If That One Moment Didnt Exist

"Maddie,I'm so sorry,but your mom and dad just died in a carwreck."Those words run through my mind constatly.Wouldn't you have that running inside your mind every moment of your life? Especially when you loved them.Thats when i decided to run away.Away from everything.I ran around a block or so until i saw someone.He was looking at me confused.We went on a walk together, and I fell for him instantly. Before I relized it. I was putting my number into his phone.Not just a 'guys' phone,but someone that is very speical.Louis.Not just A LOUIS.Louis with the last name Tomlinson.


35. Is it a Boy? Or A Girl?

The song starts coming to an end as the nerves kick in. My mind races back to when he told me he was ready to start a family. I hope he doesn't think this is bad. I honestly would just die if he were to bail out on me. Shut up! He won't. He loves me. He won't. The song is fading out.. I lean over to his ear. He looks at me and knows that I'm nervous.

"You can tell me anything Maddie. Remember I love you," he whispers before I get to speak.

"I am-"

The word doesn't spit out, but travels down my throat and sinks into my stomach. I want him to know now. Right now. I start.


"We're. I'm. No we're. We're having a baby."

He backs away but takes a harder grip on me. His eyes full of shock and confusion. Probably why I didn't tell him eariler.

"Are you positive?" He asks.

"Yes. It's been three months at least. I wanted it to be a surprise," I whisper.

The song has 45 seconds left.

"Boy or girl?" He asks as he squeezes me to him.

"I don't know. I wanted to wait for you," I say.

"Oh. Okay."

"We're having a baby!" He screams to everybody.

Everyone's head shoots up like a rocket with expressions. The first I look at is Zayn's. He looks almost lost. Confused in his own dream world, trying to replan his whole never-happening future with me. Then I look at Zach, though he already knew, he looked like a ball of pain. His arm clenching Rachel. Then I gaze around the room. Some are so priceless. Especially the other boys and Kate. Its so good to get it off of my chest. No more secrets.

"I can't believe I haven't noticed it. That's so crazy."

"Yeah," I laugh.

"We're keeping em' right?" He asks.

"Yes!" I almost scream.

The song ends so we stop dancing and go back to our seats without anything else to say. Some people gather on the dance floor, but most run over to our table with that same priceless expression. First it's Harry.

"I'm so happy for you two! I get to be the uncle! Uncle Har! This is awesome!" Harry smiles as he reaches over the table to hug us. We hug as a group and he waves us goodbye.

Then it's Niall.

"Are you going to name him Niall?" He laughs.

"No just kidding. I'm so happy for you two! That's awesome. Now we both are having our own kids Lou. Isn't that crazy!" He fast talks.

"Yeah," I smile at him.

Louis nods with a huge grin on his face. Niall walks away. Well more skips away back to Kate.

"Wow. I get to be a uncle of two kids! This is going to be awesome. Do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?" Liam asks.

"No. I wanted to wait for Louis to know before we knew if it was a girl or boy," I say.

"Oh. So Louis didn't know until just now," Liam's eyes go wide.

"Yeah. I wanted it to be a surprise," I say again.

"Oh. Sweet! Whenever you do know just text me or something. I want to give you some options for a name," He winks before walking away, revealing the sensitive Zayn.

"I'm-I'm very happy for you all," He slurs before turning his back away and walking away. He doesn't look at us, but at the ground. At his feet, and that's when the heart attack comes. I jump out of my seat, startling Louis, and run up to him.

"Zayn. Look at me," I demand.

He turns but doesn't give me eye contact.

"No. Look at me with your eyes."

His eyes slowly appeal, and I know he's about to burst out in tears. Without hesitation I hug him tightly and tell him that his time will come and that we just aren't supposed to be. I tell him that I love him as a friend, and only that. He grips me tighter around my back, and then kisses my cheek before letting me go and walking away again. That was the right thing to do I tell myself. I walk back over to Louis and his smile hasn't faded what-so-ever. If anything it has grown larger. Best day of my life.

"I love you Baby," I kiss him.

"I love you to Babe," He says afterwards.

 "Do you think we could find out tomorrow if it's a boy or girl?"

"Sure. I'll call the doctor I've been to in the morning."

"Okay," He smiles.


                                                        The Next Day

I pull myself out of bed and look at the time, 8 A.M. I rub my eyes, look over at sleepy Louis, and then grab my phone dialing the doctor's number.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Hello Mrs. Maddie. Is everything alright?" He asks.

"Hello Dr.Huns. Yes everything is going smoothly. I would just like to make an appointment for later today to see if it's a boy or girl."

"Oh. Okay well let me look at the schedule. One second," He says before static and crumpled paper make noises.

"Ah. Is 1 good for you? If not we could do 7."

"Yeah one is great with me."

"Alright awesome. So I'm guessing you have told your boyfriend?"

"Yeah. I did at the reception of our wedding. It was last night when I told him and everyone else there," I smile through the phone.

"He must have been shocked. Is he happy about it?"

"Yes! He had the most priceless expression out of everyone's. It was perfect," I tell him.

"That's great. I got to go. I'll catch up with you later, I might try to visit when your here."

"Alright. That's fine with me if you have any spare time. It's not like were strangers or anything. You and my dad were fishing buddies or something like that right?"

"Yep. See yeah then," He says before hanging up.

I get into the shower, throw my hair into a braid, and then pick a nice outfit to wear that's not tight but loose. I wake Louis up at around 10 for him to get ready, and then we go out to the car. My mind is racing. My heart is stopping every time I think about a baby in me. My eyes blink more then usual. Then were here. We walk up to the doctor office, I sign in, and then we head to a nice white and creamed color room. There's a baby monitor, and a bed where I lay. I sit on it for now until a nurse comes in.

"Maddie Tomlinson?" She asks as she peeks her head through the door.

"Yep," I smile as I clench onto Louis's hand.

"Great! If you would go ahead and lay back that would be awesome," She smiles.

"Sure thing."

I do as I'm instructed. Is it a boy. Is it a girl?

"This might be cold," She keeps her smile on her lips. I nod. She pours cold liquid on my stomach and then takes the monitor and runs it over my stomach. Here we go. I clench onto Louis's hand more.

"So are you ready to know if it's a boy or girl?" She asks.

I look at Louis and he nods for approval. I nod.

"Okay. Awesome. It isn't a-"



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