If That One Moment Didnt Exist

"Maddie,I'm so sorry,but your mom and dad just died in a carwreck."Those words run through my mind constatly.Wouldn't you have that running inside your mind every moment of your life? Especially when you loved them.Thats when i decided to run away.Away from everything.I ran around a block or so until i saw someone.He was looking at me confused.We went on a walk together, and I fell for him instantly. Before I relized it. I was putting my number into his phone.Not just a 'guys' phone,but someone that is very speical.Louis.Not just A LOUIS.Louis with the last name Tomlinson.


28. Like In The Movies

                                                  Louis's P.O.V

I wrap my arms around her and twirl her around at the place that Rachel left us at. We had decided to stay for a while to take in all of the details, and to discuss more of the wedding. I helped in whenever she needed an idea or opinion, but I would never ever interrupt what she said. Ever. I let her back on the ground, but she decides she wants to be on my feet, that way she's a bit more taller then she normally is.

"It's so pretty here Louis," She whispers.

"It'll be even more prettier to see you walk down the isle in a dress," I wink over at her.

"Shut up!" She laughed as she turned her head away. I could tell she was blushing, because when she turned around after she thought it had pasted it was still there.

"Nah," I kiss her neck passionately.

"S-stop," She mumbled.

"Nah," I said again, but I did end up stopping.

I pick her back up, but this time I set her on my back, like I would do with little kids. She wiggled her arms and legs around me as I carried her up the hill. I sat her down under the one random tree, just like in the movies. I sit down next to her and wrap her up in my arms. She cuddled close to me, laying her head on my chest.

"I love you so much Maddie."

"Louis. I love you too," She replied.

I could feel her smile come onto her lips. We were facing the magnificent sunset.

"So. Have you been looking at dresses?" I ask her.

"Not yet. I think I want to try to go shopping for my dress after I get all my bridesmaids. Which I will try to do this week, so maybe next week I will. I do have an idea though. What do you want to see me in?" She whispers back.

"I don't care babe. As long as were getting married it could be in a sewer for all I care. I only need you. I just want everything you have dreamed of to come true," I tell her.

"Your more then I could have ever imagined. So really I only need you," she replies.

"Uh huhh," I laugh.

"It's true!" She laughs with me.

It was silent for a long time. Not awkward but a nice comfortable silence.

"What do you think about kids?" She asks me.

"What do you mean?"

"Like do you want any?"

"Of course."

"Oh really," She giggles.

"Yeah. I love kids. What about you?"

I know she wants to have kids, but it's just a conversation.

"Shut up. You already know. Girl or boy?" She asks.

"Both. We could name them Louis and Maddie," I tell her.

"Very classic."

"My point," I laugh.

"So when were you thinking about-" I pause.

"Whenever your ready to stop being a baby and to say the word pregnant," she replies.

"Hey! I was trying to think of the word. I'm not afraid to say it. Geez," I joke around with her.

"Right," She nudges me.

"Come on pregnant fiancé," I say as I pick her up again bridal style.

"You did not just-"

"Yeah I just went there," I interrupt her by kissing her.

I sit her in the front seat, and jump into the drivers seat ready to go. I drive home, and by the time we reach the house she is out of it. I lightly carry her into the bedroom, and slip her under the covers. I change quickly and get in beside her. I snuggle close up to her, like she is my mommy, and whisper in her ear.

"I was thinking about soon. Maybe even in a few months or something," I whisper.

"Goodnight sweetheart. Love you," I whisper before shutting my eyes.

Yes. Soon.




I know it's kind of short and sweet, but it's something that is easier to write, and read. The next few chapters will be a bit long because of the wedding and all, but I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter! As for the entire book<3 If you have any questions just ask below!

By the way, you know what has been bothering me? The 49 comments._. It's like torture because I just need ONE more comment for 50<3 and then it will be even! Thank you once again, and LOVE YOU!


*Don't tell Harry I said that*


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