My best friend

Me and my best friend Louis has been friends sience 1st grade we do everything together but when I fall for one of his friends things go wrong


4. Its on

Arianas POV:


As Louis sat down behide me I smile and said "Hi Louis!!!! How are you? I havent seen you in ages!" "Ariana no talking!" my teacher yelled "sorry" I said. I started to cry because i hate getting yelled at and im not used to it. "Dont cry baby its all right" Mathew said to me to try to calm me down. "thanks i  really need that" i said with a soft smile..



Louis's POV:



"Ariana no talking" our teacher yelled "sorry" she replied softly. She started to cry which made me feel really bad. I was just about to tell her that im sorry, but then Mathew said "its alright baby" which really ticked me off. This means war.....

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