Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)


6. Dissapointed (long chapter)

"Oh, well, I think of u as more of a best friend. I love you so much! Your very cute but.. i dont know.. maybe we could hang out sometime?" I say feeling really bad.

"oh, sure.." he says and he has the saddest face ever.

"Niall, please, Im sorry...." I say with tears rolling down my face.

"no, its fine, im fine, everythings finnnneeee." he says and his face turns red and it looks like he is about to cry. All of a sudden i start bursting into tears and he wraps me in his arms and gives me a hug.

"N---i---i---i---alllll im really sorry." i say still crying but he is wiping my tears with his thumb.

"no love its alright." he says and his face goes back to normal color.

Harrys POV:

I hear crying and I thought to myself, the only people not here are Niall and Ashley. Shoot. I run to where I hear the crying and I see Ashley in Niall's arms crying and he is wiping her tears. I run to Ashley and she hugs me. "Why are you crying love?" I ask. "oh, i dont know, its just, well, ----" I see her look at Niall and he looks down. The room is silent as I wait for her to finish her answer. "well, you see, um, I, Niall, ugh, i dont know." and she starts crying again i feel so bad for her. I kiss her forehead and see Niall walk into the bathroom with a tear rolling down his cheek. When Niall cries its the saddest thing ever. I knock on the bathroom door and I see Ashley run upstairs and into her room. KNOCK KNOCK! When Niall answers the door and his face is full of anger, but mostly sadness. "Niall whats wrong?" i say really concerned. "Well, I really like love Ashley and she said she thinks of me as more of a best friend, then she started crying and well i got mad at myself for telling her when she didnt love me back." Niall says.

*1 week later~Friday*

Ashleys POV:

So me and Harry arent officially dating, but im excited for when we do, since i laid my eyes on Harry when he was outside, i knew that i would never let him go. (stalker? no its just love)

*BEEP BEEP*     I just got a text from: Nialler ;D it says: 'wanna hang out later? xx ~Nialler' 'Sure.. Whatcha wanna do? xx ~Ash;)' 'umm.. we can go to the mall then Nandos :DD xx ~Nialler' 'kk.pick me up in an hour. byeeee xxxxx ~Ash;)'

I set my iPhone down and i hop in the shower, when i get out i walk into my closet. 'Hmm... what to wear what to wear???' I pick out my grey toms, my white ripped jeans, my pink flowy tank top that is see thru, so i wore a skin colored bra underneath it, I straightened my hair and blow dried it, and grabbed my pink mini purse and headed out the door. I sat on my steps for a second waiting for Niall, because he will come any second. I check Twitter and Instagram, 7000 notifications on Twitter and I saw a picture of me and Harry, me and Niall, me and the boys. Woah!!! This was crazy. HONK HONK!!! I see Niall get out of his car and i run towards him, jump in his arms, and wrap my legs around his waist.

"Hahahah Hey Ash." Niall says laughing. "Hello Nialler. :D" I say and we get in the car and drive off to the mall. Niall parks the car and we walk into the mall. Since its only 11:05 a.m. there were not that many people at the mall. We went into Forever 21 where i got the cutest maxi dress EVER!! It was short in the front and longer in the back. I also got a bra shirt thing that was cheetah print and to go along with it, a pair of sparkly black short shorts. I was the happiest person alive!!! We went to a few of Niall's stores before we actually started shopping. for Niall we went into Abercrombie & Fitch, etc. Then we went into the girly stores for me. We went into Forever 21 again and i got a top and shorts the top is blue and white silky cloth and its a crop top with fat straps (the straps dont go off my shoulders) and it goes down to my ankles in the back, I also got white shorts. We went into PINK and I got four push up bras, one regular, two underwear, and five spandex shorts. Next we went into Bath and Body Works and i got a chocolate chip smelling hand sanitizer. Niall got hungry and so did i a little bit.  We drove to Nandos and we both ordered peri peri chicken. After we ate we drove to his flat so I could see the boys. I wanted to change my outfit because i spilled peri peri sauce all over my top and bottoms. I climbed in the back and since the windows are tinted i had no issue. I took off my shirt and changed into my cheetah print bra shirt thing and my black sparkly shorts. I brought my black toms in my purse so i changed into those, and I climbed in the front seat.

"Buckle up.' Niall said and laughed.

'why is that funny?' i said while grinning and putting my seatbelt on.

'because i was watching u change.' he said and blushed.

'har har har.. your retarded... did u really though?'

'yep. nice bodayyyyyyyyyy!!!' niall almost screeched.

'woah hold up the wheel cowboy. hahahaha.' i said and laughed.

While we were driving i turned the radio on really low and while i was doing that, when i sit i have a little roll on my stomach, like im not fat, but its a really tiny roll and he pinched it. ugh. haha i still love him. :DD

'hahahahahahhahaha' i squeled because it tickled.

When we arrived i ran to the door and knocked really hard. Harry opened the door. I jumped in his arms and wrapped my legs around his hips, and wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed me and i feel sparks. i giggle. and jump off. I run into every room and finally see Louis, Zayn, and Liam, they were sitting on the couch. I jumped on Louis' lap and sat all across them.

'Hey Ash' they said and gave me a wink.

'heyyyyy whatcha doin?' i asked.

'getting killed by an elephant.' Louis says and laughs.

'oh, sorry, im fat.' I say and put a sad mouth on my face.

'i was joking your like really small its like not even real. hahahahaha' we all start laughing and Niall and Harry jump on top of me and we all laugh while im getting squished, but they are actually not that heavy.

*AUTHORS NOTE* Ill write another chapter in a few hours!! love you all!!! xx :*

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