If That One Moment Didnt Exist

"Maddie,I'm so sorry,but your mom and dad just died in a carwreck."Those words run through my mind constatly.Wouldn't you have that running inside your mind every moment of your life? Especially when you loved them.Thats when i decided to run away.Away from everything.I ran around a block or so until i saw someone.He was looking at me confused.We went on a walk together, and I fell for him instantly. Before I relized it. I was putting my number into his phone.Not just a 'guys' phone,but someone that is very speical.Louis.Not just A LOUIS.Louis with the last name Tomlinson.


32. One More Chance

Maddie's P.O.V

The beaming rays of the sun burn as it reaches my eyes. I toss my body away from the ugly curtains that the sun glimmers through. My body rolls into another human body. I snuggle in closer to his warm and muscular body. So warm and comfortable. I lightly shut my eyes.

"Good morning fiancé," he squeezes me to him.

I'm so much shorter then him. I flash my eyes open and for a moment I don't see Louis. I see Zayn. His eyes are so precious and soft looking. So majestic, so powerful. His lips are plump and his hair is in a messy form. He face though is what takes me by surprise. The bruises and blood that drips down his fave makes me get goosebumps. I remember that its Louis.

"Your stomach was growling all night. Are you hungry?" He asks.

I am hungry but that was not a growl. That is the baby that I'm carrying that you don't know about yet. It's been a few months, three to be exact. I'm not sure if its a boy or girl. I'm surprised you haven't noticed before. I'm literally a giant.

"Yes! Breakfast!" I smile.

"Alright. Breakfast in bed for you beautiful," he states.

I smile and flash the t.v on. Sitting up on the bed a little bit more.

Louis's P.O.V

I grab my phone before I head into the kitchen area. As I walk there and get the supplies I need I start reading the billion messages that I have recently got. Harry. Zayn. Zayn. Niall. Mum.Zayn. Liam. Zayn. Zayn. Really? I start with Niall.

Niall's: Dude what is going on!? Zayn is going crazy. He's literally freaking out. Have you seen the tweets he's been getting? Geez!

To Niall: Nothing I got it under cover. Just watch for him and no I haven't looked.

Then I skip to Harry's.

Harry's: Zayn is getting tons of hate tweets and messages. People are saying he's ruining the band. Some are like... You should have just kicked him out a long time ago! Nobody cares about him. Why can't you stop being jealous of the perfect relationship Louis and Maddie have! Just stop!!! Go die okay? Nobody really cares now. They are going on and on about it too..

I don't reply. I have nothing to say. My mum is next.

Mum's: Hello baby. I forced the money out of my bank to get to come to your wedding! I will be there tomorrow around 12 p.m. I can't wait to see my baby! I'm always gunna call you that.

To Mum's: Yes! Of course mum! I love you so much.

Then I start on Zayn's.

Zayn: Please forgive me Louis. I'm so so sorry.

Zayn: I didn't mean to! I just couldn't resist. Please!

Zayn: I don't want to ruin our friendship if its still there, and defiantly not this band. I didn't mean to!

Zayn: I love you bro. I really hope you forgive me.

Zayn: Please! LOUIS! Anwser. Tell me that it's okay. That everything is okay. Please. I'm so sorry. I won't do it again. Give me one more chance.

He said that last time though. I thought I could trust him, and if he knows that were getting married this WEEK then he should have held himself back from it, but I guess you can't stop a man whose in love. Maybe this is actually my fat. If I would have just let Zayn have her the first time everything would be okay and everyone would be happy. Well everyone except me. I love her with everything. My heart will never detach from hers. She's mine for a reason. She's mine not his, but maybe the third time is the charm. Right?

I start the breakfast and once it's done I take it to the bedroom where my beautiful girl sits watching her favorite show. The Voice. I love her. She'll always be mine. Only mine. Please.

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