Forever Young and Alive

Kylie Jones goes to college in London and meets someone very unexpectedly. Soulmates Maybe?


3. Dating With Styles In Style

I reached the front doors of the shop at about 7:02. Harry was already there waiting. "Hello lovely. You look stunning." I just giggeled and said thanks. He kissed me on the cheek then put his arm around my waist and lead me to the car where he opened the car door for me. "Where are we going?" I asked politely. "It's a surprise." He drove about 5 miles when the car ran out of gas when we were on a busy street. He got out of the car and opened the door, took my hand and said "I guess we're walking my darling." We both laughed hysterically. We walked about one mile and my feet started hurting, we had about 2 more miles to go so he sat me down on a nearby bench and took off my heels and gave me his nice dress shoes. We started walking again and telling each other about ourselves. As soon as we got to the 5 star restraunt, I put my shoes back on and gave Harry his. I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu and stuck to having water. "You are very well mannered" Harry said. "Well, I was raised well." I responded. We ate for about an hour and talked about random things and made fun of people in the restraunt chewing with their mouths wide open. We had quite the laugh. Then Harry paid for our meal and we walked out of the building.

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