Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)



Harrys POV: 

I wake up and walk into the kitchen. I see Ash on the couch sleeping like an angel. 
I open the fridge and I hear her wake up. 

Ashley's POV:

I hear someone open the fridge and i flutter my eyes open. 
"Hey Harry!" I say and smile. 
"Happy Birthday, beautiful!" Harry says and kisses my forehead. 
"Oh Yeah! I totally forgot..." I say and run my right hand through his curls.
"How old are you turning?" I hear Zayn says as he walks down the stairs.
"Haha 18...." I say and giggle as I see Harry looking at the TV.
"Were the same age!!!! but im still older then u!!!!" Harry says and throws me over his shoulder.
"hahahaahaha yeahhh.." I scream. 
I see Louis, Niall, and Liam walk downstairs rubbing their eyes.
"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING!" I scream, still over Harry's shoulder. 
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" All three of them scream at the same time.
"haha thankssss!!!" i say as i get set down on my feet. 
"Whatcha doin for ur birthday Ash?!??!?!!" Louis asks while sitting down with cereal, spoon, milk, and a bowl at the table. 
"I dont know.... maybe like go to the mall or something..." I say and frown a little.
"Why r u sad?" Liam asks.
"I wanted my mom to be here, but AT LEAST I HAVE U GUYS!!!" I say and give them all a hug.
"Haha! Were going with you everywhere today!!" Harry says in my ear. 
"Okay!!" I say. 
*half hour later*
After were done eating breakfast i check my phone, 10:05 am.. I still got time to get dressed. I run upstairs and but on my pink crop top, my white shorts, and my black sparkly toms. I run into the bathroom and put on mascara, eye liner, blush, and paint my nails pink. I slowly walk out of the bathroom blowing on my nails from a distance. I walk into the living room and slowly sit down on the couch. Out of know where i start to laugh for no reason. I lightly tap on my nails to see if they're dry, they are. I stand up and grab the remote then sit back down. I turn to MTV and I see Live While Were Young playing as a music video. I listen and see Harry, he looks amazing. I turned off the TV after the video was over and screamed "ARE YOU GUYS READY YET?" --No Answer-- "HELLOOOOOO?!" i try again. They all come running downstairs. "We were watching you watch our video..." Louis says.
"haha, yeah, lets gooooo.." I say as Harry wraps his arms around my hips from the back. I turn to face him and we kiss... I let go, and run towards Harry's car. "SHOTGUN!" i scream and look back, theyre all running towards me like bulls. "NO I CALL SHOTGUN!!!" Louis screams and jumps over me, while im still standing. "omg, that was sickkk!!" I say. As Louis jumps into Harry's car in the passenger seat (shotgun seat). "fine..." I cross my arms. "You can drive, love.." Harry whispers in my ear while walking past me. "Okayy!" I say and a huge smirk goes across my face. "I'M DRIVING!" I scream. "Oh no.." Zayn says sarcastically and waves his arms in the air. "Your mean.. " i say and giggle. "Where are we going?" Niall asks. "You'll see..." I say mysteriously.

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