22 Days

Eva Harris was just a normal nineteen year old from Miami Florida
That was until her mother shipped her off to London to stay with her grandmother for twenty two days
That was where she met none other than Louis Tomlinson
Can he show Eva the good in him and London before time runs out?
Or will he let her walk?
*Warning: Rated R*


3. Let the war begin...

I walked into my room and cried. I couldn’t believe my grandma had brought up my father. She knew it was a touchy subject for me. I hated it when people brought up my father. All I could think about was him the day before he left. I hugged the bear he had gotten for me and lightly sobbed. Then I remembered Louis. The way he held me. He was just so nice to me. Even though I was crying on him like an idiot. Maybe he was right. Maybe he wasn’t full of himself. I might actually be wrong. Ok that’s impossible. Eva Harris is never wrong. My thoughts got distracted when there was a knock on my door. I got out of my bed and slowly opened the door to see my grandma standing there with a sorry look on her face.

“Dear I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to compare you to him.” She said and pulled me into a hug.

“It’s ok Grandma” Her face lit up and a smile went on her face.

“I’m going to go to bed. I will see you in the morning.” I nodded and closed my door. I decided to call Jane not even caring if she was sleeping. Honestly it surprised me how close I was to my sister. She acted more like she was sixteen then thirteen and was probably more mature than me. If she didn’t I think I would be a mess by now. I quickly dialed her number.

“They all followed me and you!” She squealed as she answered the phone.

“Jane honestly I could care less right now.” I said flat out and I could basically see her face drop

“What’s wrong?” I sighed and began

“Grandma. I got back from Louis’s around ten thirty and she got all mad because I came home late. Then Jane she compared me to dad. Dad!” I was holding back tears. Jane didn’t say.

“That bitch.” She finally managed. I shook my head in agreement not realizing that she couldn’t see me.

“Eva you are nothing like dad. Don’t worry.” She said reasurringly.

“Thanks” I said and smiled.

“Wait Eva hears mom” Shit. No. Jane why are you sometimes smarter than me and then in two minutes you become a brainless goat. Goat? I need sleep.

“Eva! How are you!” My mom asked sounding pretty happy and energized when it is five in the morning there.

“Good Mom.” I then heard Jane squeal in the background. Oh god.

“So did you meet anybody yet?” My mom asked and I could see the smirk on her face.

“Jane told you?” I asked rolling my eyes.

“She hasn’t stopped talking about how she talked to them and how you spent the whole day with the Lewis guy.” I started to laugh. My mom was about to get a shit load from Jane.

“Mom its Louis! I tell you this every time!” I heard Jane in the background. I laughed again.

“Mom I have to go. I had a long day. I will talk to you later, tell Jane I said night.” I said yawning.

“Night dear.” She said before hanging up. I was in a much better mood. Talking to my mom definitely lifted my spirits. I decided I should go to sleep not knowing what Louis had planned for me tomorrow.

I woke up around eight thirty. I stayed in my room not really wanting to see my grandma. I pulled out my laptop and checked my twitter. Damn I had at least twenty thousand more followers. How did they even know the boys followed me? Jane. She had to of tweeted. I went on her twitter and saw it.


The boys followed me! They actually followed me! Thanks @Eva_Harris.

That bitch. Ok it is obvious that my sister does not realize I do not like or need attention from billions of crazed fans that know everything about them. One day I am going to end up killing my sister. I had been on the computer for about two hours and didn’t realize I needed to get ready. I jumped in the shower and then quickly got changed. I remembered to put on flats not knowing where Louis was going to drag me around today.

I walked out of my room dreading it. I had to eat though. My grandma just looked at me. I took a piece a paper and wrote down my cell phone number on it so at least my grandma could call me if she needed me.

“What’s this?” She asked as I handed her the paper.

“It’s my cell number. That way you can call me if you need to.” I said trying to smile. She smiled and pulled me into a hug.

“Thank you” She said as she let go of me. I nodded and walked back into the kitchen. We didn’t have much just eggs or fruit. I didn’t feel like cooking so I just took an orange. I sighed. I need to find a food market or something. I went back to my room to find out Jane was calling me on Skype. Oh god.

“Hello” I answered and I immediately saw the smile on her face.

“I got one direction tickets!” She squealed. I rolled my eyes.

“Is that why you called?” I said sounding a little annoyed.

“It’s in London! Which means I am flying down in a few days!” She squealed and I smile formed on my face.

“When are you coming?” I asked and she started to get a little nervous

“Well you see I will be there uh tonight.” My eyes widened.

“I am leaving in about ten minutes. Grandma knows though.” I have to pick my sister up tonight at the airport. Tonight! I am going to kill her.

“I am going to kill you.” I said and ended the video chat. I sighed and went out to talk to grandma.

“Jane is coming!?” I asked not realizing I was yelling.

“Oh yea sorry I didn’t tell you she wanted it to be a surprise.” My mouth dropped. Really a surprise. It would have been nice to have some sort of warning. Considering I was the one who had to pick her up. Before I could say anything there was a knock on the door.

“I will see you later” I sighed and opened the door.

“Hi” I said when I saw him standing there reading an email on his phone.

“Hey sorry about that Simon just emailed me.” He said closing the door.

“Apparently we have a concert in a few days” I nodded.

“I know my sister got tickets. In fact she’s flying in tonight” I said sarcastically sounding happy.

He laughed. “So I finally get to meet her then?”

My eyes widened. “You actually want to meet her. She will tear you apart.”

He laughed and shrugged. “ Want to go back to my place. We still have that candy we didn’t eat” He said raising an eyebrow. I nodded and we made our way to the elevator.

We got to his apartment or “flat” as he calls it and the boys where gone. I made my way to the couch and he took about the bag of candy and dropped it on the table in front of us.

“Holy shit Louis. What the hell did you buy?” I asked as I took the bag or sack of candy and looked inside.

“It’s my weakness.” He shrugged and I laughed taking a chocolate out of the bag. I’m just glad he wasn’t talking about what happened last night.

“So about last night” Oh my god I think I might just have the worst timing in the world. Fuck my life.

“Yea?” I gulped. I knew I had to tell him.

“What happened?” He said trying not to sound too demanding.

“My grandma um compared my father” I said and he looked confused.

“Why is that bad?” He asked moving closer.

“My dad uh he… left. When I was sixteen he walked out on me my mom and my sister so that has always been a touchy subject.” I said feeling tears running down my face.

“It’s ok.” He said before pulling me into a hug. I couldn’t help but collapse into his arms and start to cry. I felt so safe around him. Like I could tell him anything.

“You want to watch a movie or something?” He asked wiping the tears from my eyes. I nodded and he sat up to get a movie. He came back holding up Nightmare on Elm Street. Great.

“Really. Horror” I said raising an eyebrow. He smirked.

“You will be too damn scared to think about your dad.” I pointed out and I nodded.

“Warning I will most definitely scream” I said and he laughed.

“Baby” I heard him mumble. I took a pillow off the couch and threw it at his head.

“Ow!” He yelled throwing the pillow back at me. Sadly he has terrible aim and knocked over the bag of candy I had sitting next to me.

“Nice move Tomlinson.” I snickered and bent down to pick up the ten pounds of candy that was now all over the floor. I managed to pick up most of the pieces and put them back in the bag before the movie started. I was nervous to see this movie considering I have never seen it before and I have never seen what Freddy Krueger looked like either. Let’s just say I was more than a little scared of any horror movie.

“What the fuck is that!” I screamed when I got my first glance of Freddy. I heard Louis laughing and I slapped him across the chest.

“It’s not funny!” I yelled and he just continued to laugh. I rolled my eyes and went back to the movie well tried to at least. I ended up spending the rest of the movie with my head buried in Louis’s chest. Damn him for making me watch this. I then checked my phone. Shit I had to pick up Jane.

“I have to go” I said jumping out of Louis’s grasp.

“I will try and see you later.” I said and he nodded.

“Bring Jane.” I turned my head before closing the door.

“Yeah. Ok” I chuckled and closed the door.

Jane would kill me if I didn’t get to the airport on time. I went and grabbed grandmas car keys from the apartment then going to the car. I got there just in time. I headed to the gate considering she is only thirteen. I then saw her wearing shorts. Oh Jane. Be prepared to get frostbite.

“Eva!” She squealed running towards me and pulling me into a hug.

“I missed you!” I exclaimed as she let go of me. Before she said anything she started to smell me. What the fuck.

“You smell like cologne… Oh my god! It’s Louis’s!” She said pointing a finger at me.

“Shhh! Yes it’s Louis’s. But nothing happened we were watching a movie that’s all.” I said in a whisper. She squealed and we made our way to get her bags.

Luckily she only had one suitcase. I wouldn’t of been able to handle three again. We walked outside and I kept looking at Jane. I needed to see the reaction on her face once the cold hit her. Her mouth dropped.

“Holy shit! It’s freezing!” She yelled and I burst into laughter.

“Not as hot as Miami huh Janie?” I asked sarcastically and she shot me a glare. I chuckled and put her bag in the trunk.

“I can’t believe I am going to be living under the same roof as them!” She squealed. I rolled my eyes.

“So how was the flight” I asked quickly trying to change the subject.

She groaned. “Ugh Eva it was terrible and long. The worst part was that it was bumpy.”

“That sucks.” I said. Ok so maybe I am not the most up lifting person.

“It doesn’t even matter because I am going to see One Direction!!” She squealed again.

“So tell me did you and Louis kiss?” I nearly crashed the car.

“What!? No! We are just friends!” I said defensive

“Ok. Ok. I don’t get how you don’t pounce on him though!” She screamed and I rolled my eyes.

“I have dignity and I am not obsessed with him.” I stated and she just shrugged.

“Are we going to see them when we get to grandmas?” She asked hoping she knew the answer.

I shrugged. “Maybe. I honestly don’t know.” We then pulled into the parking garage of the apartment building.

“We better” Jane demanded. I chuckled and took the suitcase out of the trunk. When we walked closer to the building we saw a crowd of directioners surrounding the place. I decided to just take Jane around back. I don’t want to risk Jane talking to a directioner for an hour while I just stand there. I was praying that the boys weren’t in the lobby. I walked in the doors and relief filled me. Thank god.

“This way.” I said leading Jane to the elevator.

“Did you talk to grandma” She said as we stepped into the elevator.

“Yea I talked it out with her. But I am still mad at her.” Jane shook her head in agreement.

“No duh. She never keeps her mouth shut about anything.” Jane said as we walked out of the elevator and chuckled.

“Don’t mention anything though.” I whispered to Jane before opening the door.

“Jane!” Grandma said walking over to Jane and pulling her into a hug.

“You got so tall!” She said looking Jane up and down. Jane smile and thanked her. I then took her stuff into my room. Well the guest room.

“It’s so…boring” Jane said as she walked in.

“Let’s redo it!” My eyes widened

“Jane it’s not my room. I cant.” She sighed.

“Fine” She said before walking over to her bag and taking out her laptop. I gave her the wifi password and boy did I regret that. She spent about an hour playing videos of them and was blasting their music. Jesus.

“If you don’t shut if off I am going to kill you.” I warned her but she ignored me and turned it up louder. Ok that’s it. I took her laptop and slammed it shut.

“I’m going to watch TV.” She said and walked out of the room. I sighed in relief. Finally quiet. I couldn’t take another minute of hearing their songs over and over. I looked at the clock and saw it was about eight. I needed to eat something. Before I opened the door I heard Jane.

“You’re One Direction!” She screamed. Oh god what the hell were they doing here. I took out my phone and texted Louis.

What are you doing here? Honestly do you want to give my sister a heart attack.”

About twenty seconds later I heard Louis’s phone go off and heard him snicker. Damn these walls are thin. I almost jumped when I heard my phone go off.

From Louis:
Why don’t you come out so you can keep your sister sane? Which in my opinion she is a lot better than the fans that don’t talk just scream and faint.

I burst out into laughter and then quickly stopped remembering they could hear me. I texted Louis back not wanting to come out of my room.

No I’m perfectly fine in my room.

I heard his phone go off but I never got a reply. Wow thanks so much for ignoring me. I took out my laptop and I realized my best friend Loren was on Skype. She was an even bigger directioner than my sister. God kill me now.

“Eva! I haven’t talked to you in forever!” She squealed.

“Tell me everything! How is London!” She yelled again. I knew I had to tell her I have at this very moment One Direction sitting in my grandma’s apartment.

“Well you will never guess who I met.” And before I could say anything else Louis burst through the door.

“Hello love!” He said and I saw Loren’s face drop. I put my head in my hands.

“You know there is something called knocking?” I asked sarcastically and he shrugged.

“Well that’s not fun is it” He said pointing a finger at me. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Loren. She was frozen. I waved my hand in front of the webcam and Louis just had a questioning look on his face.

“Is she ok?” He whispered to me.

“I don’t know” I said still waving my hand in front of the webcam.

“I-is that Louis Tomlinson?” She stuttered.

“And she speaks!” Louis yelled and I started to laugh.

“Eva do not mess with me. That is the actual Louis Tomlinson from One Direction sitting right next to you.” She said still in shock.

“That’s what I was about to tell you before he walked in.” Her mouth dropped.

“Hi Louis!” She said and Louis waved back. He was about to speak but the rest of the boys walked in the door.

“Louis where have you been?” Harry asked but then he looked over to me.

“Oh I see” He said with a smirk. My mouth dropped

“What! No!” I yelled. I looked over at Loren who was now going into full on shock.

“Who is the girl on the computer” Niall asked pointing to Loren. I was about to introduce her but Jane came running towards the computer.

“Loren!” She yelled pushing me out of my chair and sitting down. Jesus Christ.

“I am going to go out on the limb here and say her name is Loren.” Zayn whispered to Niall who started to laugh.

“Is she a fan too?” Liam asked walking over to my computer. Ok it is pretty obvious they just don’t care about my personal bubble. Louis nodded and the rest of the boys walked over to the computer and said hello to her. I was pretty sure I just made Loren’s day. Maybe even week.

Considering the boys and Jane where talking to Loren I took the opportunity to leave my room and see if there was anything to eat. I looked in the fridge and I saw three things. A bag of fruit, about three cans of Soda and leftover pasta that was here before I came. Ok so it looks like I am not eating. I walked back into my room and found the boys still talking to Loren. Well mostly Harry. Liam was on the phone and was trying to hear whoever he was on the phone with but it was hard considering the boys where so loud.

“Ok babe I will see you in a little bit.” He said and hung up.

“Guys I have to go. Danielle and me are going out to dinner. Bye guys!” He said.

“Bye Liam” They all said in sync.

“Bye Eva” He said which snapped me out of my trance.

“What…oh bye have fun.” I said and he smiled before closing the door.

“Ok everybody out” I said pointing to the door.

“Why… I like talking to her” Harry whined. I rolled my eyes.

“Yea so do I.” I said again pointing the door. They rolled their eyes and left. I closed the door and sighed in relief.

“Sorry about that” I said to Loren who had the biggest smile on her face.

“Sorry. You are actually apologizing for what just happened?” She asked. I laughed and shrugged.

“So you and Louis.” She said raising her eyebrow.

My eyes widened. “What? We aren’t together! Where did you get that!? What no!”

“Eva calm down.” She said holding her hands up. I took a deep breath and nodded.

“You guys just looked good together that’s all.” She said and I rolled my eyes.

“We are just friends. He is just showing me around London that’s all.” I stated and she rolled her eyes.

“Yea ok because every guy does that who is just your friend.” She mumbled and I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever. I have to go. I need to eat something.” I said and she nodded.

“Call me tomorrow” She said and I nodded before pressing end. I sighed. Why did everybody think we were a couple?

I walked out of my room and saw Jane sitting on the couch playing with her phone. I was guessing the boys left because well I didn’t see them. Jane then looked up and saw me.

“I ordered Chinese food.” She said. Yes food! Thank god.

“Oh my god I thought I was going to die of starvation!” I exclaimed as I through myself on the couch and checked my phone. I had a text. I unlocked my screen and read it.

From Louis
You coming to the concert tomorrow?

I rolled me eyes. No way in hell I was going to that concert. I can’t stand one directioner let alone thousands of them. I quickly texted him back.

No… I think I would die if I had to be in a room with thousands of directioners.

Just then the doorbell rang. I jumped up and opened the door. Thank god the food was here. I don’t think I had ever been this hungry. I gave the guy the money and closed the door. Jane then jumped up and took the food from me and over to the couch.

We sat down on the couch and switched on the TV. Oh god. Really an interview of them had to come on. I facepalmed myself and Jane rolled her eyes.

“Just let me watch it. I never get to see interviews on TV.” She said. I rolled my eyes and nodded. She squealed and turned up the volume. I turned my attention to Louis who seemed to be doing something inside his pocket. He then turned his head back to the interviewer and nodded along with the boys about something. My phone then vibrated.

From Louis
Just come. It will be fun. I could put you and Jane in the front row.

Was he really texting me on live TV? Oh god. I thought about what I was going to say then texted him back.

Are you seriously texting me while you are on live TV? Also I am not going to that concert. Now get back to the interview before you mess up and look like a complete idiot. By the way nothing you say will get me to go that concert.

About a minute later I saw him texting again. Oh god what was wrong with this boy. He started to giggle a little and I couldn’t help but laugh. Thank god Jane didn’t catch on. Louis looked back up from his phone but instead of turning to the interviewer he turned to the camera and winked just as I got a text. Oh god what did he write.

From Louis:
What if it’s something I do ;)

My eyes widened and just as I was about to yell at him through text I stopped. I could have some fun with this. I smirked and replied.

That might just work ;)

I smiled at my text. I saw Louis go back to his phone and his eyes widened and he bit his lip. I had to hold in my laughter. About a minute later he texted me back.

From Louis:
Oh really…

I couldn’t help myself I burst into laughter and I saw Jane look over at my phone. Her mouth dropped.

“Calm down I am just playing him” I said in between laughing fits. She started in on the laughing when I texted him back.

I could really use my laundry done….

As soon as I sent the text my eyes went straight to Louis. As soon as he looked at his phone his face dropped. He laughed a little bit but then turned to the camera and shook his head. Me and Jane began to laugh uncontrollably. They then walked off stage and about a minute later my phone started ringing.

“So are you going to come over and do the laundry” I answered the phone and I couldn’t hold back my laughter.

“Very funny” He said.

“You asked for it. I mean really.” I said as Jane was in the back laughing like crazy.

“Yea yea. Just a warning I am really good at revenge.” He said and hung up. Oh shit. What the hell did I just get myself into.

After about an hour Jane had gone to sleep and I decided to let her sleep in the bed tonight so I slept on the couch. I fell asleep around one thirty. All of the sudden I heard footsteps and the next thing I knew I was covered with freezing water. I jumped to my feet to find Louis standing there smiling. I took a pillow and started hitting him with it.

“What the hell is wrong with you!? How did you even get in here?” I whispered.

“The door was open and I told you I was very good at revenge. Oh and one more thing.” He snickered.

“What” I spat

“Well you are wearing a white shirt and no bra and you can sort of see.” I cut him off by slapping him with the pillow.

“Oh my god!” I yelled covering myself and running into my room. I turned on the light not caring if Jane was sleeping.

“What the hell happened to you” She said as I was rummaging through a draw trying to find dry clothes.

“Louis dumped a bucket of cold water on me.” I said taking out a new pair of pajamas.

“Bad day to wear a white shirt” She laughed. I shot her a look before going into the bathroom and changing.

I was not letting him off the hook for this one. This means war, and I will win.


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