Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)


11. The Day Before B-Day!

We pull up into the restauraunt and Harry carries me in bridal style. He sets me down, and says 'Table for two please.' and smiles. We sit down, give our drinks and orders and wait while we talk.
'So, I've been wanting to ask you this for a while now' Harry says.
'Yes?' I say wondering.
'Would you like to be my official girlfriend? I know we've been acting like we were a couple but I never asked you officially.' Harry asks and smiles really cheeky.
'of course' i say and smile.
The waiter comes and gives us our food, and writes his number on a napkin and gives it to me without Harry seeing.
'um no.. my boyfriend is right here.' i say and give him back the napkin.
Harry gets mad, but cools down a little. We eat in silence, pay, and start driving.
'I love you..' Harry says and smiles.
'I love you too..' I say and kiss his cheek.
We pull into my driveway and I see the boys playing XBox through the window.
Me and Harry walk in and run upstairs.
'WELCOME HOME!!!!' The boys say and run in my room.
'hahaha heyy..' I say and go in my closet. I rummage through my closet and find my onesie that Louis gave me. I run into my bathroom and change. Half way zipping up my onesie Harry walks in and shakes his hair. He grabs my hands and closes the door. My onesie is still zipped up until it reaches my bullybutton. He grabs the zipper and pulls it up so Im completly zipped up. I run my hands through his hair, and he smiles. I lean in and he thinks im kissing him, when actually I: I leaned in and kiss his cheek and run. I run downstairs and he runs after me. As im running forward he grabs my waist with his arms and I fling into his arms. He lays me on the floor and falls on top of me, the boys run in and jump on top of him, and I cant breathe.
'hahahahahhaha i cant breatheeeee hahahaha...' i scream and laugh at the same time. They all jump off and help me up.
'Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn, did you guys eat dinner yet?' I ask.
'Nope.' They all say and sit down at the table and their eyes go down to their stomachs.
'haha fine..' i say and jump in the kitchen.
I look in the fridge and see the boys went grocery shopping. There was ALOT of food so Niall must have gone shopping.
'What do u guys wanna eat?' I ask them.
'Tacos' Louis says and looks at the boys. They all nod in agreement. I open the fridge and see the meat, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and beans. I take out two pots. I pour the beans in the pot with water and the meat on a flat pan. After theyre done cooking I put them in 8 shells (knowing how many they will eat) and put sour cream and melted cheese in it and set it on the table. They all grab one and start eating. I run and jump on the couch. I grab the remote and go on to Netflix. I search through the movies and decide I wanna watch a scary movie. I go to 'Chucky' and buy it. As im watching the boys run into the room behind me and turn off all the lights and its pitch black (besides the screem). I see a glowing doll behind the TV and I start flipping out.
'HARRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!' I scream and grab the nearest blanket and put it around my whole body besides my eyes. The doll starts moving. I scream really loud and I feel hands on my shoulders. I close my eyes and put the blanket over my whole body. I remove the blankey a minute later and see the doll right in my face. I stare at it, and BOOOOO someone says and I scream and start crying. All the lights turn on and the boys see that I'm crying. I run upstairs and close my door, and lock it. I stay in there for two hours. I was on Twitter, Instagram, Kik, and Messaging my mom.
I get a text from Harry and it says 'How long are you staying up there? Im waiting by your door. xx Harry' I text back 'Sorry, I just dont like when people see me cry xx Ash;)' and I walk outside. I see Harry texting me back, but he deletes it when he see's me.
'Ash, Im sorry, we didnt know you were gonna cry.' He says with the most apoligetic eyes ever.
'haha its fine. I wasnt crying I was tearing, I fell asleep in my room, then when you texted i woke up.' I said as a lie.
'Oh thank god, I felt so guilty.' Liam said as he walked in.
'Yeah us too.' Niall chimed in pointing to Louis and Zayn.
'haha, be right back.' I said and smiled.
I walked in my room and went on twitter. I saw Harry posted a comment earlier that said 'Love...' and I thought this was so romantic. I changed out of my onesie and changed into my soft booty shorts and my mustache tank top. I got a text from my friend Eleanor: 'Hey girl, wanna hang right now? xxEleanor' I wrote back: 'sure, I think you should meet my friends, come over.' I sent it and saw it just started raining outside. 'HARRRRYYYY!?!?!?!' I screamed and he came running in.
'Yes Love?' He said and smiled.
'Come with me.' i said and put on my really fuzzy monster fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy boots that are different color fur and goes right above my ankle. I grabbed his wrist and ran outside in the middle of the street.
'Love, its rainingg--- ohh, bucketlist.' Harry said and smiled.
'Yeah on my bucketlist it says: Kiss someone very special in the rain.' I said and giggled.
'Mine too' Harry said.
It started heavy raining and we leaned in and shared a very passionate kiss. As we were running inside we saw the boys looking through the window.
'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!' They all said except Niall, he looked kinda sad.
'Niall can I tell you something?' I say and grab his wrist to follow me.









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