Through a Teenager's Eyes

This is a collection of original poems that describe life 'Through a Teenager's Eyes' All poems are written by me and I hope you enjoy them!


10. Through the Net

Through the Net


As I went up behind the service line
Game ball in my hand,
I made a mistake that would've been fine
Had it not broken the band.

As the ball went up and up
'Til it was hard to see.
I went up too, my highest jump.
Up went the ball and me.

I hit the ball with all my might,
As hard as I possibly could.
And all seemed to be going right.
Looked like an ace! That's good!

The only problem-it was a little low
And going 100 mph.
And that combination ain't good, ya know.
The ball was in a rage.

As it whizzed right by my team
They could hear the whoosh.
They saw only a white-ish stream
That hit the net and pushed.

It pushed so hard
It broke the net,
Left it smoky and charred. 
And made it a day I'd regret.

And up 'til now the sight's in mind,
Where it will stay forever more.
A point that's impossible to find-
One that scorched the gymnasium floor.

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