Harry Is My Krypotonite

This story, is about this girl named; Ashley, and she meets the cutest five boys ever and you'll see what happens when u read ;)


3. Best Day Ever...

"Yeah..." harry said and smiled.

"Wow! Its amazing i love that song!" I laughed and gave a grin.

I ran to the couch and he followed me with two plates of Bacon, and Eggs, he handed me one and we ate.

"hey, do u have any movies?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. But i have schoo--- nevermind i forgot its summer." i said embarassed.

He laughed and made a cheecky smile.

"Pick One." and i pointed to my dvd's and he laughed because i had little kid movies and like twenty scary ones.

"i like little kid movies." i said pouting my lip.

"haha me too." Harry manages to say. Harry walks out to my porch in my backyard while i pop in the movie and press pause. When all of a sudden he falls in the pool! I start cracking up so hard my face turns red and i fall to the floor. Then walk over to him on the edge of the pool.

"Can u help me up?" he asks. "Yeah." i said giving him my hand.

SPLASHHHHH!!!! He pulled me in. ugh. i swam underwater and bit his leg. "ouch" " u deserve it Harry." "You can call me by my nickname if u want its; Hazza." "okay, Hazza." I ran out of the pool and upstairs to my bathroom and take a shower and sing. "You Make My heart race..." i heard the bathroom door open and i heard Harry sing "Shot me outta the skyyyyy... your my kryptoniteeeeeee..."

I giggle and remember what im doing. "GET OUTTTTTTTT!!! <3" i scream and he laughs and leaves and take a pair of my dads old clothing. I laugh because its kinda big.


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