If That One Moment Didnt Exist

"Maddie,I'm so sorry,but your mom and dad just died in a carwreck."Those words run through my mind constatly.Wouldn't you have that running inside your mind every moment of your life? Especially when you loved them.Thats when i decided to run away.Away from everything.I ran around a block or so until i saw someone.He was looking at me confused.We went on a walk together, and I fell for him instantly. Before I relized it. I was putting my number into his phone.Not just a 'guys' phone,but someone that is very speical.Louis.Not just A LOUIS.Louis with the last name Tomlinson.


31. She Is Getting Married

                                                      Zayn's P.O.V

I slide my finger across the phone and enter my pass code. I get Maddie's phone number up, and push call. I figure since we haven't exactly talked since the whole accident, I would try to fix things up. It was my fault anyway, and whenever Louis comes around I can tell that it is still hard for him to talk with me. I do feel bad for kissing her and all, but I still like her. I don't think that this whole wedding thing will be good for me. Plus, I feel like i'll ruin their marriage or something. So i'll probably not go. 

I hit dial. 

Ring. Ring. Ring. 

"Zayn," She says awkwardly on the other side.

"Sorry if i'm disturbing you, but I was just wondering if you maybe wanted to hang out a little bit. I know we haven't really talked that much. In fact you don't really like to talk with any of us boys."

"Uh. Yeah, I just don't won't anything to ruin me and Louis again, you know? I was lucky to get him back last time. Maybe we could do something. Maybe," She replies.

"Yeah, and again i'm terribly sorry. If you need to ask Louis-" I  start.

"He can't control what I do," She interrupts.

"I was just saying," I laugh.

"Meet me at city park in an hour," She says.

"Dang okay then," I laugh again.

"Bye for now," She says.


She hangs up before I can finish, well then. I change into some casual clothes and grab my keys. I walk out of the hotel and walk towards the city park. There's really no need to drive a mile or so when I can just walk there. I take the turns and reach the park. This is going to be weird, but nice. Just don't do anything Zayn. Don't ruin anything Zayn. She is getting married. She is getting married. 


                                         Maddie's P.O.V.

I throw some clothes on and walk out of the door thirty minutes after the call. I walk my way up to the park instead of driving, because that would be such a waste of gas. I sharply take the turns that my iphone directs me in, and I'm up in the park as I lift my head up. My phone repeated,"You have reached your destination." I look around for Zayn, knowing that this would be very awkward and weird, but maybe he was right. I needed to get together with the other boys once and a while. 

"Over here!" a hear Zayn's voice scream. 

I turn my head in the direction of the voice. I walk slowly up to him, like time will never end. I reach him in the matter of minutes. Oh how weird this whole thing will be. Why did I even come up with this plan?

"Hey," he says smoothly.

"Hello!" I smile falsely.

"How have you been?" He asks.

"Good. What about you," I question back.

"Same thing as usual. Wanna go swing or something?" He asks as he points towards the swings.

Just as friends. Nothing more. 

"Sure!" I laugh as I run towards them, obviously beating him at the race we never agreed on. I sit on the swing on the left, and he sits on the right one. We swing, and once again were in a challenge we never agreed on. The challenge is to see how high each other can go, and I know I will beat him at this one too. I'm sure of it!

"Beat you!" I laugh as I'm higher then him.

"What's that mean? We were never in a beat or anything," He asks confused.

"Oh, right. I forgot to mention this. Whoever can get the highest wins," I say.

"Wins what?" He asks as he picks up his speed for better height.

"Nothing. Just the satisfaction," I say.

"Oh. I see," he laughs. 

We swing for a while as friends, and actually it felts kind of nice. I love the cool breeze that smashes in on my face every time I go down. He looks at me a little bit to much, but I mean what can I say? I'm a sexy women! I smile at that. I am aren't I? 

"Hey! I didn't know you all would be here," A voice says from behind.

I almost freak out and fall off the swing at the voice, but I can tell who it is. Niall. 

"Hey," I say. 

I jump off the swing and land. Yes! 

"What are you doing here?" I ask. 

"What are YOU doing here?" He copies.

"Just hanging out with Zayn, and you?" I ask again. 

"I just wanted some nice air, you know?" He says.

"Ah. That's cool," Zayn says.

"Yeah," Niall replies. 

"Do you want to go get some ice cream or something?" Niall asks.

"No thanks! I was about to leave anyway," I tell him. 

I know that ice cream isn't exactly the best for my baby, and if it's bad then I defiantly don't want to eat it. I want the baby to be 100% healthy, and stuff. 

"I'll walk you home if that's okay," Zayn says.

"I was going to go back too anyway. Sorry bud," Zayn continues. 

"Oh okay," Niall nods and runs off to the ice cream shop, of course.

"I guess so," I tell Zayn.

He nods and we start our awkward walk back home. 


                                             Zayn's P.O.V

I look into her beautiful eyes. I want them to feel close and not so distant. I need them closer to mine, but I know it's not right. I mentally hug myself and tell myself that everything will be okay. Although I know it won't. My heart will take over, and i'll kiss her again. I just know it will happen. Maybe a hug will fix the problem, and friends hug right? I think anyways. 

"Are you okay? Why are you cring?" She asks me as she touches my shoulder. 

I blink furiously to try to make the water disappear. My arm glitches at her touch. I move it.

"I'm fine," I lie.

"No. Tell me the truth," She stops and looks at me deeply.

I can't lie to her eyes. I just can't hold it in anymore. I love her, and she might need to know that. Maybe there's just something in there that's telling her that she likes me too. I lean in fast and kiss her lightly.


                                              Maddie's P.O.V

I push him away hard. I have a freaking baby on the way! What is he thinking! Wait he doesn't even know. Nobody but Zach knows. 

"I--" He stops.

"Stop trying to get with me Zayn! I wanted to be friends with you, but now I don't! You keep making yourself a mess that you will have to clean by yourself. Now just stop!" I yell as I push him farther away. 

I run my way back towards the hotel with tears running down my face. I can hear Zayn's running behind me but I keep a faster pace. I run up the stairs of the hotel and reach my room. I knock hard on the door, and wait a few moments before Zayn's body shows up at the end of the hallway. Louis opens the door quickly and I slam it shut and lock it after I'm in. Tears still come down my face.

"Whoa. Are you okay babe?" Louis asks.

"No. I'm never okay," I tell him.

"Come here honey," He says as he wraps me up into a giant bear hug.

"Let me make you some tea and we can cuddle in bed, and you can tell me everything okay," he says gently.

"O-Okay," I stutter.


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