Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)



We star driving, and I got scared, so Louis took the wheel and started driving. I was in the passenger seat, Louis driving, Harry, Niall, Liam in the back seat, and Zayn in the trunk. I looked back and saw Harry asleep on Niall's shoulder, aww. so cute. I giggled, and Harry fluttered his eyes open then close again. "Hey, guys, were here!!" Louis says. Zayn climbs out along with Liam. I sit on Harry's lap, so my face is facing his. I grab his cheeks and Niall walks out of the car. "Hayy babe!" i say and run my fingers through his curls. "Sorry.. haha" Harry says and kisses me. We hop out of the car. "Why r we at ice skating?" Zayn asks. "haha, for Ash's birthday" Liam chimes in. We all laugh and walk inside, rent our shoes, and step on the ice. "Who knows how to ice skate?" Liam asks. "Not me." I say and laugh. "I do." Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam say at the same time. "great hahaha" I say and smile. I stand in between Harry and Louis. I grab both of their hands, and Liam and Niall, are on one end and Zayn on the other. As were ice skating, I fall about 10 times. But I laugh it off. I fell on the actual ice once, and i really hurt my wrist, but im sure it wont hurt after a little. I was wrong. I didnt let that get me down though. "Hey Ash, u think u could try by yourself?" Harry asked me. "Um, i could try... " I answered and let go of their hands. OW. My wrist was killing me. I told Harry I hurt my wrist, and that we can deal with it later, he said ok. I went on skating by myself, but it was actually fun. :). I sat down on a bench, because my legs got weak, and i was thirsty. I bought myself a water bottle, and drank it. *AUTHORS NOTE* *SORRY THIS CHAPTER IS KINDA BORING, I WILL MAKE IT MORE EXCITING AFTER* All the boys came off the rink and told me they were hungry, it WAS 1:30 so we would go out to eat. We returned our skates and walk out the front doors to millions of girls screaming and holding up signs. In the distance i actually saw a sign that said 'Harry, Why wont you marry Ashley already?' I didn't want to show him, that would be awkward. Right as we put one foot outside, a giant roar of fans screamed and started singing one of their songs. It was so cute. "How are we supposed to get past them?" I asked Harry. "I don't know, but look at that sign in the distance." and Harry pointed to the one I saw. "haha, thats cute." I answered. Harry suddenly bent down on one knee, and i was like flipping on the inside. The whole crowd went silent after saying a huge AW!  He actually got on one knee to tie his shoe. Even the boys thought he was going to purpose. He looked up at me, and stood up, "What was that about?" He asked me. "Oh, um.. i dont know... " I answered. When Harry said that my heart like broke. I wasnt gonna let that ruin my day though. Harry told me to go to the bathroom inside, i dont know why. But i had to go anyways. I used the bathroom, washed my hands, and walked outside. To everyone bent down on the floor. They popped up and started singing Happy Birthday to me. I started crying and the boys came and hugged me. Omg this was amazing!!!! We went out to lunch at the Ritz Carlton (a REALLY fancy hotel) and after, we drove back to my house. They all ran upstairs, and i sat on the couch. I was slowly drifting off, when i leaned on my wrist and it felt completely better! YAY! The boys all walked downstairs, and had presents in their hands. "Aww, you guys, you didn't have to.. your the presents i need ;)" I said and winked. Liam handed me my present first, I opened it, and saw a charm bracelet that said 'Love you lots, xx Liam' I put it on and gave him a HUGE hug. Next was Zayn, I opened it, and I saw a miror, and on the back of it, he engraved a letter in the silver that said 'Your gorgeous xx Zayn' I gave him a hug and then ran upstairs to put it away. Louis was next, he gave me a HUGE box, i opened it and saw a smaller box, then a smaller box, then a smaller one, and it kept going on and on, until i got to the last box, i giggled and opened it to a little necklace of a heart, in one side of the heart was me, and him on the other side. I hugged him, and next was Niall's. I opened it, it was a gold ring, with the words carved in it 'Love you always xx Nialler'  I gave him a hug, then Harry whispered in my ear, that he had another present later. I opened it, and it was pictures of me and him in a scrapbook. I cried and hugged him, then hugged all of them at the same time. I tied my blonde hair in a bun on top of my head, but a messy bun. I said thanks to all of them. I wonder what Harry was gonna do later...













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