Forgive and forget is not for me!

When Macy and Haley are on there way to a
One Direction concert they bump into 2
Teenage guys named Harry Styles and
Louis Tomlinsin will they fall in love�� with each
Other or hate�� each other?


9. Will she live?

"I have to start getting ready babe" I say to Harry."ok babe, have fun" he tells me while kissing me and heading torwards the door."Love you!!" I scream."I love you too!!" He screams even louder.
I go get ready. I put on a black long sleeve shirt on that says" Future Mrs.Styles", I were my one skinny jeans And put some makeup on and my black toms. I head to the place. I got a text from the same number Haley texted me on later. That says" meet me in the back party room"
"Ok see ya soon Haley" I text back. I get there and go strait to the party room.
When I push the door open I see no one in there so I o sit in one of the chairs and wait playing temple run. Out of the corner of my eye I see something red. I look over and see Gabe. This can't be happening!! He comes over to me. I back into a corner. "Did u get my text babe?"
"I'm not your babe!!" I tell him." Kiss me NOW!" He tells into my face.
NO!!! He drags me out of TGI Fridays and takes me to my house and takes me in to a corner.
While he went to get something I took out my phone and called Harry but I had to put it away because I heard footsteps. I still had the phone on though but Gabe didnt know. "Kiss me Now or u will regret it." He tells me. I SAID NO,I HATE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL!!" I scream.Get away from me! He takes out a knife."Last change babe"he tells me
NOOOOOO! I scream at the top o my lungs.
He moves the knife up to my shoulder and cuts down my arms.AHHHH!!! I dream.Tears role down my face and on to the cut.The pain hurts so bad."GET AWAY FROM HER!" I hear someone say
And look up to find Harry punching Gabe in the stomach and in th face and beating him up to death. Gabe runs out the door. Harry goes to the door an shouts down the street"I said stay away from me and her or you will regret it". Tears are pouring down my face now. Harry's comes running torwards me and picks me up and Carey's me to his car and takes me to the hosbital.


I answer the call to Macy and here her talking to some boy. "Kiss me or you will regret it"
"NO I SAID I HATE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL!" Macy says. At that moment u know who it is, it's Gabe . I jump into my car and drive to Macy's place and burst into the door and see Gabe has cut her I run over to him and punch him to death. He runs out the door and I go per to the door and. Yell to him" I said stay away from me and her or you will regret it!" I turn around and run to Macy and pick her up and put her into my car. It felt like the drive was forever! I had a couple of tears stream down my face. How could anyone want to hurt my babe!?.
We get to the hosbital and I take her into the emergency room and I stay by her side the whole side. "I have good news and bad news,which one do you want to hear first?"
My heart stoped for a minute. Is she ok?!? I ask
"Well.... "The doctor starts to say��
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