i wish

its a love story of pop star zayn malik and regular girl mariah henning. mariah has always loved zayn but he never met him.

I am not telling yah what gonna happen


2. the concert

"guys we have 4 hrs till the concert omg i am gonna loose it " i said we all rushed in and i took a shower 1st then renee then kaitie.

i crimped my hair and put on eyeliner and mascara and a little eyeshadow. kaitie curled her hair bouncing it o her natuarl curls and renee straightend her hair. we all wore  tee shirts and skinny jeans . 

"omg omg omg" kaitie said

"what ?!"

"zayn just tweetd the best thing ever!"


she handed me the phone

*twitter zayn*

*guys i have bad news.................... me and peirri just broke up*

i was shocked 

"exactly how is this bad news?" i said

"i dont know but its now or never"

we all got distracted by a lyric in the song 

*hey girl its now or ever its now or never dont over think just let its go and i we get to geather yah get together dont let the pictures leave your phone ohhhh* 

"hahhahahahhaha that song is so dirty" i said 

"only i you have a dirty mind"

renee said 

we all walked down the street and took a cab scince all our parents had to work

we were there at 5pm right when the sound check started it was just us three and the boys o corse.

"wow we have a great audience just great " louis said he is so adorable 

we screamed then something was up

"yah absolutky bea......" harry started to say but then he stopped he was looking directly at kaitie omg harry dig her

then something awsome happend daniell and elenore came! omg this is amazing i cant belive it 

"o hay its my beautiul girlreind danielle get up here "

"yah el u to and so do you 3" louis said wow this is actually happoinging

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