Forever Young and Alive

Kylie Jones goes to college in London and meets someone very unexpectedly. Soulmates Maybe?


5. Live While We're Young

"SSTTTTRRRRIIIKKKKKKKEEEEE" I yelled. "Dang girl, you're good. Did you ever take lessons? You kicked my ass!" Harry said with a shocked look on his face. "Why are you so surprised? Well don't worry Styles, maybe next time we can do something you can beat me at. Although it might take a while to find something!!" I smirked. "Watch it Jones." Harry said as he started to chase me. I threw my bowling shoes on the return counter; as Harry did the same and he chased me through the park and under a big shady tree where he grabbed me by my waist, swung me around in a circle and sat down with me in his lap. "I just want to lay here the whole day with you." Harry said while brushing my blonde wavy locks out of my face. "I know we just met but I feel like I've known you forever.You are gorgeous and down to earth. Would you consider being my girlfriend?" ME...HARRY STYLES GIRLFRIEND. OMGOMGOMGOMG. I thought in my head. "Harry, consider? I would love to be your girlfriend." Harry gave me a soft kiss on the lips then stood me up and we began to walk hand-in-hand to his private apartment. On the way there, it started pouring rain and Harry stopped me in my tracks. He turned around to face me and he brushed the hair out of my face and lowered both of his hands down to my neck and we began to kiss. It was so passionate. From this moment I knew. I was in love with Harry Styles. He then grabbed my hand and we began to walk again side by side. As soon as we got to his apartment, Harry started to get out a cookbook and various ingredients. "What are you doing Harry?" "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm getting out ingredients so we can make cookies." Harry responded. "I didn't know you could bake." I said. "Well let's just say it's something I could beat you at." Stated Harry. "Really? We'll see about that." I took a handful of flour and threw it at his face. "Who's the winner now?" I chuckeled. "YOU'RE IN FOR IT JONES." Harry yelled while chasing me around the apartment with a handful of flour. He eventually caught up to me and tackeled me onto the couch and threw the flour in my face. "Smooth Styles." I said. He just laughed. You could feel the passion between us as he laid on top of me while staring into my eyes. Then he leaned in and kissed me. Not on the lips, but on the nose. It was better than any kiss on the lips. It told me how much he really did care. He then took my hand and started leading me up to the bedroom.

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