Forever Young and Alive

Kylie Jones goes to college in London and meets someone very unexpectedly. Soulmates Maybe?


1. Curly Haired Beauty

"Mom; stop crying" I told my mother over the phone. I was attending college in London while my mom was home weeping. "I have to go but I love you!" I hung up the phone. Living here was going to be harder than I thought. It was time to get my mind off things and go shopping. I slid on my tight skinny jeans along with my new pink fancy blouse with my tie up vintage brown shin high cutoff boots. As soon as I stepped out the front door, my blonde curly hair flew out of my face with just enough time to slide on my raybans before the wind blew my hair back in my face. It was a gorgeous day. I started to walk down the street when my iPhone fell out of my back pocket, but before I could pick it up, a handsome guy with curly brown hair and green twinkly eyes held up my phone to me. " Pardon me but I think you dropped this." He exclaimed. "Why thank you" I said back. He held out his right hand, and I shook it. "I'm Harry. Harry Styles. Although you probably already know that." He explained with a cheeky yet attractive grin. "I'm sorry." I responded. Harry looked shocked. "I'm from the famous British boy band called One Direction; or Niall and the Potatoes." Harry spoke with a chuckle. "I'm sorry but I never heard of you." I spoke. "That's all right." We happened to be right next to a coffee shop so Harry put his right hand around my waist. "My love, let's stop in here." he said while opening up the coffee stores doors wide open. He pushed me through with his hand still on my waist. We got into the long line of people. "So, you never told me your name yet." he said eagerly. "Kylie. Kylie Jones." "Where are you from miss Kylie Jones?" "A small place in Wisconsin. Or in other words, I'm from America." I said with a giggle. Harry responded with a big cheeky grin and said "Ohhh; well actually I fancy girls with American accents. Yours is perfect." I just laughed. When we got up to the register, Harry insisted he buy me a latte. What a kind down to earth guy I thought. "So, where were you off to?" Harry asked me while handing me my latte. "Actually I was just going shopping." "Mind if I join? I've got nothing else to do." "Sure thing!" I responded.

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