Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)


1. Its only the beginning...

"Honey Wake Up" my mom screams as I jump out of the bathroom after straightening my hair.

"I AM AWAKE!!!!" I scream down the stairs.

As I Walk down the stairs I sit down at the table and look out the window. I see a curly haired boy with peircing green eyes walking down the street, wet and shivering.

"Mom one second ill be right back." I say as i walk out the door. I walk down the path of my house and tap on the curly haired boys shoulder.

"Hello, Are you okay?"

He looks at me and i almost die.

"Im kinda lost."

"Follow me." i saw as i grab his arm and bring him into my house.

"Honey, who is this?"

"mom, this is- umm.."

"H-arry, H-arry S-S-Styles" he says shivering.

I run upstairs into my room leaving him and my mom downstairs. I grab a shirt from my ex- boyfriends drawer of clothing that he leaves here because he forgot them. I grab a Jack Wills top and jacket and a pair of jeans and then run downstairs.Where i find my mom talking to him.

"oh honey, he is so sweet."


I give him the clothing and tell him to change into it in my bathroom.

He says thank you and gives me the cutest smile ever.

'Mom, he is soooooooo hawt'

'he told me the story. he can stay here for as long as he wants. he said him and his band were here and then they got mad at him and left him on the street.'


He comes out of the bathroom and his brown curls are dry and his eyes are focused right on my legs.

"Harry, is something wrong?" I say as my mom walks out the door and drives away.

"no, but your not wearing trousers." i look down to find that im in my underwear and a tank top.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" I scream as i race up the stairs and go put on my white ripped skinny skinny jeans and my mustache crop top.

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