Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)


7. The Day... (long chapter)

'get off me u oompa loompa's' i scream and they jump off of me and i run to the end of the room. They all give me eyes like a devil, and Harry says 'RUNNNNN!!! BOYS ATTACK!!!!!' and I start running upstairs into my room, lock the door and realize i have to pee so badley. While the boys bang on my door, I think, what is the worst they could possibly do?  tickle me? Ill pee my pants. I run out and scream 'DONT TOUCH MEEEEEE!!!' as they continue to chase me and I run into the bathroom, use it, and run out. I look around. ---Nobody's There--- I walk downstairs and I see a note that says; 'watch your back.' i turn around and Harry comes and throws me over his shoulder and all the boys throw me in the pool, while im dressed. ughhhh. I get out and see them all laughing at me. I push Harry in and say 'anyone else wanna move forward?' and they all nod and jump into the pool, and drag me along. After we stay in there for like a minute, it gets really cold and we go inside.
'Guys I have not that many boy clothing, so here' I hand them all clothing except Harry, i wink and give him a pair of my Abercrombie shorts and a crop top. He laughs and hands them back.

'what??' he says and laughs. 'fine, be right back.' i say and walk out the door with my wet clothing on, and grab my keys and drive off to Khol's. I get him a Jack Wills top and a pair of jeans, underwear, and I get myself a bra with zebra stripes on it. I pay, grab the bag and drive back to my house. When i walk in I see Harry asleep outside, and the boys watching a movie. I tap on Harry's shoulder -no movement- i shake him and he finally wakes up and I hand him the bag. He runs upstairs and changes, i forgot my bra in the bag. damn. He walks out of the bathroom and gives me the bag, laughs, and runs. I look in the bag and there is no bra. 'Hazzzzzz, where is my bra?!?!?!' I scream. 'OHHHHH LA LA!!!!' I hear Louis scream and i giggle. Harry stands at the end of the hall and shows me my new bra in his hand. 'give it back...' i whisper, but loud enought so he can hear me. 'ummm.. nah.' and he throws it out the window. 'OHMYGOD!!!!' I scream as I run outside and grab my bra off the floor, I start itching and I see that im still wet from the pool. I run to my door and twist the nob. Its Locked. I start banging on the door really hard, and I see Harry in the window laughing. 'IM FREEZING!!!!!!' and my lips turn purple. He looks out the window and unlocks the door, gives me a towel and wraps it around me. such a gentleman (most of the time anyway). 'Okay beeee righttt backk-k-k---kkkkk--kkk-k.' I say and shivers go down my spine. I change into my new bra, new underwear, my booty shorts that are white, my black tank top that says '.com' and my Jack Wills purple jacket, and knee-high black socks. Not that bad of an outfit. I walk down the stairs and all of them are sleeping. I sit on Harry's lap and touch his curls. He wakes up. 'sorry, didnt mean to wake you...' i say and get up. He pulls me back down and curls up with me, kisses my cheek and falls asleep. (awwwww). When I wake up I see a note on the coffee table in front of me that says 'Went to get breakfast, bring you back something. xx Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn. I smile and go into my bathroom to take a shower. I get out and change into my maxi dress that is black and its short in the front, and long in the back. I put on normal neon pink socks and sit on the couch, turn on the TV to the news and see the boys on it, live. I watch and one reporter asks 'Harry who is the new girl in your life?' and Harry says 'Her name is Ashley' i bite my lip and keep watching. 'What are your plans for the summer? it started like a week ago?' and Liam says 'we will be chilling with Ashley and just keeping a low profile, this summer is about us and Ashley, she is like our best friend.' i giggle and it changes to a murder case, so I change the channel and find nothing good. I hear a knock on the door. I turn off the TV and open the door to see, Cher Lloyd. OMG. 'Hiiiii.' I say and smile. 'Hello, are you Ashley?' she asks and looks like she wants to come in. 'Yes, why might you ask? and come in.' I hand her coffee and she says 'well, I just saw One Direction on the news and they were talking about you.' she says and smiles. 'um, how do u know where I live?' I ask really concerned. 'Oh, um. I dont know I have a good instinct, and your adress is in this magazine.' she says and hands me a magazine. 'ummmm, thats a little weird but okay. haha.' I say and laugh. 'Okay, well here is my number, text me anytime and well we can hang out, see you soon bye!!' she says as she writes down her number. 'thanks bye!' I say and close the door. that was awkward and random but at least i got to talk to her i LOVE her song 'Want U Back' its amazing. I shake off that whole hour and forget about it. The boys walk in a few minutes later with McDonalds bags. Niall has his eyes glued to me. 'You look stunning babe.' Harry says and kisses my cheek. 'Yeah, you look amazing!!!!' Niall says and laughs

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