Through a Teenager's Eyes

This is a collection of original poems that describe life 'Through a Teenager's Eyes' All poems are written by me and I hope you enjoy them!


3. Behind the Smile

Behind the Smile


Behind the smile lies a girl
broken and shattered,
with no hope.
She waits for someone to notice
all the pain she’s in.
But no one does.
They only see the smile, the laugh,
the normality of her.
They don’t take the time to look
behind the smile
into her heart where all the pain is.

If you look into her eyes
you would see pain beyond her years.
If you looked at her wrists
you would see the cuts and scratches
from when the pain had been too much.
If you looked into her heart
you would see the fat, ugly freak
she thinks she is.
If you looked behind the smile
you would see the broken girl.

For the people around her
she puts on a smile,
a façade of happiness.
But she’s dying inside.
She doesn’t want to be here anymore.
She doesn’t want to feel the pain
that she receives from herself
and others.
But no one sees that.
They see a nice, young girl
who shouldn’t have a care in the world.
But they don’t take the time to look
Beyond the smile, beyond the laugh,
beyond the false happiness she portrays.
They take the easy way,
though they don’t know what she’s feeling.

She’s tired of crying
she’s through with trying.
Even though she’s smiling
on the inside she’s dying.


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