this relationship but for some reasons I just couldn't let him go. He’s my everything and no matter how much I wanted to leave him I just couldn't.

Like for instance yesterday night Zayn was suppose to come over because my mom and dad had to work late. He finally had time to see me but instead Zayn went to a party with his friends instead of begin alone in a house with me. But I can never stay mad, this happens all the time. He'll say how sorry he is, how much he loves me. Then of course I'll always forgive him. But this time I'm not giving in as easy.

I closed my locker and start walking to my next class as I walked down the hall way, I looked over my left and there he was in a sweatshirt, jeans and a blue beanie on his head.

I'm not going to lie he looked extremely hot but I new I had to stay strong. When are eyes connected it took every might in my body to turn around and walk away.

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