Through a Teenager's Eyes

This is a collection of original poems that describe life 'Through a Teenager's Eyes' All poems are written by me and I hope you enjoy them!


5. The Nightmare

The Nightmare

Have you ever had adream?
One where you can't awake?
Not just any old dream,
But one like a venomous snake?

Have you ever had a dream?
Where the world was crashing down?
And inside of that dream,
All you could do is frown?

Have you ever had a dream?
Where you almost die?
It's only in the dream,
But life seems to be a lie?

Have you ever had a dream?
And seen the one's you'd lie down for?
And in that awful dream,
They were killed in blood and gore?

Hae you ever had a dream
That turned away from fair?
Well this type of dream
Is the worst possible nightmare.

They tell us life's a dream,
But it seems to have lost its gleam.
They tell us dreams come true,
But they forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams too.

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