Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)


5. Introduce me, Harry ;)

We release and instantly my heart starts beating faster and faster. I run upstairs and fall on my bed and Harry walks in. 

"Are you okay?" he asked me. "Yeah. I just have butterflies." WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT?!?! "oh, me too." he says trying to make this less awkward. I giggle, and turn my head and he is tickling me AGAIN!


I hear my door open and four boys that are really cute come walking in. 

"who are you?" i say in defense of harry.

"hi im jeniffer." the one wearing red jeans, striped shirt and suspenders says and he made it the sassiest sentence ive ever heard. For some reason they all start cracking up and i have a confused blank look on my face.

"Its okay, they're my band mates." Harry tells me while putting his hand on my shoulder. He walks towards them and they all say together; "Hi, were One Direction."

"Okay." I said still confused.

" Im Louis (not jeniffer) , Im Zayn, Im Liam, Im Niall, and I'm Harry." I laugh because their voices are so different.

Harry walks over to me. "I'm Ashley." I say smiling.

They all give me hugs and this one guy in the band named Niall kept staring at me.

"Niall, is there something on my face?" I ask as i touch my face.

"oh, no sorry i was spacing out." He says and his face turns dark red and I walk over to him and whisper "wanna talk to me after?" "yeah." he says and his face turns back to normal color.

"OOH YOU HAVE A MOVIE IN?!?!?!" Louis asks excited.

"yeah, that was from like, i dont even know. Me and Harry were gonna watch it." I say and sit down on my couch.

"LETS WATCH!!!!!" they all scream at the same time.

"wait, before we do, tell me one thing about each of you boys. :D"

"well, ILL GO FIRST IF U INSIST, GOD STOP BOTHERING ME ABOUT IT.." Louis says and i like go histerical laughing.

"I LIKE GIRLS THAT EAT CARROTS." he says and smiles.

"um. im muslim." Zayn says and he looks like he is happy about that.

"good! Keep your heritage and know where your from GIRLLLLL!" Louis says.

Ashleys POV:

I think Louis is the funniest person ever!

" I like cats." Harry says and puts on the cutest face ever.

"Um, my favorite movie is Toy Story." Liam says.

"Then You will like the movie were watching :D" I say and put a smile on my face.

... silence ...

"Niall?" I say and look at his sad face.

"oh i like Nandos the restauraunt in England" He says with his face blank."okay, one thing about me is that.. I have an eating disorder and its hard for me to gain weight and I always feel like a shrimp." I say sad.

Harry rubs my back and then we press play. Niall in the middle of the movie gets up and goes into the bathroom and stays in there for 35 minutes. I get up and knock on the door. KNOCK KNOCK!!!!---- No answer----- KNOCK KNOCK!!!!! ---no answer---- and as I'm about to put my hand up again to knock the door opens and he pulls me in. 

"Niall, whats wrong?" i say concerned.

"I---- I-----" CRASHHHHHHHHHHH! I run out of the bathroom and see if the boys are okay. Harry is on the couch curled up in a ball, Louis is laughing and Liam has a puppy face on.

"GUYS WHAT HAPPENED?!?!" i ask really nervous

"Well.... When the movie paused, to buffer, A glass thing fell of that cabinet." Liam says shaking and looks scared.  

"Its okay, it was probably an accident." I say sweeping up the glass.

I realize i left Niall in the bathroom so after im done cleaning i run to the bathroom. 

"Sorry Niall what were you gonna say?" i asked..

"oh, well, when i layed my eyes on you, I fell in love. Instant." I felt really bad because I love Harry and Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn are like my best friends now.

"oh... is that why you were so sad?" i asked.

"yeah kinda..." Niall says with a grin on his face.

"Oh, well,-----"


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