Forgive and forget is not for me!

When Macy and Haley are on there way to a
One Direction concert they bump into 2
Teenage guys named Harry Styles and
Louis Tomlinsin will they fall in love�� with each
Other or hate�� each other?


7. He can't be here..EVER!

When I came back she was sound asleep. I didn't want to wake her so I sat on the other couch.
I heard a knock on the door.i went to answer it. Hello? I said
"Who are you?" He asked. "I'm Macy's boyfriend." And may I ask you who you are?
"You must have gotten something wrong" he said but in an angry voice.
"No I'm not I'm her boyfriend and I love her soo much, so get lost dude" he stepped closer to me.
"Who do u think u are?" He asked."Me and Macy have something special that you will never have.
He said yelling. "Sure u do!" I told him


I heard two people yelling at eat other. Who must it be??
I walked over and I was scared to death when I saw who it is.
"There's my baby" Gabe says while walking towards me. " Get out NOW!!" I yell at him
"Baby your going to come back home with me." Gabe says
"NO IM NOT!! I HATE YOU" I say while stepping back a little bit
He takes ahold of my waist and is heading toward the door. "HARRY HELP ME!!!!"
I scream. Harry run towards me and punches Gabe in the face then the stomach ." GO TO YOUR ROOM MACY AND LOCK IT BABE." He tells me. I do what he says and run to my room.lock it and wait..


When I look back at the guy I see he's still on the ground I pull him out side and down the street and start to walk back but he runs after me and punches me in the stomach and I kick him in the stomach and punch him in the face again.
"Stay away from me and Macy or else you will feel sorry" I tell him
I walk back and go to Macy's room and see her crying on the ground.
"What's wrong Babe!!" I say while running over to sit next her.
"I.. I..." He says. " I won't ever let him touch you again or even look at you" I "tell her. I kiss her on the forehead." I love you sweetheart" I tell her.
"I love you too" she says. She leads in and kisses me. And she puts her head on my chest and cries some more. "I won't let anyone touch my Baby again" I think to myself.
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