My best friend

Me and my best friend Louis has been friends sience 1st grade we do everything together but when I fall for one of his friends things go wrong


2. 6 years later

Louis and me havent talked sience the day I left. That was awhile ago when i was in 3rd grade now im a 8th grader and a very populur! Trust  me im not one of those girls that let thay get to their head and change into a jerk.  I am stayig myself and will not change for anyways. "hey Ariana" my bestfriend Mathew said. yes Mathew not Matthew(spelled different). i had a really big crush on him. He was caption of the football team super cute really funny and smart. No he is not a jerk he is a really nice. Anyway Mathew doesnt know i have a crush on him and nether does my friend Megan because she has a crush on him and i dont want it to be like a flirt war beteen us so i just keep it on the low. the bell rang and and i headed for math and sat with Mathew. then he handed my a note and gave me a smile. I smiled back and opened the note. "Hey i really like you. would you like to go out" it said i gave him a nod and i was now pure happy. Until i saw him...

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