22 Days

Eva Harris was just a normal nineteen year old from Miami Florida
That was until her mother shipped her off to London to stay with her grandmother for twenty two days
That was where she met none other than Louis Tomlinson
Can he show Eva the good in him and London before time runs out?
Or will he let her walk?
*Warning: Rated R*


5. Uninvited Visitors

Why was he calling me? I haven’t spoken to him in three years. The last time I saw him was my sweet sixteen. That night he fled. I sat on my bed frozen. I was just staring at the phone. Jane then burst through the door then stopped dead in her tracks.

“Eva? You ok?” She asked and I held up the phone.

“Is that d-dads number?” She stammered and I nodded.

“Jane I hate to kick you out but I really need to be alone.” I said and she nodded.

“Ok” She said and then left. I couldn’t believe he was calling me. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure if I should call him back or not. He called again and I denied the call. I felt the tears building up in my eyes and I blinked them away. Just then Louis walked in the room.

“You ok?” He asked sitting next to me.

“No” I said and he gave me a questioning look.

“M-my dad. He called me.” I stammered and he wrapped his arm around me pulling me closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder holding back tears.

“I don’t know why he is even calling me. I haven’t spoken to him in three years” I said and buried my head in Louis’s chest and started to cry. He kissed the top of my head and held me closer. Before he could say anything my phone rang again. I sat up and wiped my tears away. I reached for my phone and answered it.

“Hello” I said and I saw Louis giving me a “what the fuck are you doing look” I just ignored it.

“Eva.” My dad said.

“I haven’t spoken to you in forever” He said before letting me speak.

“Three years” I reminded him.

“Right. About that I saw you on a magazine with some boy in London and well I was wondering if you wanted to see me. I just recently moved here about a year ago” My eyes widened.

“See you. Why would I want to see you? You left us. You left me” I said and hung up. I wrapped my arms around Louis’s neck and started to cry.

“What did he say” He asked trying to calm me down.

“He wants to see me. He saw pictures of me and you from a few days ago and saw that I was in London. Apparently he is too.” I sighed trying to calm down.

“I’m sorry babe” He said kissing my forehead.

“Thanks but you really don’t have anything to be sorry for” I chuckled and he laughed.

“There’s my underwear!” He yelled reaching for the boxers that where on my bed. I laughed and reached for the remote to turn on the TV. Me and Louis sat and watched TV for about three hours. I think at one point I ended up falling asleep.

“You want to do something?” I asked sitting up.

“Want to go for dinner?” He suggested and my eyes widened.

“We have been in here for that long?!” I exclaimed and he nodded.

“Ok we need to get out of this room” I said getting out of bed and pulling Louis up. He laughed and opened the door. We walked out and didn’t see anybody in the house. I gave Louis a questioning look and he shrugged. I pulled out my phone and saw a text.

From Jane

Went out with grandma around London. Wanted to see stuff.

I quickly replied to her.

Ok going out with Louis. Tell grandma I will be home later.

“Ready?” He asked and I nodded.

“Where are we going?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Somewhere” He responded and I chuckled. We ended up going to that Nando’s place Niall loved.

“I have to say the food in London is pretty good” I said after we finished.

“The food isn’t good in Miami?” He asked and I shrugged.

“It depends. Sometimes it can be really good and sometimes he can be absolutely disgusting.” I said and he laughed. After we finished eating we went to a pub and well that was my mistake. Let’s just say I got a tad bit drunk. Ok not a tad. I was full on wasted. It was about twelve in the morning and me and Louis where just making our way back to the apartment building.

“Remind me not to let you drink.” Louis said as he was literally holding me up so I wouldn’t fall. I giggled and lost my balance. Thank god Louis was there or else I would of literally fallen into the street.

“Oops” I said as Louis pulled me back up. He laughed and we continued walking. By the time we where in the elevator my legs where around his waist and I was kissing his neck. He went to open the door to my apartment but stopped.

“What if someone is up?” He asked.

“No one will be up” I said and crashed my lips onto his. He opened the door and his ands began to go up my shirt. All of the sudden I heard a voice.

“Eva?” The man asked and Louis basically dropped me. Thanks. I turned around to see my father standing there.

“Dad” I said and when Louis heard me he pulled me closer.

“Eva what the hell are you doing?” He asked obviously mad he just got me in a full on heated make out session. Also not to mention I was beyond wasted.

“Are you drunk?” He asked sounding even more mad.

“What am I doing here? What the hell are you doing here!? I told you I didn’t want to see you! How did you even get in here?!” I yelled ready to punch him.

“Your grandma let me in” He said simply and my mouth dropped.

“What! That bitch!” I yelled about to go into her room but Louis held me back.

“Trust me. You do not want to start a fight when you’re drunk” He said and I calmed down.

“Eva please let me speak” He begged but I didn’t care.

“No! You don’t get to just come here and try to redeem yourself. You left me. You left Jane. You left mom. For some dumb broad!” I screamed. At this point I had tears pouring from my eyes but I didn’t care. He tried to speak but I stopped him.

“Do you even care!? You know how hard it was for me! For everyone! Mom had to work two shifts just to take care of us! I had to start teaching dance at the studio! Because of you! All because of you! You know how hard it is for me to even trust someone!? No you don’t! You where to busy with some other girl who was just using you! Just leave dad! Please!” I screamed before collapsing into Louis’s arms and balling my eyes out. He held me close trying to calm me down but it didn’t work. I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder.

“Eva I” I cut him off.

“Don’t touch me!” I said and turned around and slapped him.

“Leave! Now!” I yelled pointing at the door. He looked at me and opened his mouth to speak but he walked past me and left. I walked over to the couch and started to cry in my hands. I felt Louis’s arm wrap around my shoulder and I rested my head on his shoulders.

“Do you want me to stay” He asked and I shook my head and sat up.

“No. I need to talk to Jane. I will see you tomorrow” I said and he kissed my forehead and nodded.

“Ok. Just a warning, be prepared for your massive hangover” He said and I chuckled.

“Will do” I said. He smiled and closed the door. I sighed and got off the couch and walked into my room to see Jane watching TV.

“You ok?” She asked when she saw me. I shook my head.

“No. I can’t believe that bitch let him in.” I said and climbed into bed next to her.

“I kept telling her it was a bad idea but she thought it would be good.” She said and I rolled my eyes.

“I hit him” I said with a smile. Jane’s eyes widened.

“Go Eva!” She said and I laughed.

“You think he will come back?” She asked and I shrugged.

“I honestly don’t know. If he does I swear I am going to kill him.” I said and she laughed. I got up to go to the bathroom and stumbled a few times.

“Are you drunk?” Jane asked as I made my way back to the bed slowly considering if I didn’t I would probably break my ankle.

“Very” I said and laid back down in bed. She laughed and turned on her side to go to sleep. Just as I was about to close my eyes she squealed I turned over and found her holding Louis’s boxers. Oh god.

“Can I keep these?” She asked and my eyes widened.

“No!” I yelled taking them from her and throwing them on the floor.

“Come on! You got to take them off! You can at least let me keep them!” She begged. Oh my god my sister was a freak.

“Go to sleep!” I yelled and turned over. She sighed and I rolled my eyes. I kept thinking about my father. I couldn’t believe what I said to him. Even though it was true I never thought in a million years I would actually hit my father. I decided to stop thinking about it and I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up with a pounding headache. I looked at the clock and saw it was twelve thirty. I sighed and covered my head with the blanket. I was not getting out of bed today. All of the sudden someone came bursting through the door and sat down right next to me.

“You’re still sleeping!?” Louis yelled knowing I would have a headache.

“Go awaaay” I whined and he laughed.

“It’s not funny. My head is pounding” I complained.

“I warned you about the hangover” He said pulling the blanket off my head. I tried to hold the blanket down but he was too strong.

“I hate you” I said as he successfully pulled the blanket from me.

“Well hello to you too.” He said and I couldn’t help but laugh. My mistake even laughing hurt my head.

“Ow my head” I said rubbing my temples. Louis began to laugh and I slapped his chest.

“Stop laughing.” I said. I hated hangovers. Then again who didn’t? Louis didn’t hear me he was reading something on his phone.

“I have to go. I have an interview. I will see you later.” He said and I nodded. Once he was gone I decided to get something to eat. I walked out and saw Jane and my grandma sitting on the couch. It was obvious Jane was mad at her but she didn’t realize it.

“Hi dear. Have a goodnight?” She asked and I just ignored her. It was like she was trying to get me to talk about my father.

“Eva answer me.” She said sternly.

“Why so you can talk to me about my father?” I spat at her.

“I talked to him this morning. Care to explain why you smacked your own father?” She asked and my mouth dropped. Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously she can’t be defending him.

“Does he care to explain why he left for three years and just know tries to talk to me!” I yelled completely ignoring my headache.

“Well I’ve invited him over and he will be here soon.” She said and Jane’s eyes widened.

“Grandma! Why would you do that!?” She yelled not wanting to see him either.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” I yelled and she started to get angry.

“I just want you girls to see your father!” She yelled. I looked at Jane and gave her a “Is she fucking kidding me look”

“We don’t want to see him!” We yelled at the same time.

“Do you realize what he did to me!” I yelled.

“Well know he is trying to redeem himself.” She said and before I could say anything there was a knock on the door. I prayed it was Louis. But instead it was my father standing there with a sorry look on his face. I clenched my fist at the sight of him.

“Hi girls” He said and Jane ignored him. I on the other hand am not know for keeping my mouth shut.

“Why are you here?” I asked and my grandma glared at me. I ignored her and looked at my father again.

“I want to make it better. Just because I left your mother doesn’t mean I left you.” He said sitting next to me. I got up and sat next to Jane.

“Bullshit. If you just left mom I would have seen you in the past three years! You being here isn’t going to help anything!” I yelled. Then Jane chimed in.

“You picked her.” She said and then I remembered her. I hated her. She was the reason my parents got divorced. She was about six years older than me. I wanted to punch her anytime I thought of her.

“Yes what happened to her?” I asked sarcastically sounding interested.

“She lives with me in London. She really wants to meet you two. She is into that band you like Jane. She likes the Lewis guy.” I smirked. Well I know how to make this bitch jealous.

“Louis” Jane corrected him. She saw the smirk on my face and realized what I was thinking.

“Actually she is coming over for dinner” He said and my jaw dropped.

“Do you want me to slap you again!?” I screamed and Jane snickered.

“Now I know you don’t like her but you don’t even know her.” He said in his defense and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You expect me to like the girl that tore you away from Mom?! Not to mention she is only six years older than me!” I screamed.

“That means it would be easier for you two to get along” He said happily. I was about to get off the couch and punch him in the face but Jane stopped me.

“Look Eva what you said to me last night. I don’t think you meant everything you said. I mean it was obvious you trusted that guy. You were letting him do things to you that definitely showed trust.” He said and my mouth dropped.

“How dare you! How dare you try and turn this around on me! I meant everything I said last night. Everything! I screamed before getting up and walking to my room.

“Eva sit.” My grandma ordered. I ignored her.

“Sit or he’s not going to be welcome to step foot in this home!” She yelled. I stopped and turned around sitting back down next to Jane. I took out my phone and sent Louis a text of everything that happened and how I needed him to come over when he was done with the interview to make my father’s girlfriend jealous.

“Eva can you put the phone down?” My father asked.

“Why so you can try and make up for what you did and not realize you will never have my respect!” I spat.

“Why did you leave?” I asked.

“I was bored with your mother. I wanted something new and exciting. I regret leaving you girls but I don’t regret leaving your mother.” He said and I wanted to kill him.

“Fuck you” Me and Jane both said before walking into our room.

“I can’t believe him!” I yelled almost wanting him to hear me.

“I know. I never thought one man can be so terrible!” She yelled and I nodded agreeing with her. We sat in our room for about three hours. I then heard a knock on the door and I again was praying it was Louis. Instead it was my father. Lucky me.

“Julia is here. Please come out.” He said I rolled my eyes pushing past him to find a perky blonde who looked only two years older than me. I ignored her and sat down on the couch next to Jane.

“You must be Eva?” She asked and I nodded.

“So this is Jane?” She asked and Jane gave a simple nod as well.

“So Jane you like One Direction.” She said and Jane nodded. This went on for about an hour until I heard a knock at the door. I swear if this wasn’t Louis I was going to murder Julia. She was so annoying. I opened the door and saw Louis standing there. I sighed in relief.

“Oh thank god” I said wrapping my arms around him.

“I swear this is hell Louis” I whispered in his ear and he started to laugh. We walked over to the couches and Julia’s mouth dropped.

“You’re Louis Tomlinson!” She said and Louis shrugged.

“That’s me.” He said and sat down next to me wrapping his arm around me. I could see the jealousy in her eyes and I loved every minute of it.

“So girls I was thinking that you should move in with me and Julia so we can get to know each other a bit better.” My father suggested. Louis sensed I was ready to do something I would regret so he held me tighter.

“Are you kidding me? Why would I ever want to live with you and sluts r us over here?” I said pointing to Julia. Louis snickered and so did Jane.

“Hey at least know one ran out on me.” She spat and I was fucking done. I got up walked to the kitchen and took the pie my grandma bought for tonight and walked back into the living room and smashed it on her face.

“Bitch” I spat before sitting back down. Louis and Jane where red in the face trying not to laugh and even grandma snickered a little bit.

“You know you have nothing on me. You can’t do anything that will get to me.” She spat. I smirked. Jane already knew what I was going to do and she couldn’t help but smile as well.

“I can do this.” I said before crashing my lips onto Louis’s. He was shocked at first but then kissed back. I slowly pulled away to find her giving me a jealous stare.

“Did that get to you?” I asked before wiping a piece of pie off her face tasting it and walking in my room. Louis came in about a second after. Before I could say anything he crashed his lips onto mine.

“You can NOT just kiss me like that and pull away.” He whispered in my ear and I chuckled pressing my lips against his. All of the sudden Jane came through the door and me and Louis quickly broke apart.

“Sorry to interrupt but dad wants to see you” Jane said and I rolled my eyes.

“Fine. One more thing is she mad?” I asked and Jane nodded.

“Oh yea.” She replied. I smirked and walked out into the living room with Louis behind me. As soon as my father saw me he got off the couch and walked up to me.

“You had no right to do that!” He yelled.

“You had no right to leave!” I spat feeling the tears in my eyes.

“I had every right to leave! I am a grown man and I will do whatever I want!” He yelled. I couldn’t believe he just said that.

“You had every right to just leave your kids. To leave your whole life behind for a dumb little bitch that only wants you for your money! You know what you did to me. I cut myself after you left! Because of you!” I screamed and stormed into my room. I couldn’t believe I just said that. No one knew about that. Not even Loren who I tell everything to. About a second later Louis came in and I collapsed on him. I just started to cry. Everyone could probably hear me but I didn’t care.

“How could he say that?!” I screamed sitting down on the bed. Louis sat down next to me and pulled me closer to him.

“Do you still” I cut him off.

“No. I stopped about two and a half years ago.” I said resting my head on his shoulder. All of the sudden my father came bursting in my room. Didn’t he already do enough.

“Eva. I didn’t know.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“Of course you didn’t know! You were too busy running off to London with her!” I said and I let the tears fall freely.

“Eva I want to make it up to you. Which is why me and Julia are going to stay here for a few days. Your grandma has a room attached to her bedroom and we will be staying in there.” He said and my jaw dropped.

“No! You are just making it worse! For me and Jane both!” I screamed and Julia came up behind my father.

“Look I have a headache from all your screaming do you mind keeping it down” She spat. That was it. I got up and slapped her across the face.

“Ow!”She yelled and went to go pull my hair but instead I yanked hers and was about to hit her again but Louis pulled me off of her.

“Eva!” My father screamed.

“You’re going to let her talk to me like that!” I yelled.

“I never said I was but you can’t just hit her Eva!” He screamed. I rolled my eyes.

“I’m calling mom” I said and reached for my phone but my father snatched it out of my hand.

“No you’re not! If your mother finds out she will have a restraining order against me and I can’t have that. Please Eva.” He begged. I rolled my eyes.

“Fine. Just leave me alone and give me my phone back.” I demanded. He gave me my phone back and I closed the door in his face.

“Still going to call her” Louis said and I shrugged.

“Debating it” I said and he laughed.

“You know we could do something else” He said wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck softly. I bit my lip then turned around and pressed my lips against his. He lifted me up and pinned me against the wall. I quickly took off his shirt and started to kiss his neck. His hands where going slowly up my legs and I moaned not caring how loud I was. Just then Julia burst through the door.

“Oops didn’t mean to interrupt anything just getting a towel” She said walking towards my bathroom. I glared at her and she smirked.

“Wait till your father hears about this one.” She said and I rolled my eyes

“Come up with better threats” I spat. She rolled her eyes and left. As soon as she did I crashed my lips onto Louis. Next thing I knew me and Louis where naked in my bed.

“Louis!” I moaned as he slowly kissed my neck. I started to kiss his collar bone passionately and he groaned. He started to thrust slowly and my mouth opened but nothing came out.

“More Lou” I whispered in his ear and he kissed me harder gripping my thighs. I moaned loudly. I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t. I wrapped my legs around him pulling him closer to me.

“Eva” He groaned and I pressed my lips against his not letting him finish his sentence. I held on the headboard and bit my lip. He kissed my neck and I lost it.

“Fuck Louis!” I yelled and we both came at the same time. He then slowly pulled away and laid next to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and before I knew it I was out cold.

I woke up and saw Louis was still sleeping. I got up carefully not wanting to wake him. I put on some shorts and a tank top before walking out into the living room. I saw my father, grandma, and Julia sitting on the couch watching TV. I walked in the kitchen and saw Jane looking in the fridge and when she saw me she smirked.

“Everyone heard you last night” She said laughing.

“Good. Maybe she will get sick of it and leave” I said and she nodded her head in agreement. I walked back into my room to find Louis dressed and looking at his phone.

“Shit. I have to go. I need to be at the recording studio in about ten minutes and its twenty minutes away.” He said and I laughed.

“Nice job Tomlinson. I will see you later” I chuckled before he closed the door. Jane came bursting through the door.

“Move Liam is doing a twitcam!” She yelled. She logged on to twitter and clicked the link. He was talking about random stuff and about a minute later Louis came through the door.

“Liam we have to go to the recording studio. The lads are waiting for us.” He said.

“Oh yea. Sorry guys I have to go!” He said before ending the twitcam.

“No!” Jane said putting her head in her hands. I laughed at her. She then began to blast their music. Oh god help me. I couldn’t even go out into the living room considering she was out there.

“Please turn this off. I can’t listen to this again.” I begged. She rolled her eyes and shut it off.

“Thank god” I said lying down on the bed.

“I don’t get how you aren’t a fan. I mean seriously they are perfect!” She said and I rolled my eyes.

“Ok.” I said and she went to say something else but there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to see my father.

“We are going out to lunch you need to get dressed.” He demanded.

“I don’t want to” I said and tried to close the door but he stopped me.

“You’re going.” He said and walked away. I slammed the door and got dressed. All I wanted to do right now was go home. A part of me wished I never went to London. Then I thought about Louis. When I thought of him a part of me just wanted to stay in London and never have to leave him. Neither of these things can happen.

I walked out to find Julia in the sluttiest outfit in the world. I couldn’t help but laugh at her when she walked by. She glared at me then whispered something in my ear.

“You know you should really be quieter in bed.” She said with a snicker.

“At least I have someone that can make me scream” I said and her face dropped. I smirked at her and she just walked away. Apparently my grandma wanted me and Jane to get to know Julia more so she decided not to go.

We went to some restaurant that was about twenty minutes away from our apartment. The car ride over was pure hell. It was dead silent except for the radio playing. When we arrived at the restaurant we sat down in a booth and I was sitting right across from Julia. Great. It was obvious she was trying to get me annoyed. She literally couldn’t keep her hands off of my father. I really didn’t see why she thought it would get me annoyed. I did find satisfactory considering I could annoy her just by touching Louis.

“So Eva, do you still dance.” He asked breaking the silence.

“Yea I started to teach considering we needed the money.” I said stabbing my salad with my fork and putting into my mouth. My father gulped and opened his mouth to say something but my phone began to ring. I reached for it from my bag and saw it was Louis calling me.

“Hello” I said looking at my father who looked angry.

“Hey. I finished at the studio. Want to go do something?” He asked and I was about to say yes than I realized I was stuck having to eat lunch with two people I hated.

“I can’t. I am out to lunch.” I sighed.

“With your” I cut him off.

“Yup” I said and he sighed.

“How is it?” He asked.

“Hell.” I said simply and he laughed.

“Anything I can do?” He asked

“Save me.” I said and Jane started to laugh.

“Maybe later I can do something else” He suggested and I bit my lip.

“Oh yea like what?” I asked and I saw Julia glare at me and my father eyes widen.

“You will find out later tonight” He said and I smiled.

“Ok. I have to go. I will see you later.” I said.

“Ok hope you have fun in your hell” He said and I laughed before hanging up.

“Who was that?” My father asked.

“Louis.” I said staring at Julia who didn’t look too pleased. My father didn’t answer he just nodded. After we finished eating Julia decided it would be a good idea it start a full make out session with my father in the restaurant. Jane and I decided to take this opportunity to run away from them.

“You think they will notice we are gone?” She asked.

“Once they pull away from each other I am sure they will figure it out.” I said and she started to laugh.

“Should we go back to the apartment?” She asked and I shook my head.

“No let’s do something entertaining for once.” I said and she nodded. We walked for a little while until we saw an arcade.

“Do you want to go in?” She asked and I nodded. We went inside and I saw it was mostly games that involved shooting. Then I saw the Dance Dance revolution game. I loved that game. I was one of the only people that could actually play it.

“Want to play?” I asked Jane.

“Hell no! You will beat my ass in that game” She said and I laughed

“Ok fine.” I sighed. We walked around the arcade for a little bit but we ended up getting bored.

“I want to go home” She whined.

“I will call you a cab. I am going to walk around a little longer.” I said and she nodded. After she left I walked around a little and stopped for a cup of coffee. I went to walk out of the coffee shop and I saw my father and Julia walking around. They didn’t go home yet? Jesus. I slowly walked out the door and turned down an alleyway. I kept looking back to see if they saw me. I was walking further down the alleyway when I bumped into someone. I almost fell over put the person caught me. I looked up and saw Louis.

“Well hello” He said and I laughed.

“Hi” I said as he let go of me and took my hand.

“Where is your dad?” he asked.

“Well Jane and I made a run for it when they were distracted. Jane decided to go home and they are now around the corner.” I said and he laughed.

“I am guessing that’s why you came down the alley.” He said and I nodded.

“And why where you in the alley?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Just the occasional crazed fan.” He said and I laughed. We walked for a little while and when we turned a corner we saw Julia sucking my father’s face.

“Ew” Me and Louis both said in sync. I laughed and then Julia pulled away.

“Did you hear that?” She asked my father and me and Louis’s eyes widened. She started to look around and Louis quickly pulled me away from her view. We heard the sound of her heals coming closer and Louis grabbed my hand and started running.

“Can you run any slower!?” He exclaimed.

“Heels Lou” I said and he rolled his eyes. We got away from my father successfully without him seeing us.

“What do you want to do now” He asked and I shrugged.

“You know you can take me up on my offer a little early” He said pulling me closer to him.

“Sorry have to wait a week.” I said before I planted a kiss on his lips.

“Ugh. Periods are such cock blocks.” He whined and I laughed.

“They aren’t too fun for me either.” I said and he chuckled.

“So can we do other stuff?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Save it.” I said and he sighed.

“Can we do anything?” He whined.

“Possibly” I said biting my lip. He smirked and pressed his lips to mine. I heard my phone go off and I pulled away. Louis pouted and I laughed. I looked at my phone and saw Jane texted me.

From Jane:

Eva where are you? Dad is pisst at us. I can’t even yell at him because he is just talking. Come home NOW.

I sighed and turned to Louis.

“Jane needs me.” I said and he nodded.

“I will see you later” He said and I nodded before walking home. I walked in the door and my father automatically jumped down my throat.

“Where were you?!” He yelled.

“Funny I was thinking that for about three years.” I spat and walked past him.

“Eva come back here. I am your father and you need to have respect for me!” He yelled and I turned around.

“No you’re not! You used to be! Now you are just a dick who thinks he can come back and make it all better between us but you can’t! Why can’t you see that! By the way the worst thing you could do was bring that bitch! Just leave me alone!” I screamed and my father had no words. But Julia did.

“That is enough! I am not letting you talk to me like that anymore! The only bitch is you!” She spat.

“I am not the one only with someone for money! Seriously I can see right through you. You are a disgusting little tramp who broke up a family. How do you feel about that?” I spat and her face turned red with anger. She didn’t say anything all she did was slap me across the face.

“That’s for what you did to me!” She spat and began to walk away. I stopped her by yanking her hair and pulling it so hard she fell down. My grandma and Jane began to laugh and my father rushed towards her.

“Bitch” I spat before storming into my room. I sat on my bed and watched TV for about an hour. I grabbed my computer and logged into my Skype to see if Loren was on. I needed to talk to her. When I went on Skype no one was one. Where the hell was she? My thoughts where distracted when my phone went off.

From Louis:

Me and the lads are going to a club tonight. Want to go?

I quickly replied.

Yea just text me when you are at the door. Let’s just say my dad is not too happy right now.

I sent the message and went to get ready. I didn’t pack many dresses that where suitable to a club considering I didn’t think I would be going to a club. I found a black dress and put on a plain pair of black heels. By the time I got ready Louis had already texted me that he was in the Lobby. I walked out of my room to find everyone except for Jane who had been in my grandma’s room sitting on the couch. I completely ignored them and made my way to the door.

“Where are you going?” My dad asked sternly.

“Out” I said and closed the door. I walked down to the lobby to find Louis waiting by the door.

“Damn” He said and pulled me closer to him.

“Thanks.” I said and he whispered in my ear.

“You know that dress would look a lot better on my bedroom floor” He whispered and I bit my lip.

“Sorry.” I said and turned away walking out the door.

“Tease.” He mumbled to himself and I shot him a look. We got to the club and I saw the boys sitting at the bar. Niall was stuffing his face with a few different things. Harry and Zayn where having a drunk conversation and Louis had just walked over to them to settle their argument. Then Liam sat there on his phone. I walked over to him and sat next to him.

“Hey” I said and he looked up from his phone.

“Oh hey. Sorry I didn’t see you” He said and I shrugged.

“It’s fine I just sat down.” I said and he nodded. The bartender came over to me and I ordered a beer. I didn’t really like all the fruity cocktails. I didn’t drink much and when I did I would usually just have a beer.

“Do you want anything” I asked and he shook his head.

“ I don’t drink” He said and I went to say something but I heard a loud crash.

“Zayn!” Niall yelled and I realized his plate of food know on the floor. I started to laugh and so did Liam.

“Now them on the other hand” Liam said and I started to laugh. I turned my attention to someone who had just walked into the club. Was that Loren? She then turned around. Oh my god it is!

“Liam I will be right back.” I said and he nodded still chuckling from what was going on next to him. I walked closer to her and screamed her name.

“Loren!” I squealed and she turned around and her mouth dropped.

“Eva!” She yelled pulling me into a hug.

“I missed you!” She squealed.

“I missed you too! What are you doing here?” I asked.

“My father had to come out here to look at something for his job so I decided to come!” She said and then started looking around the room.

“Harry is at the bar” I said and she turned red.

“Thanks. We are talking later” She said and then went to go see Harry. I spent the rest of the night talking with the boys and Loren. I have to say a drunken Zayn was a lot more fun than a sober Zayn. About an hour after Loren went to go see Harry I pulled her away. I told her about everything with my father and Julia.

“Wow. She sounds like a total bitch!” She screamed and I nodded.

“She is.” I said and Loren laughed.

“How long are they staying for?” She asked and I shrugged.

“No idea” I said then I heard Louis calling me. I rolled my eyes.

“I will see you later” I said sounding annoyed and she laughed. I walked over to Louis who was standing near the bathrooms.

“Yes” I said and he crashed his lips onto mine. He was wasted. I could taste the alcohol. He started to kiss my neck.

“You’re drunk Lou” I reminded him and he stopped.

“Sorry” He said and I laughed. Before he could say anything else Harry came over.

“Louis. I need a condom” He said and Louis shrugged.

“Don’t have one” He said and Harry then turned to me.

“Why the hell would I carry condoms?” I asked and he started to laugh.

“Go ask Zayn” Louis suggested and I nodded in agreement.

“I already did. Liam doesn’t have any either. Fuck” He said facepalming himself.

“Just go get a some” Louis said and Harry nodded.

“Oh yea. Well bye” He said walking away. I started to yawn and Louis wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Want me to take you home?” He asked and I nodded. We said goodbye to the boys except for Loren and Harry they were off doing something I didn’t need to know about.

“Lou be careful” I said as Louis started stumbling all over London. I had to keep dragging him behind me considering he didn’t know how to get home.

“Sorry.” He said and started to kiss my neck. I resisted all my urges to just jump on him.

“Lou.” I said but he cut me off.

“Come on” He whispered in my ear and I bit my lip. I couldn’t take it anymore I turned around and pressed my lips to his. Before I could do anything else we heard someone scream.

“It’s Louis!” A fan said. Louis automatically sobered up and pulled me into an alley way. We heard the fan coming closer and Louis took me and started to run down all these different alleys until we saw the apartment building.

“Hurry” He said taking my hand and pulling me around back and walking in the back door.

“That was close.” He panted.

“Well now I know what to do when you’re wasted.” I said and he laughed. We got into the elevator and I gave him one last kiss before leaving him to go up to his apartment. I walked in the door and saw Julia sitting on the couch eyeing me.

“We need to talk.”


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