My best friend

Me and my best friend Louis has been friends sience 1st grade we do everything together but when I fall for one of his friends things go wrong


3. Wow

There i saw a face that i havent seen in like FOREVER! The same face,hair those beautiful eyes.  can believe its him, or is it just someone who looks like him? "Hello Im your new student Louis Tomlinson" oh my goodness its him! I remember having a crush on him but that is gone now because i have the wonderful new boyfriend! but i hope we can start to be friends again. I took Mathews hand and held  it and cuddled up against him. He liked it i guess cause he smiled and me and kissed me on the nose.


Louis's POV:  I walked into my 2nd hour which was math. I just moved here to try to find my Best Fried Ariana again. But as i walked i saw a girl that looked just like Ariana. WAIT!!!!! That WAS her!!! U cant believe it i was looking for her and i found her! Wow that was easy, maybe too easy. Right to her left  saw a boy with a football jersey on with the number 16 on it. Thats Arianas favorite number! And there she was cuddling wth him and holding his hand. Then i saw a piece of paper that was folded and the only word =s i could see was "go out with me", and "Mathew". i got jelous cause i came all this way to find Ariana and shes already goig out with this kid Mathew. Then Mathew leanded in and kissed her nose!


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