Forgive and forget is not for me!

When Macy and Haley are on there way to a
One Direction concert they bump into 2
Teenage guys named Harry Styles and
Louis Tomlinsin will they fall in love�� with each
Other or hate�� each other?


3. Getting ready:)

I went up to get ready for my date with Harry tonight.I hoped into to shower and after I put my makeup on.i Wore a yellow floral dress with light pink flowers and a brown belt around the wast and a jean jacket.and to finish it of a pair on brown high heal shoes.


I was really exited that she said yes to going out with me.I really do like her. I wanna ask her if she would like to be my girl friend.......CRASH..BANG..I run into the kitchen an find Niall trying to reach the top of the pantry trying to get a rice crispy treat.Niall! I said
Yes Harry? Niall says.What in the heck do u think your doing?!?
I'm trying to get a rice crispy treat.and can I ask u what your doing? Niall says
BYEEE I say to him as I leave to go get ready. It was about 5:03 at the time so I put on my black jeans,clean white tee-shirt,black jacket,and converses.I put on my collon and waited untill it was about 6:45 to leave.I had a billion things going truth my head on the drive there.
Wait we're did she live?.harry I forgot to tell u my address: 4531 Wall Street.-Macy
Thanks love be there in 5.-Harry
When I got there I nocked on the door and she opened it. My mouth dropped,she was so beautiful
She got all blushing;).Have I ever told u how beautiful u are? I say
Well thanks.Have I ever told u how handsome you are? She says
Well thanks back to you!.

Macy's Pro

When I opened the door his mouth dropped I got all blushy:) we talked for a little bit.Shall we go Harry says. Yes we shall. I whisper into his ear.

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