Through a Teenager's Eyes

This is a collection of original poems that describe life 'Through a Teenager's Eyes' All poems are written by me and I hope you enjoy them!


2. The Path

The Path


Poetry is like a cave to the poet’s soul.
Long, dark, gloomy,
or bright and alive with color.
Maybe there’s water dripping from the ceiling,
or bright, exotic flowers growing on grass
as soft as the fluffiest cloud,
and as green as the ripest lime.
The rhymes on the page tell about the path.
At the end you reach a little light,
and you’ve found the soul.


Music is like a forest you pass through to reach the artist’s heart.
Is there patches of sunlight streaming through,
or is the canopy of trees blocking out all to light?
Is the path well worn,
or is covered in grass and unused?
Are their deer and bunnies running through the trees,
or wolves lurking in the shadows.
The notes on the staff tell about the path.
At the end you’ll reach a clearing,
and you’ve found the heart.


Stories are like corn mazes leading to the writer’s mind.
Many twists and turns,
dead ends, and roads that take you in circles.
You have to go through everything to find
the one thing that tells you all you need to know.
But eventually you reach the end
and you’re done going in circles.
The meaning behind the words tell about the path.
At the end, when you’re done going in circles,
You’ve reached the part of the mind you’ve been looking for.



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