The wasteland I live in

I want to tell you my story, to show you the world after a nuclear war through my eyes, through my experiences.
My name is Andrei Scott, and this is the first chapter in my life, that I want to share with you.


2. Silent night

As we went back to the bonfire they had made for the night, I didn't stop until I stood by the fence next to their spot, and gently shook it, as it didn't seem to be in the best condition.

“Why are we caged like this?” I asked, and Lisa snorted as if I was joking, but was quick to understand that I wasn't.

“Oh, you're serious? Well it's for our safety, they protect us for the night whilst we sleep.” She said, though I believe that any beast of the wasteland could easily break this weak fence down, but the fire should keep them away. Hopefully.

I was about to sit down by the rusty fence, when Lisa quickly made me freeze in my movement, and look her way by the fire.

“C'mon Andrei, sit with us!” She said with a smile, and I hesitated to accept her invitation, as it could be deadly dangerous to let your guard down and trust stranger.

Even as dangerous was it to get close to someone, then they'd just need a shorter knife. And emotions wont help you any either, only instinct. But I was unarmed and defenceless, an easy pray to anyone, so maybe I should try to at least get on their better side, someone to protect me until I can defend myself. Or at least until I wont need to flee any more. Then again, they had already saved my life once.

I finally decided to sit by the fire, and as far away from Horatio as possible, as his gaze scared me. He kept looking at me like I was nothing but trouble.

The fire probably emitted some warmth, but it merged together with the already unbearable heat of the summer. As we sat there in silence of the night, I could feel how Lisa was observing me with thorough eyes, and she opened her mouth to a question:

“How old are you?” The question sounded so judgmental  and it took me a few seconds to answer, as I didn't really want to hear her comments.

“17 years...” I sighed, as I saw her mouth open wide, and she gave me an uncomfortable and surprised look. How old did I look, for her to act so shocked? 

“Only 17?!” She yelled. “What the fuck Andrei?! Why aren't you home or somewhere safe?!” She sounded so protective, but I can't blame her. Not many left the safety of their homes at this young an age.

“It's... a long and...” I didn't know what to say, I didn't want anyone to know. Who knows what would happen if they did. “It's a rather personal story,” yes, that had to do, “I can't tell you, please understand.” I looked down at the ground, and I felt her hand rest on my shoulder, which I hadn't expected, and when I looked up, she had this sentimental glance in her eyes.

“I do, Andrei. Trust me.” She said with a low voice, and I could sense the truth in her words.

The last I remembered before waking up here, was that I was horribly dry in my throat, and that my feet were bleeding from my running across the treacherous and hateful wasteland, and at the end, I saw the ground come closer before the darkness filled my vision. I looked down at my feet, which had been badly bandaged, but the bleeding had stopped, and it didn't hurt any more. Well, not as much anyway.

“Yeah, well, sorry for the bad work. I was never good at being a doctor.” Lisa said with a nervous smile, as she noticed that I was looking at my feet.

“It's okay, you did your best, I'm sure. Thanks.” I said and smiled back, reassuring her that I was okay.

We fell back into the silence again, as I sat and got hypnotized by the flames, as they danced to the nonexistent music, and it pulled me in to the dream world. 

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