i wish

its a love story of pop star zayn malik and regular girl mariah henning. mariah has always loved zayn but he never met him.

I am not telling yah what gonna happen


4. date at 11:11

 i couldnt belive zayn  asked me out (well basicly he did) ater the boys all let we all walked over to eachother

"guess what?!" we all said at on

"zarriall asked me out" we all said at once

"translation zayn harry and niall  asked out me kaitie and renee

"im so excited!"

"me to " renee said 


we were all screaming "


"what time are we goin"ll

"well th concert ends at 10:45 so around then"

"ok perect"


"well lets go"

*ater the concert*

me and renee and kaitie all wemt back stage and waited in their dressing room. we herd a knock on the dorr so i let then in . it was el and dani!

"hey elenore hey dani"

"hey girls so what are you doing in here"

"well zzayn asked out mariah and niall asked out renee and harry asked out me" kaitie said

"oooooooooo" they said in a high voice

"shut up" renee said sarcasticly

"when are the boys coming out" i asked pacing back and orth" ther was a knock at the door and then they walked in.

"aperintly now"

"hey babes" liam said oh that liam is so polite


"hi" we all said 


""you ready to go "

"yeh lets go "

"ok '

zayn grabbed my hand and we walked out out to the car he had a very nice car.

harry walked out with kaitie under his arm.

niall and renee were walking with his arm around her waste. wow.

we all went our seprate ways when we got to the restraunt we orderd and sat down inour private booth.

"so  mariah your very pretty." 


"I could say the same to you" I said

he looked at me confused

"I mean  you are handsome"

"oh thanks. so tell me about you"

"well I just turned 15 a week ago I love your music my favorite song is..........."

"how about kiss me"

"excuse me?"

"the song kiss me"

"o yah I like rock me though and I also like..."

we started to walk out of the restruant when this rude bitch came up and pushed me away now who does she think she is?

"um excuse me mr. malik can I please have your autograph?"

he smiled and gave her a hug

"anything for my great fans. now who should I make this out to?"

"uhh its obvious your girlfriend?"

"who her?" he pointed at me

"no not that ratchet ass me " she batterd her eyes then pulled hi in for a kiss and having all her friends take pictures.

"o that's it hun your gonna get!!"

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