Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)


10. Chapter 10: March Birthday

'Hey Niall, hahahaha' i said still face to face.
'Hey Ash.' he said slowly moving closer.
'Niall, im with Harry, well not tecnically but....' i said and moved a step back.
He had the saddest look on his face.
'Listen, Niall, we already went throught this--- Im gonna cry.' I said and starting tearing but stopped.
'Dont cry, im sorry, its my fault. I just like you alot.' he says and walks away.
I walk downstairs and see Harry asleep on the couch, Liam and Louis wrestling, and Niall in the bathroom i think..
I get suddenly really hungry. I walk into the Kitchen and open the fridge: One Egg, Frozen Bread, Nutella, and Ketchup. A challenge, I accept. I take everything out of the fridge and set it on the counter. I make an omelet and toast the bread, spread Nutella on the bread, and put ketchup on the eggs. I turn around and throw everything away. I turn back around and see Harry eating it.
'Harryyyyyyy!!!!!! I was gonna eat thattttt...' i say and pout my lip.
'fine, come here.' I jump on the couch, and we share it. When were done, I smile and turn the TV on the news.
'BREAKING NEWS: One Direction, has gone missing, more about this story coming up...' the announcer says. 
'WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!' i scream and grab my phone. I go on Twitter and make a new post: 'Hey Guys, All One Direction fans probably already saw the news, the boys are with me, its okay :)' i press post and the messages come in saying things like:  "Okay thank you, i was worried." and other cute things. I keep the news on and all the boys are on the couch with what was me and Harry.
"BREAKING NEWS: The British and Irish boyband One Direction has confirmed on Twitter that theyre okay and with Ashley Star." i giggle at this drama.
'How do people make this up so fast?' i laugh and ask.
'i dont know.' Louis says with a blank face.
'You alright mate?' Liam asks.
'i dont know.' he repeates.
'Louis your like really creeping me out.' I say and grab a blanket so im not so scared.
'i dont know.' he says once more.
'Louis Stop im scareddddd..-' i say and run outside.
I keep running for some reason and i turn around and see all the boys running after me. I keep running for like five minutes then I see a empty park. I sit on the bench.
I look around and see nobody. My eye lids start to get heavy, and one minute later im sleeping on a bench in the park.
*A day later*
I wake up and remember im still on a bench in the park. I look around and see the boys next to me, awake.
'Guys! Why are we here?'
'I dont know. haha im just kidding, u ran off and we found u here asleep. Then we all had a fight over who could carry you home. So, nobody did.' Louis says and laughs.
'okay.' I get up and i look at the time. 11:00 am - bright and sunny-
We walk home and I remember me and Harry have an interview with Perez. I get really hungry, but home is so far away. While were walking I see a restauraunt place called: Friendsy's. I walk towards that direction.
'Where are you going Ash?' Zayn asks.
'oh, im going to Friendsy's im hungry, i dont know about you but... :D' i say and make a huge smile on my face.
'I am.' Harry says and picks me up bridal style.  
'yeah lets go.' Zayn says and squeezes my leg.
'WAIT! We dont have money with us.' Zayn says and stops walking.
'oh i do, i always have moeny on me.' I say and giggle.
Harry's POV:
wow, Ash is so nice and the cutest thing ever. Im so glad she saw me walking.
We all walk into the restaraunt and I set Ashley down on her feet.
'oh wow.' i say and laugh. This place turned out to be a not so bad place.
We sat down at our table and Ashley just started laughing, I dont know why though. She looks so gorgeous when she is laughing, the waitress comes to our table.
Ashley's POV:
The waitress comes to our table.
'Hello, my name is Ashley and I'll be your waitress for this evening. Shall we start off with drinks?' Ashley the waitress says.
'YOU HAVE THE SAME NAME AS HER!!!!' Louis screams and points to me.
'hahahahahhahahahhahahahaa' i laugh.
We order our drinks:
Me- Ice Water
Harry- Pepsi
Louis- Ice Water
Zayn- Coke
Liam- Coke
Niall- Chocolate Milk
'nice choice Niall.' I say and give him a wink.
The waitress comes back with our drinks and we give her our food order. The time is about 12:30 so we decide that this is lunch.
Our Orders:
Me- Fettuchini Alfredo
Harry- Cheese and Brocolli Soup with a Potato
Louis- Macaroni and Cheese
Zayn- Grilled Salmon
Liam- Grilled Cheese
Niall- (same as Harry)
She brings us our food, and my Iphone buzzes, its my calendar. Tomorrow is my birthday. I set my phone on the table to show the guys and they all look right on the screen.
The waitress comes over and says 'Its your birthday?' and she looks at me.
'Yeah, tomorrow.' i kind of whisper, but loud enought so she can hear.
'Congratz!' she says and leans in to kiss me.
'Um, what the????' i  say and lean my head the other way.
'thats our tradition, were all friends here.' She says and gives the creepiest smile ever.
'bye.' i say and shew her away with my hand.
We finished eating and she gave me the bill: $57.98 for six people is a good deal. I pay, and tip the waitress $5. She smiles and waves while we leave.
'That was so akward. she like tried to kiss you. ew.' Zayn said.
'Oh, so my kiss is bad?' I say and walk faster, ahead of them.
'Definitley not.' Harry says, I smile, and start walking slower.
'hahahahahaha' they all start cracking up except me and Harry.
'i dont get it.' Harry says.
'You guys have never kissed.' they all say in unison (together).
'Yeah we have.' I say in defence of me and Harry.
'prove it.' Louis says.
Harry leans in, and we kiss, i get butterflies all in my stomach and smile.
Everytime we kiss its like the first time.
We go back to my house and I run into my room, change into my booty fuzzy Hello Kitty shorts, Black Tank Top, and I put my hair in a messy bun, jump in my bed, and fall asleep. I wake up and see Harry next to me, sleeping like an angel with his arm wrapped around my hip. I check the time on my phone. 5:35 OMG THE INTERVIEW. I wake up Harry and hop in the shower. I come out and Harry goes in. I change into a white maxi dress, and a pair of black flats. I curl my hair in the bathroom, and Harry comes out and changes into a red shirt, a black blazer, a pair of black not so tight jeans, and his all white converse. He looks so hot. We drive off and the time is 5:50. we are five minutes away. 'You look stunning, babe.' Harry says to me.
'aw you too.' i say and kiss his cheek.
We arrive and I get out of the car to about one thousand girls screaming. I go up to the gate and say Hi to a fan that had cancer. Harry took a few pictures with her, signed something for her, and we walked inside.
'Hello, Mr and Ms Styles.' a kind man says and we follow him.
'that was so cute; Mr and Ms Styles' i whisper in Harry's ear and giggle. We walk into an interview room and I see someone that is not Perez. 'Im sorry guys, but Perez couldn't be here so we got a different person.'
'Hello.' I say and Harry waves.
'Okay we are on in three two---one---'
'Hello, we are here with Mr Harry Styles and Ms Ashley Star.' the interviewer says
'Hello.' Harry says.
'So, can your guys tell us anything about you two?' the interviewer asks.
I look over at Harry and he looks frozen.
'Well, We arent dating yet, i dont know, lets see what happens.' I say and wink at Harry, he smiles.
'We are going to play True or False.' the interviewer says.
'okay' me and Harry both say.
I get a text from Louis saying: 'watching the interview xx BooBear'
I show Harry and then put my phone down.
'True or False: You will do interviews more together'
'True' Harry says and puts on a cheeky smile.
'one more: True or False: Will you be making apperances outside more often?"
'True' I say and giggle.
Me and Harry talk a little more about our relationship and how we met, then we got in the car and started driving.
'That was fun!!!' I said and giggled.
'Yeah, its 8:00, wanna go out to eat?' Harry asks.
'Sure :)' I say and press the radio buttons really fast, I land on Y100 and theyre replaying our interview, but it was the end anyways. I kept listening and they put on a song called Moments by: One Direction.
'You know ill be, your life, your voice, your reason to be, my love, my heart, is waiting for this.. moment in time ill find the words to sayyyyyyy before you leave me todayyyyyy..' Harry sings and looks at me then at the road then back on me, and goes back and forth.
i giggle, and rest my eyes. He puts his jacket on me, because i was cold. so sweet.


























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