22 Days

Eva Harris was just a normal nineteen year old from Miami Florida
That was until her mother shipped her off to London to stay with her grandmother for twenty two days
That was where she met none other than Louis Tomlinson
Can he show Eva the good in him and London before time runs out?
Or will he let her walk?
*Warning: Rated R*


2. Day 1

Did I seriously just agree to have Louis Tomlinson show me London and the “real” him. Eva Harris why must you be so stupid? I mentally face palmed myself and decided to go back to the apartment. It took me a while to get back to the apartment. I had to ask for directions about ten times. I passed about three coffee shops which I mentally bookmarked. As I was walking up to the apartment building I saw a crowd of girls screaming. Ok then.

I walked in the door and I realized why there where girls outside the building. One direction lived in the apartment building. Are you kidding? Out of all the places where my grandma could live. She lives here. Only me. Shit they are looking my way. Thank god Louis wasn’t. Boy did I speak to soon. He then turned around. Shit. Please don’t see me. Please don’t see me. Fuck. He saw me. He waved to me and I waved back. I realized he was making his way over to me.

“Well hello.” He said with a smile

“Hi.” I said quietly just wanting to go home.

“I am guessing you are living here. For twenty two days” He said adding emphasis on the two. I couldn’t help but laugh. Damn his charm.

“Yep. Now if you will excuse me I really need to be going.” I quickly made my way around him and started walking to the elevator.

“What floor?!” He called out before I entered the elevator

“Sixth apartment seven!” I yelled back before turning and going into the elevator. I quickly took out my phone and dialed Jane’s number. She was going to kill me.

“Hello” She answered sounding tired.

“You will never guess what I am doing tomorrow” I said sounding proud I am meeting her idol.

“What?” She asked not very interested.

“Louis Tomlinson is picking me up and showing me around London so I change my mind about him.” I said and I couldn’t help but smile. All I heard was her screaming and screaming. No words just screaming. Then she hung up. Fine be that way. I was already in the apartment by now and I realized that my grandma had gone to sleep. I was also exhausted. I felt like it was three in the morning. It was only ten. Stupid jetlag. I went into my room and fell down on my bed. I got under the covers and just as I closed my eyes my phone buzzed.

From: Jane
OMG. AAAAAAH! LOUIS TWEETED ABOUT YOU! You are so lucky! Sorry I hung up. Mom came in and yelled at me. Oh well I have to try and go to sleep. Night E! X

I laughed at her tweet and went on my twitter and I had now 10,000 followers. Damn. Then I saw the tweet.

Louis Tomlinson
Day 1 tomorrow with @Eva_Harris ;)

That little tweet got me nine thousand nine hundred and seventy followers! Yes I only had thirty followers. Don’t judge I am not exactly what you call a “social butterfly”. Oh well I am who I am. I decided to put my phone down and go to sleep. It was a little hard for me to sleep though. I hate to admit it but I was a little excited.

I woke up around eight. I realized I fell asleep without changing into my pajamas. I shrugged and walked out into the living room. I saw my grandma sitting on the couch watching one of her soap operas. I waved to her and she gave me a smile then continued to watch her show. I went into the kitchen and took an apple out of a little fruit bowl my grandma had sitting on her counter. I took a bite and spit it out immediately. I just took a bite of a wax apple. What the hell is wrong with me? I carefully put the apple back hiding the huge bite mark from where I sunk my teeth into its waxiness. Ew. I then went into the fridge to receive a real apple not one made from something my mother lights when the power goes out. I found a real apple and studied it to make sure. I took the apple in my room with me and decided to get dressed, Not knowing when Louis was coming. I put on leggings a holster top and a white crop jacket. I also put on my favorite pair of boots. I loved them they had heels and fur on top. I would wear anything just to wear these shoes. I put my hair in a braid and put on some makeup. Just as I finished up my hair my phone started to ring.

“Hello” I answered happily

“Did he pick you up yet. Oh my god are you with him right now!” Jane screamed into my ear.

“No he did not. Look I have to go I promise I will call you once I am back home.” I said before hanging up. I went back to my vanity and touched up my makeup one last time.

“Dear” My grandma said knocking on my door

“Some ones here to see you.” She said sounding a little confused. He was here already. I checked my watch and saw it was only ten.

“Ok. I will be out in a second.” I said before grabbing my purse and phone then making my way out in the living room to see Louis standing by the door way looking at his phone.

“Ready to go?” He asked looking up from his phone. I nodded and made my way out the door.

“Where are we exactly going?” I asked as he pulled me down the hall to the elevator. He didn’t say anything. He just smiled as we made our way to the lobby. As I turned to go to the front doors, Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the back of the building.

“Entrance is this way.” I reminded him while pointing to the door.

“Yes but there are about two hundred fans waiting outside so we are going out the back way.” He said pointing towards a door in the back. I nodded and we made our way outside. It was freezing out. I wasn’t used to this weather. Miami was so hot out. I don’t think I have ever even seen snow.

“Different than Miami huh?” He asked sensing my freezingness. Is freezingness even a word? Oh well it is now.

“You have no idea.” I said shivering. He laughed and led me to a coffee shop.

“I thought you were going to show me what makes London great?” I asked as we walked inside.

“I am. I am going to show you the real London. Not the London that tourists come for, and I’m starting with the best coffee shop in London.” He said looking around the shop. I nodded and was about to start talking my phone started ringing. Jane was calling me. Does this girl not understand the meaning of I will call you later.

“Hello” I answered sounding annoyed

“Is he with you”? Don’t lie to me Eva.” She demanded.

I sighed “Yes” All of the sudden she screamed louder than I ever heard her scream before. I flinched and saw Louis’s eyes go wide. I chuckled at the sight of him.

“Look I have to go. I already told you I would call you later. Bye Jane” I said before hanging up and sighing in relief. Louis looked at me with a care to explain look.

“She is my little sister and is huge crazy fan of your band” I said sounding a little annoyed at my sister.

“Why didn’t you just put her on the phone?” My eyes widened when he asked that question.

“You’re kidding right? She would have blown out her ear drum!” I almost yelled then realized we where in public. He started to laugh and shrugged. We ordered our coffee and he made me order a dessert. Apparently they had the best cake here so I had the cake.

“So tell me about yourself” He said taking a sip of his coffee.

“Well I live with my mother and my sister. I am nineteen. Oh and I am a dancer.” I said proudly.

“Dancer?” He asked sounding interested.

“Yea. I dance at a little studio a few blocks down from my house. I have been applying to different schools but I haven’t got excepted to any.” I said not realizing that I must have sounded disappointed.

“Everyone has their big break. You just have to wait.” He said reassuringly.

“Deep Tomlinson.” I said taking a bite of my cake which I had to admit was a whole lot better than that wax apple.

“Thank Zayn for that one.” He chuckled. I laughed with him and we talked for a little longer until he dragged me off to a candy store.

“I love this place!” He said excitedly pulling me towards the tubs of candy.

“You like sugar huh?” I said as I saw him stuff a bag full of all different candies.

“You have no idea.” He said still stuffing the bag. It was now overflowing.

“What about you?” He asked taking a break from raiding the store

“Chocolate.” I said simply then his eyes widened.

“Follow me” He said and grabbed my hand. We walked into a back room and then I saw it.

“Holy shit! I swear this is heaven” I said and he laughed. In the room was all chocolate. Chocolate covered fruits, chocolate bars, hell there was even chocolate cover chocolate.

“Pretty cool huh?” He asked before pulling me towards a bin with wrapped chocolate filled to the top. I took a handful and put it in the already over full bag of candy.

“We have nothing like this in Miami. Just Hershey bars.” I said as Louis went to go pay. He laughed and took out his wallet. I searched through my purse and pulled out some money but he stopped me.

“Two things. One that’s American money. And two you don’t need to pay.” I looked at the money and realized I needed to convert them into pounds. I laughed and nodded my head.

“Thanks.” I smiled and walked closer to the register.

After we got out of the candy store he showed me around London. He showed me all the different shops that are close to where I live and he also took me to some store that sold some type of shoes. TOMS I think. It was now about six thirty and could not explain how much my feet hurt. Mental note, wear flats tomorrow.

Louis then distracted my thoughts “Want to go back to my place and order something to eat?”

I thought about it for a second. But at this point I just needed to get these shoes off. “Sure.” I finally remembered how to go back to the apartment building. We had to walk around back again considering there where even more fans than this morning.

“So you liking London yet” Louis asked as we got into the elevator.

I bit my bottom lip and nodded. “Yea it’s not that bad” He laughed as we got out of the elevator.

Before he opened the door and turned to me. “Just a warning the lads might be here so it can get loud”

I laughed and nodded. When he opened the door I saw four boys sitting on the couch watching TV and laughing. They then all shot up and hugged Louis. Ok then.

“Who’s the girl?” The one with the curly hair asked.

“She a fan?” The blonde one with a different accent joined in.

“Not even close” I said and they looked kind of offended. The one with the curly hair, I think his name was Harry opened his mouth to speak but Louis interrupted him.

“She’s the girl I met yesterday. This is Eva.” He said pointing to me. The boys exchanged glances and smirks then I think Zayn spoke up.

“Hello Eva” He said getting up to shake my hand.

“Hi uh Zayn?” I said questionably. He nodded and I let out a sigh. The rest of the boys introduced himself and invited me to sit and watch TV with them. After about an hour Niall had begged Liam to go and get food. Nandos I think. Then my phone started to go off and I saw a Facetime request by none other than Jane. I quickly hit deny and she called back again. Zayn must of saw and was giving me a questionable look.

“My sister. She is completely obsessed with you guys and” Before I could say another word Zayn pulled my phone from my hand and hit accept. If he only knew what he was about to get himself into. Zayn couldn’t even speak before my sister began.

“OH MY GOD YOUR ZAYN MALIK!!!!!!” She squealed and Zayn just laughed. I kept trying to get the phone from him but he kept pushing me away. Way to put yourself on the list Zayn.

“Zayn just give the phone to her” Niall said or at least tried to say before my sister squealed again because she heard Niall. Zayn gave me my phone back and I smiled at Niall I liked him. I looked at my phone to see my sister about to die. I laughed at her and before I knew it my phone was gone. Again. This time by curly. I quickly yanked his hair.

“Ow! Why did you do that!” He demanded.

“You took my phone.” I simply said crossing my arms.

“You didn’t pull Zayn’s hair!” He yelled again.

“It didn’t look as fun to pull.” I said earning a chuckle off of Niall. Actually scratch chuckle. A full on contagious laughter. His laugh could put anybody in a good mood.

“Eva you can’t just pull Harry Styles hair!” Jane said and I rolled my eyes.

“I just did and I will do it again if he doesn’t give me back the phone” His eyes widened and quickly handed me the phone and said goodbye to Jane.

“I told you I would call you later Jane.” I said sternly.

“I couldn’t wait!” She said in her defense. I rolled my eyes and hung up. I didn’t care if she got mad at me. I was going to call her later anyway. Just after I hung up with Jane Liam came bursting through the door with two huge bags filled with food. Niall jumped out from his chair and ran towards Liam.

“Niall calm down” Liam said before giving Niall his food. This boy literally dug into his food. Everyone else slowly walked over to Liam being careful not to disturb Niall’s foodgasm. We all then started to eat and I could see why Niall loved it. It was pretty damn good. Once we finished eating we went back on the couch and watched TV.

“So Eva, do you have any siblings?” Liam asked and then realized he wasn’t here when my crazy directioner sister called me.

“Yea I have a sister named Jane.” I said hoping the boys would not bring up that she was a complete fangirl over them. I was wrong.

“She’s a fan” Harry said fixing his hair.

“Does she have a twitter?” Liam asked and I nodded. He then went and got his laptop. After about a minute he had followed me and was now looking for Jane. She was going to die. I showed Liam which one was her and he followed her. About ten minutes later I got a text from Jane. Oh god.

From Jane:

I laughed at her text and thanked Liam from Jane. He told me to tell her welcome and is hoping to see her soon. Oh god Liam what have you just got yourself into. I texted Jane back and I am pretty sure I was just about to give her a heart attack.

He says welcome and is hoping to see you soon. Don’t freak out Jane.

I was praying that she wouldn’t flip. She really needed to calm down. After about an hour it was already ten thirty and my grandma was probably going to start getting worried. I decided to go home.

Before I was about to close the door Louis held it open. “I will pick you up tomorrow at one”

I nodded “Ok. See you tomorrow.”

I slowly opened the door to the apartment to find my grandma waiting for me on the couch. She looked mad. Shit.

“There you are!” She yelled getting up from her seat.

She looked me up and down. “Where have you been?”

I bit my lip. “I was at Louis’s”

I then walked into my room but she followed me. “The boy who picked you up earlier? Eva I don’t even know where he lives I don’t need you running all over town till this late at night.”

“He lives in the same building!” I yelled. Oh shit what did I just get myself into. I went to apologize but she cut me off.

“You do not talk to me like that! I am your grandmother. You can’t just run out Eva. Your just like your” She stopped realizing what she was about to say.

“I’m just like who my father?” I asked feeling the tears in my eyes. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. I rolled my eyes and locked myself into my room. I felt the tears down my face. I hated when anybody brought him up. It brought back memories that I didn’t need. I hated it here. I wanted to go home. I just wanted to see my mom and sister. I wanted to see my friends.

I stood up and stormed out of my room. I walked right past my grandma not caring what she thought. I didn’t know where I was going to go but I needed to just get away for a little while. I slammed the door and started to walk down the hall. I didn’t even bother to wipe the tears from my face. It wasn’t like I knew anyone.

“Eva?” A voice called behind me. I turned around to see Louis holding my phone.

“You ok?” He asked handing me my phone. I shook my head.

“No.” Before I knew it he pulled me into a hug and I couldn’t help it I just started to cry. I hated crying.

I lifted my head up. “This is stupid” I wiped the tears away and wiggled my way out of Louis’s grasp.

“Thanks. But I really need to go inside before my grandma gets even madder.” I tried to laugh.

“You sure you’re ok?” He asked and I could see the sympathy in his eyes. I nodded.

“Yea. Thanks Lou. I will see you tomorrow.” And with that I went inside. There was something so different about him. He was just comforting. Oh no Eva. You’re not falling for him. I can’t be. I know how these guys turn out to be. But what if he’s different?

This is going to be a long few weeks.


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