i wish

its a love story of pop star zayn malik and regular girl mariah henning. mariah has always loved zayn but he never met him.

I am not telling yah what gonna happen


5. Im gonna start a fight

I went to go punch her but then she moved out of the way making me hit  zayn!

"O my gosh I am so sorry zayn!" I said running up to him. "wow you hit your boyfriend he can do much better than you like me" she said pushing me a side and hugging zayn. "that's it hun your going down" with that said I ran straight towards hher making her fall to the ground and knocking her out.

           "I-I - im sorry  I didn't mean to it was anaccedent" I said running to my car and sitting in it crying how could I be that jelous I don't love him that much.  or do I. I herd a knock on my window and it was Zayn. "Do you hate me?" I asked  he looked at me confused  "How could I hate you that was so damn cool! I never have seen a  girl throw a punch that hard!" he said then moving in the car.

"I think you a lot more interesting then other girls I have dated."


"yup." he said scratching his head. "hey um you want to head back to my place?" he said. HOLY SHIT ZAYN FUCKING MALIK ASKED  ME BACK TO HIS PLACE DONT SCREAM MARIAH CALM DOWN! "sure sounds fun let me just text the girls to tell them I wont be home" I texted them and we left I cnt belive I am  going to FUCKING ZAYN MALIKS HOUSE OMG OMG OMMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMFG! We pulled up and zayn stopped and sat there. "you okay ?" I asked.

"yes but can I try something?" he asked ]\

he leaned in and held my face. we were inches apart then it happened. the most insane thing that I could ever imagine we kissed. I couldn't believe it. It was spontaneous! the way  his lips were shaped -perfect- his eyes -perfect- his body -hella sexy and perfect- (sorry ts something Mariah would say :p)

"That was even better then I thought it would be " Zayn said .

"YOU thought about kissing me ?" I said

"yes I did. i wanted to kiss you scince the moment i have seen you babe."


"yes but we cant  let the boys know yet they will freak out"


we walked in his flat to see Louis and Eleanor making out and Lim and Danielle doing the same . We decided to go upstairs and watch TV. for a while but then i dozed off in Zayns arm. 



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