Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)


8. OMG!

'Thanks Nialler.' i say and give him a wink. 'anyday :D' he says and pulls his phone out of his pocket. Harry comes over to me and grabs my wrist, drags me upstairs and picks me up bridal style. 'yes?' i say wiggling so i can go back down. 'no stay.' he says in a sad voice. 'so as you know, me and the boys are going on tour for our 2013 tour soon and well, i dont know what I will do without you.' he says and a tear rolls down his cheek, i wipe it. 'dont cry, its gonna be fine, we will go on Skype and call each other all the time.' i say and try not to cry also, so I look brave. 'okay one second.' he says and wipes his eyes, stands up, and calls someone on his phone. 'Hello?' 'yes, um this is Harry, and Um  I was wondering if I could have a conference with Simon, just me and him.' 'yes' 'okay thank you.' 'yes bye.' he hangs up and smiles. 'what?' i say and look puzzled. 'well, I asked him if i could have a conference with Simon and well, he knew about you already and Simon went on the phone and said you can come with us on tour!!!! WAHOOOOO!' he picks me up and twirls me around in a circle then we share a tiny kiss. I run downstairs and see all the boys on the couch looking sad. 'guys whats wrong?' i ask. 'We dont wanna leave you.' Liam says and gives me a hug. 'well, i know what will lift your spirit. IM COMING WITH YOU GUYS!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!' we all jump into a group hug. 'So whats the good news?' Louis says with a sassy attitude. 'your so mean. hahaha.' Louis throws me over his shoulder and goes outside. 'No, Louis Please, not in the pool. this is a new outfit.' i scream but as a joking tone. 'fine he says and sets me down, takes off my dress and throws me in the pool. I was wearing a bikini anyways underneath my dress so it didnt matter that much, I did just straighten my hair but whatever. They all run upstairs and change then jumped in. We stayed in the pool for like an hour and a half then we started getting sunburns. I ran inside and hopped in the shower. When I get out i see all the boys, and they took a shower, got dressed really fast. I ran into my room and Harry walked in, I picked out a new outfit I got, it was a pair of ripped white jeans, the leopard print bra type of thing shirt and a pair of black TOMS. 'Harry?' i said as i looked in his eyes. 'yes love?' he said in the loudest voice he could. 'um turn around haha ;)' i said and he followed my directions. I changed, and walk downstairs on Harry's back. I looked around. Liam and Louis and Zayn were watching TV, and Niall was on his phone texting. 'GUYSSSSSS!!! WE ARE NOT GONNA SIT LIKE LONERS ALL DAY!!! PACK YOUR BAGS MUCHACHOS!!! WERE GOING TO DISNEY LAND!!!!!' I screamed and we all started packing. BEEP BEEP! I got a text from Nialler. 'Hey, um, im kinda scared of rollercoasters, so um, yeah, what do i do? xx Nialler' 'Nialler, its fine, I'll make sure your okay :) xx Ash;)' I set my phone on my bed and finish packing, load our stuff in the car and start driving. *2 hours later* 'were here!!!' Liam says excited. It was about 1:00 pm so we decided to get changed and go into a park for about five hours. I got changed into white booty shorts, black TOMS, and a shirt that says 'Where Dreams Come True' then a picture of Mickey. but I cut it a long time ago, so it was more like a short crop top. All the other boys were changed and we drove off to Epcot, since our Hotel was in the actual Disney Land, it didnt take long. We bought our tickets and ran in and it was about 1:30 pm, we went on this scavenger hunt thingy then we went on rides and we had an amazing time. Since it was close to Haloween, they had a haunted house thing. Me and Harry were the only ones not chicken so we went in, and it was so scary I almost peed, but i laughed it off. We kept walking around and trying new foods and then it became 8:00 and we wanted to leave, because we were all tired. We went in the hotel, took showers, and changed, then fell asleep. I woke up at 8:30 to the movement of Harry, he was dressed and It was 8:00 PM I only slept for an half an hour. He made me get dressed, then we drove off. We went into the park with Cinderella's castle and we walked in, found a spot really close, then we sat on a blanket that Harry brought. As soon as the fireworks started, he leaned in really slowly and kissed me with alot of passion. It was amazing! After the fireworks we drove to the hotel and fell asleep.

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