Through a Teenager's Eyes

This is a collection of original poems that describe life 'Through a Teenager's Eyes' All poems are written by me and I hope you enjoy them!


4. A Silent Fog

A Silent Fog


Silence is the fog

that can mask every emotion.

As it rolls in, all sense of knowing

is lost.

You can wander aimlessly

and never find what you're looking for.

It cloaks all feelings

that something is off,

 and allows the silent

to be the only one that can see.

The fog is the only thing that knows

 what is happening,

 because it sees all,

yet lets no one else have visuals.

And if you let the fog find you,

you will be able to see.

But seeing comes at a price.

You become stifled.

You become the fog.

Silence is the fog

that can mask all emotion.

And it makes you

 all alone.

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