i wish

its a love story of pop star zayn malik and regular girl mariah henning. mariah has always loved zayn but he never met him.

I am not telling yah what gonna happen


3. could this reall be happieng

Zayn was smiling at me and he bit he his lip. He looked so whats that word suducive. 

"do you guys know the words to i wish?" zayn said

"yes we do " i said

"well comon then sing it now!" louis said o he is so weird

"ok ok geeeze"

kaitie started o and then harry jumped in rene sang nniall umped in  i sang zayn umoed in and louis sang ell umped in and liam sang dani jumped in. it was amaZAYN.

"well hgo on your not part o the band now go on shoe " louis kicked us o stage and was being is silly sel as usually.

"well sadly we have to go" liam said

"well bye" louis said grabing ell and running 

" cya"liam saidcarrying dani on his back.

"well thats our cue but i wanna alk more " harry said


come on lads '

"ok" zayn said

Zayn hopped o stage and started walking tiwards me holy shit he started walking striaght towards me could this be happeining or is this a dream i didnt know what to think but let nature take its course.

"Het babe"

holy ucking shit did zayn just call me babe?

"hi zayn" i said trying not to pee mysel he was just so god damn hot!

"scince niall and harry are lirting i thought we could tlk"

"sure :D" i said smilling lke a shit ace

"so whats your name?"


"hot name"



"hey listen im sorry about you and perri-"

he cut me o

"its ine it was all ak she never liked me "

"that bitch!"

"ha now now thats not the way we talk" he said in  a baby voice the tapping my nose '

"it is i ur me"


"well hey do you wanna hang out ater the concert?"



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