Forever Young and Alive

Kylie Jones goes to college in London and meets someone very unexpectedly. Soulmates Maybe?



Harry picked me up and walked us to a very nice house. When we walked inside 3 guys ran up yelling "HHAAAAAZZZZZAAAAA." The first one to greet me was a very polite guy named Liam, then a blonde haired boy came up and hugged me tight while saying "Me name is Niall. Nice to meet you." Then lastly a black-haired boy with a very chizzeled face came up and kissed me on the cheek and told me his name was Zayn. (Nice Name). "Where is Lo........" Harry got interupted by a loud scream. "BBBOOOOOOYYYYYYYZZZZZZZ...........IS HAZZA HERE!?!?!" Then a brown haired cutie ran into the room and jumped into Harry's arms. "LOU!!!" Harry yelled. Once the boys setteled down we all walked into a room and started watching Toy Story Harry turned to me and said "Liam's choice." All the boys sat on two different couches and all the spaces had been taken, so I sat on the floor. Harry then jumped down and put my head on his chest. Once the movie was over, Harry put his hand in mine and walked me out the door. We stopped at the doorstep with the others following and said our goodbyes. Harry then walked me all the way back to my dorm. There; he stopped and put his hands on my waist and told me how perfect the night was. Then he leaned in and we kissed. It was perfect. Then I opened the door quickly shut it behind me. Then I realized we didn't swap phone numbers which meant no 2nd date. It was saturday so that meant I had another day with no Harry and no school to take my mind off of him. I went to bed depressed. The next day I woke up to a loud knocking on our dorm door. I got up and went to open the door to see a note on the ground saying "Here's a hunt just for you, if you like me too. Follow the trail and see what it may prevail." I ran to my bathroom, put my hair in a ponytail, put on my makeup and threw on my daisy dukes along with a fancy blue shirt and my plaid blue and white sperries, and my big round fashion forward sunglasses. I followed the trail filled with many clues. Eventually, they lead me to a bowling alley where Harry was standing there waiting for me. "You didn't think we would ever see each other again did you?"

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