i wish

its a love story of pop star zayn malik and regular girl mariah henning. mariah has always loved zayn but he never met him.

I am not telling yah what gonna happen


1. winning the tickets


(john mough)

"yes hi who is this?"

"This is Mariah"

"Well Mariah your caller 25!"

"What are you kidding me oh my gosh!"

"no you won two front row tickets sound check bak stage passess and meet and greets"

"Holy crap thank you so muh!"

"your welcome bye!"

I was with my freinds kaitie and renee and we were all gonna go to the conert but i can only take one.

"guys i an only take one person"

"o i know i got everythiong  you did that way we can all go!" kaitie said she was always one step ahead of me

"yay and i will meet Niall and we will live happy ever after with our five kids and our own nandos restraunt"

"and me and harry will have our own taco stand with our 4 kids noah Talia Darcy and louis."

"and me and zayn  ohh i cant even think  about it he is so fine"

we all sang along to lwwy and jumped in my room man i cant wait t ill the onert so excited!we all decided to stay at my house till the concert  and o course we pulled an all nighter listening to our #1 station 98.5 kluc who gave us tickets!

"guys lets start aking sighns" mariah said so we all went to micheals and bought posters sharpiies and more. i made a poster that said "zayn i will be orever yours"' it was perect i put harts all around it and glowing sticks in red aroun the boarder we also made shirts and they turned out aazing."

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