Forgive and forget is not for me!

When Macy and Haley are on there way to a
One Direction concert they bump into 2
Teenage guys named Harry Styles and
Louis Tomlinsin will they fall in love�� with each
Other or hate�� each other?


1. Wait who are u?!?

"MACY.....MACY.....WAKE UP!!!!" My BFF Haley yelled.
"Time to get ready to go to the concert."When she said that I was up right away.
I went to hop into the the shower.When I got out I put on a white One Direction tee-shirt
And some navy blue skinny jeans. I put my make up on which is my foundation,eye liner,
Little bit of blush,and some Mascara on. I striated my dirty blond hair and I was ready to go:)
I went to my bedroom and my 2 bedroom condo. "Haley!!!!!!.... Haley!!!!... "I went into the living room
And saw I sticky note on the T.V. That said "went to my place to get ready be back at 9:10.I have about 20 more mins till shes back. I just sat and watched "Honey Boo Boo"
20 mins late..."Im back!!" Haley yelled. I turned around and saw her
Wearing a Shirt with Zayn Malik on the front of it and on the back it said Mrs.Malik. She had black skinny jeans on with pink flip flops on. She looked good in the black skinny jeans.
We were walking to the concert because it was only like 2 blocks away from wear I live.We were "almost there when these 2 teenage guys bumped it to us. Watch it!! Haley yelled
Sorry love" the guy with brown strait hair said.
"You should be" Haley answered them. The one with the brown curly hair said" where are u 2 lovely lady's going on this wonderful day?"
The one direction concert! I said smiling��
Would you like to come with us since we're going to be outing on the show for you?
I thought to myself why are they saying that their not One Direction
I looked back at them and I saw one had strait brown hair like Louis Tomlinsins does and one had curly brown hair like the one and only Harry Styles.
Wait your H..I began to say then Harry finished" arry styles and this is..Louis then came in and said" I can say my own name Hazza. Hi I'm Louis Tomlinsin:)
We would love to come with you ! Haley blurted out:)
"Alrighty then come on lady's" Louis says:)
I walked by Harry. Haley and Louis talked to each other.
The next thing I know i hear Harry whisper in my ear" you look nice today"
"Thanks" I say back to him:) you look pretty handsome today too!
Haha thanks he says while he slips him hand into mine.
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