If That One Moment Didnt Exist

"Maddie,I'm so sorry,but your mom and dad just died in a carwreck."Those words run through my mind constatly.Wouldn't you have that running inside your mind every moment of your life? Especially when you loved them.Thats when i decided to run away.Away from everything.I ran around a block or so until i saw someone.He was looking at me confused.We went on a walk together, and I fell for him instantly. Before I relized it. I was putting my number into his phone.Not just a 'guys' phone,but someone that is very speical.Louis.Not just A LOUIS.Louis with the last name Tomlinson.


18. Hosptial Visit

Narrator:A few days past before anything really happened. Louis barely ever left the room. Only if the doctors needed to help Maddie or needed to talk to him about things.


                                                                       Niall's P.O.V

I wonder how Maddie is doing. Kate has been talking about her nonstop, but her beautiful voice makes things so much bettter. Actually all the boys including me have been talking quite alot about her, and Louis. Louis hasn't left the room since she's been in there I think. Maybe he thinks by him being there everything will get better. Or Maybe he just doesn't want to leave her by herself. He might be to scared to. I wouldn't blame him though.

"Are we almost there? I want to see Maddie and Louis," I ask.

"We are almost there, and everyone wants to see them!" Liam exclaimed.

"Well of course! I miss my boobear," Harry joked.

"I just hope she's okay and Louis is stilll healthy. Who know's he might not even be eating?" Zayn said.

"He better be eating! Maybe we should bring them some Nanodos?" I asked.

Everyone,except Liam, turned their head toward me like that's what your thinking of what now face? Liam kept his eyes on the road instead, but he was thinking the same as the others.

"Well im just suggesting to get food," I said.

"Maybe he's right guys," Zayn agreed.

"Well.Im with you all. I don't want Louis starving himself. So let's just get him and Maddie some food," Kate smiled.

"Okay. Fine," Liam said as he turned the wheel toward's Nanodos.


                                                                 Liam's P.O.V

After we got parked in the left side of the parking lot. We all jumped out of the car and walked up to the door on the right side of the road. I held the door open for all of them since im the only nice one here.

We asked to see Maddie and the desk lady told us the room once again and we headed off toward the elevator.Everyone was quiet until we reached her floor.

"Liam!Look at that baby," Niall said as he pointed toward a small room that a had a few doctors and a baby inside.

"Just imagine that being Louis and Maddie's kid," Harry smiled.

"Harry!" I quietly yelled.

"Lads! Stop talking about me and Maddie and get over here," Louis said as he peaked his head out of the room he was in.

"Just talking about when you have your sassy kids," Harry said.

"Shut up, and get over here Hazza!" Louis laughed.

Harry jogged over to him and wrapped him up in a hug.

"Stop it!" Louis laughed as he pushed Harry away.

"Shut up!" Harry joked.

I looked over at specious Zayn, to the right of me. He was still watching the actions of the little baby in the window.

"Brought you food," Niall said as he walked up and handed Louis the bag of Nando's.


"Your welcome."

I grabbed Zayn by the arm and pulled him over toward the door.

"Come on Zayn!" I told him.

We walked into the room and saw Maddie.

"Maddie!" I said as I hugged her by her bedside.

"Miss me?" She asked laughing.

"No!" I joked.

We both started laughing loud.

"Shhh!" Zayn said making the shush sign with his finger.

"I wanna listen," He added.

We all shut up and stared blankly at him.

What is he trying to hear?Probably that baby in the other room.

"Wahh!" A baby squeaked loudly.

"Wait Maddie had a baby?" Harry smiled.

"No!" Maddie said.

"Not yet," Louis winked over at her.

"Shhh! Their not suppose to know that," She winked back.

See, their just so perfect!

"Im going to be uncle Li Li!" I yelled a little bit to loudely.

"Imma be Hazz," Harry said "coolly".

"Imma be the cool dude," Zayn said while fake brushing his hair.

" I'll be Nandos," Niall said.

"My child is not calling you that!" Maddie spoke.

"Fine.Then can it just be Nialler?" He asked.

"I guess," Louis awnsered.


                                                                  Maddie's P.O.V

My children are going to be in so much danger from these boys, but I guess it's worth it. Harry will probably let him run around being stupid, and if he/she is with Niall then he's gunna be a fat kid. Zayn will be there though if people bully him! But of course the momma is always here for everything, and of course the father! Louis, i hope it will be us.

"Im not in labor with my child," I smiled.

"It's not the last time we'll be here boys," Louis added.

"When's that gunna be? I wanna have a little Laddie running around!" Niall whined.

"Laddie? And whenever we want it to come around Niall!" I responded.

"Yeah. Directioners gave you all a name finally," he answered.

Laddie. That sounds so weird.It's weird to think that I used to be one of those fans. Now im actually living with them. I wonder what kind of stuff people have already said about me. Probably a lot of things that I don't want to hear.






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