To End It All

Jade and Sabrina are just normal teenagers. Jade is captain of the cheerleading team, they are both honor roll students, everything seems to be going great, except for one thing, they meet One Direction, and not the way that they would ever want to. It turns out One Direction are werewolves, and they want Jade and Sabrina in their pack. There, they find out that Jade has a special destiny, one that she never wanted.... Skyla is Jade's 17 year old sister, she is only a year younger than Jade, but she is very nosy. She wants to find out what Jade and Sabrina are up to, will she find out?


1. The Beginning

Jade's P.O.V.

"Ready? Five, Six, Seven, Eight!" I yelled across the big gymnasium. They started the routine while I observed and helped people. Hi, I'm Jade Walker, I'm captain of the high school cheerleading team, honor roll student, and best friend of Sabrina West. I have a younger sister named Skyla Walker, we barely ever see eachother though. Our parents split when we I was 7 and I went with my mom and Skyla went with our dad. We still go to the same school, but I avoid her, unfortunatly, she doesn't avoid me.

"Jade!" Skyla yells as she stumbles over her own feet in the dance. I walk over to her.

"Yes Skyla?"

"I don't get it!" she said. She wasn't exactly the smartest person ever, she was actually quite clueless.

"Ok, ok, what don't you get?" I asked.

"Everything" she responded. I sighed.

"Jenna! Can you work with Skyla while I dismiss everyone else?" I called to one of the cheerleaders.

"Sure!" she responded while running over.

"Ok girls! Great practice! You can go to class!" I said with a smile. Usually people had cheer practice in the afternoon, but we are hardcore, so we start early in the morning before school. I walked over to Sabrina.

"Hey!" I said.

"Hi" she said plainly.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Skyla is messing us up!" she said. I looked at the floor, I knew she was right, but she's my sister, what am I supposed to do?

"I know, but she'll get better! Trust me." I said. She just sighed.

"Whatever" she said while packing up her stuff. Sabrina was a gorgeous girl, she had long straight brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. I on the other hand had long brown wavy hair, blue eyes, fair skin, a great body, and a nice smile. I looked over at the stumbling curly ball of highlights. She had fairly tan skin, a good body, curly hair, which is full of multi-colored highlights, and a great smile. Apparently, I was the boy magnet of everyone.

"Come on, let's get to class" I said to Sabrina. We went and changed in the locker room, my waves turned out really good today, so I decided to leave it natural. I quickly put on some makeup. I was wearing a pink ruffled tank top with blue skinny jeans, and black flats. I took one last look in the mirror and went to find Sabrina. She was on her iPhone, as usual. "Sabrina! We're gonna be late!" I said taking her iPhone and stuffing it in my back pocket.

"Hey! Give that back!" She whined.

"No! Not until the end of the day" I said. She groaned.

"Alright, Mom" she said sarcastically before storming out of the locker room and into the cream colored hallways of our high school. We walked into our class, instantly all of the guys sat up, of course I didn't really mind it anymore. I just took my seat and started to read my book. That's when I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was my guy bestfriend, Collin Robertson.

"Hey! What's up?" I asked.

"Do you wanna go for something to eat after school?" he asked.

"Sorry, I can't. I'm going on my regular walk through the woods with Sabrina, remember?" I responded. "Maybe another time" and with that, I turned around. Every Friday, Sabrina and I went for a walk in the woods right across the street from our school. I turned my attention on the teacher who had just entered the room.

                                                                     ~The End Of The Day~

Finally! The end of the day! As soon as the bell rang I jumped out of my seat and wiggled my way through the crowd and to my locker. I got my books and my backpack and walked to the bench where Sabrina and I usually met. I sat down and started to scroll through my phone, when I felt a pair of eyes on me. My eyes led me to the woods, where I saw nothing. I kept my eyes locked on the woods, when someone tapping on my shoulder snapped me out of it. I jumped, letting out a shriek on the way. I looked back to find Sabrina standing there with a confused look on her face. "You ok?" she asked. I let out a sigh of relief.

"Yeah....Yeah I'm fine" I said while rubbing my temple.

"Then can we go?" she asked. I just nodded and we started to walk through the woods. I looked around, the tall trees forming a beautiful green canopy above our heads. The sticks and leaves crunched and crumbled under our feet. "Are we going to your house?" she asked.

"Uhh, yeah I gue.." I was cut off by the sound of growling. We stopped dead in our tracks, making sure not to move a muscle. The growling continued, I looked over at Sabrina, she was as white as a ghost. We heard rustling coming from the bushes, our heads snapped in that direction. Before we knew it, two huge wolves jumped out, one had blonde fur and blue eyes, the other had brown fur and blue eyes. They stared at our paralyzed bodies. We couldn't move, our eyes were locked on the two huge beasts that stood before us. "RUN!" I managed to choke out. We both ran for it, the wolves chased after us. We ran for it, the wind whipping on our faces, our backpacks on our backs. We were starting to get away, when Sabrina tripped. "SABRINA!" I yelled while running back for her. I grabbed her arm, but it was to late, the blonde one bit her leg, she let out a yelp of pain. Before I knew it, the blonde one ran away, while the brown one stayed, aiming for me. I backed up into a tree, "Sabrina!" I yelled. No response. "Help!" I screamed, even though I knew nobody would come. I felt a sharp pain in my left hip, I looked down to find the wolf bit my hip. I screamed in pain, and fell to the ground, drifting into a sea of darkness.

I woke up to the feeling of being put down. I opened my eyes to find two very handsome boys looking down at me. "Well, look who woke up" the one with the brown hair and blue eyes said. There was something very familiar about him.

"W-W-Where am I? Where's Sabrina?" I ask.

"She's fine, she's lying on the couch over there." the blonde one said, pointing to a fancy red couch. I looked down to see that I was bleeding badly.

"Ughh!" I said while looking at it in disgust. Then I remembered. "I was attacked! By-By these wolves!" I said. They laughed.

"We know" the brown haired, blue eyed one said. I was about to ask how, when I heard footsteps coming our way. 3 gorgeous boys walked through the door. One with curly hair and green eyes, one with black hair and brown eyes, and one with brown hair and brown eyes. They all looked at me, then at my side.

"Louis, Niall, what are they doing here? And why is she bleeding?" the browned haired brown eyed one said. Wait! I knew these boys! They were One Direction! I think his name was Liam. He came to my aid, bending down beside me and stroking my hair. I shuffled away from him, I barely even knew him.

"What happened?" The one named Zayn asked.

"What? We just thought that two pretty girls would make a great addition to our pack." Louis joked. The one named Harry glared at him.

"You-You TURNED THEM?!" he yelled.

"So what?" Niall said.

"This is a big deal" he yelled.

"WAIT!" I screamed. Everyone turned their attention on me, I struggled to get up, my side was sore and throbbing. I found myself wobbling, luckily Liam wrapped an arm around me, keeping me steady. I regained my balance and thanked him, then I shooed him away. "What do you mean 'turned'?" I asked Harry. He sighed.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Jade" I said.

"Jade, such a pretty name for a pretty girl" he said.

"Shut it! Tell me what you mean by turned!" I yelled. Louis wolf whistled at me.

"This one is hot!" he said. I glared at him, and he backed off. Harry took a deep breath.

"I don't know how to tell you this, but your a- a werewolf" he said. My eyes widened in shock.

"What?! You have to be kidding!" I said. He just shook his head. I rubbed my temple, trying to take in what he just said.

"Ok, then tell me, what fur do I have? What do we eat? Do we have special powers or something?" I asked.

"The fur usually depends on your hair color, unless your the chosen one, then your fur is a golden color with a silver streak going down your back. We eat normal food, and it depends, let's find out." he said while taking my hand. I yanked it away.

"What are you?" I asked.

"I'm the alpha, Liam is second in command, Zayn is third." he responded. I groaned.

"You have to be joking" I laughed.

"No, seriously." he said. That's when Sabrina woke up.

"What's going on?" she asked. I groaned again, walking around in a circle. Harry stopped me and looked into my eyes.

"Your gonna be fine." he said. I just nodded, he let go of me and explained things to Sabrina. Once we were feeling well enough to stand then we went outside to see what color fur we had and what power we had. "Alright, now you need to focus on what you want in order to become a wolf. So focus on wolves, and you should be fine. Sabrina, you first." Harry said.

"Ok" she said. She closed her eyes and thought. I heard growling and her clothes went to shreds, she was a beautiful wolf with a shimmering light brown coat. My mouth dropped open, it wasn't a prank. I walked in front of her, she had deep purple eyes as well.

"She isn't the chosen one" Louis said. I spun around.

"What is this about a chosen one?" I asked.

"Right now we are at war with witches, years ago we used to live in harmony, until one couple ruined it all, turned everyone against eachother. Harry used to go out with the leader of the witches, but that ended up in heartbreak. She was clingy and strange." Zayn said. I nodded my head. I looked back to see Sabrina was back to her normal, fully clothed self.

"Alright Jade, your turn" Harry said. I closed my eyes, and focused on wolves. I opened my eyes again, I was still human. Harry looked at me. "You need to focus" he said.

"I am! Geez!" I said. I tried again, nothing happened.

"Your not focusing Jade!" he yelled.

"Yes! I am!" I yelled back.

"Then focus harder!"

"I don't think that's even possible!" I screamed.

"Well make it possible!" he yelled back. My blood started to boil and I growled, I could see my vision go to black and white as I tranformed. I barked and growled.

"Oh my god" Louis said.

"She's it" Niall said.

"I can't believe it" Liam said."

"Well believe it" Zayn said.

"Boys, we have found the chosen one.."

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