i wish

its a love story of pop star zayn malik and regular girl mariah henning. mariah has always loved zayn but he never met him.

I am not telling yah what gonna happen


6. you guys are dating ?

I woke up around who knows what tim and snuck out of bed hoping Zayn wouldn't wake up. I had to peeee really badly and I walked into  rooms randomly hoping it would be it. Then I walked in on the grossest thing ever I saw Kaitie and Harry having sex!! I saw kaitie and harrys head pop up and they quickly covered up.

"Hey Mariah how are you?" she said

"IM good just looking for the bathroom and uh I can see this isn't the bathroom I see its the have sex at 2 am room. so ill just leave yah to it be safe you two ;)" I said to her about to walk out.

"Oh Mariah" Harry said

"Yeah Harry?"

"The bathrooms down stairs to you right"

"ok thanks have fun you two"

 and with that I left off to find the Lou. I crept down stairs and saw to doors in the hall both about the same size.

"which one should I choose" I said softly to my self I felt like an ALICE IN WONDERLAND MOMENT. I quitly open the door and saw food everywhere and the TV and lights on.

"HEY MARIAH" Renee said

"hey girl how you doin?"

"just hanging out eating food" she said but I noticed there was something strange the qwere holding hands and cudling.

"are you two a thing now?" I asked.

"Uh well yah I guess" niall said

"well damn you guys make a perfect ouple yall both love food."


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