Forgive and forget is not for me!

When Macy and Haley are on there way to a
One Direction concert they bump into 2
Teenage guys named Harry Styles and
Louis Tomlinsin will they fall in love�� with each
Other or hate�� each other?


2. Talks and movies with Haley

Harrys Pro

I couldn't keep my eyes of her she was so beautiful;)
Her eyes were AMAZING! And how her hair layed on her didn't look like she had a lot of makeup on. That's one thing I like about some girls they don't put crap loads of makeup on just a little:) Why can girls see there beautiful no matter what.
Anyways, I was so nerves to talk to her. I'm never am like this around other girls,just around her.
She gives me goose bumps just thinking about her:)
I finally said: You look nice today. Finally I said it!
You look pretty handsome today too. She said
Thanks. I replyed I had to see if I had sparks when i touched her hand I had too!
I slipped my hand into her hand. I new I loved her because I fell jolts and jolts of sparks go through my body and I think she did too because she smiled after about 5 seconds:)
hey I forgot to ask you your name babe:) oh sorry my name is Macy she said
Louis Pro
Hey sorry love but I forgot to ask you your name:) oh yeah my names Haley and my friends name is Macy. Sorry about that. She said oh no it's fine.Me and Haley talked about how it was for me and the boys singing In front of was a nice little chat :)
I looked over to Harry and Macy I saw Harry slip his hand into Macys and she smiled.
I havnt seen Harry that happy in Forever!! I thought to myself

Haley's Pro
Me and Louis had a nice chat on the way there but I wanted to meet Zayn:)

Macy Pro,

"Wants some back stage passes" Harry asked
YES!! Haley yelled. "hahahhahaha" Louis laughed
Let's go then Harry pulled on my hand to come with him
I had a wonderful time today" Harry said baked stage
Yes I had a wonderful time too.i said
Can u see your phone please" he asked
Sure here you go. And can I see your phone??" I said back to him
He passed me him phone and I put my number in to his phone.
We said our goodbyes and me and Haley walked home.
How was your time with Harry? She asked me
AMAZING!! I said to her. And how was your time with Zayn?
Really good! He kissed me!!!!!!!!! And I kissed him back to.!.!
That's wonderful!! You guys look so cute together:)
.when we got to my condo
It was about 2:00pm so we made Mac "n" cheese cups and ate at my place
I got a text from Harry saying" Hey would you like to go
Out to dinner with me tonight? As our first date? -Harry
"Love to Babe" -Macy what time?? Be ready around 7:00 tonight-Harry texted back:)
Me and Haley watched
A Walk To Remember when we were finished it was about 5:00pm.
Hey I'm going to head home Macy. Haley said.
Ok. Wanna hang out Friday? I asked
Yeah sure. Just text me Friday .she said
Yeah ok. I said
She was walking out the door when she said
Have fun on your date with Harry!!!
I will I yelled back.

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