22 Days

Eva Harris was just a normal nineteen year old from Miami Florida
That was until her mother shipped her off to London to stay with her grandmother for twenty two days
That was where she met none other than Louis Tomlinson
Can he show Eva the good in him and London before time runs out?
Or will he let her walk?
*Warning: Rated R*


7. Breakdown

“Loren’s pregnant” He said quietly. My eyes widened.

“She what?” I asked and he just put his head in his hands.

“What the hell am I going to do Lou!?” He screamed and I sighed and sat down next to him.

“I thought you got condoms?” I asked he nodded.

“We did! We got the only fucking ones in the store though! They sucked!” He screamed running his hands through his hair.

“The worst part about it all is her father won’t let me see her or the child! Louis I need to see my own god damn child!” He yelled fighting back tears.

“I uh I don’t know what to say.” I stammered and Harry fell back onto the couch.

“She is going to be alone through this too Lou. Because of me.” He said and I saw tears fall from his face. I put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s not your fault Haz. You didn’t think the condom would break.” I said and he sighed.

“But it did. Now I don’t know what to do.” He said and before I could say anything else Liam came through the door and stopped when he saw Harry.

“What wrong with him Lou?” He asked and I looked at Harry if I could tell him and he nodded.

“Loren’s pregnant.” I said and Liam’s face dropped.

“But it gets worse. I can’t even see my own god damn child!” Harry screamed throwing his phone against the wall.

“Harry you will figure it out. There is no way Loren’s dad will let her go through this without a father there. Trust me.” Liam said trying to calm Harry down and it worked. Leave it to Liam to calm someone down.

“You can’t tell anyone. Not even the rest of the lads. I mean it guys.” He said and we nodded. Just then the rest of the lads came through the door.

“Jesus Christ! Does nobody knock anymore!?” Harry yelled out of frustration.

“What’s wrong with him?” Niall asked as he walked over to the fridge and grabbed a water.

“Loren’s pregnant” Harry said and Niall spit out the water all over me.

“Niall what the fuck!” I yelled and he shrugged.

“Sorry.” He said and that got Harry to laugh. Finally. I rolled my eyes and started to wipe the water of my arm.

“She’s pregnant.” Zayn said and Liam and I nodded.

“Wow” He said and we all nodded except for Harry who was on the floor with his head in his hands trying not to cry.

“Is she coming back to London?” Niall asked and Liam and I looked at each other. We saw Harry get mad again and we both took him by the shoulders as he got up. It looked like he was about to punch someone.

“Uh no. Loren’s father wont um let him see the baby.” Liam said silently and I felt Harry tense up. Zayn and Niall’s faces dropped.

“Haz I” Zayn started but Harry cut him off. Oh god here we go.

“Don’t! I don’t need everybody’s god damn sympathy!” He said shaking from Liam and I’s grasp and he punched the wall. This time Zayn and I held Harry back considering Liam’s phone was going off like crazy. So was mine but I ignored it. Liam looked at his phone and his face dropped.

“Shit” He said and we saw a text from Danielle.

From Danielle:

Liam Eva called me and well she tried to get in touch with Louis but he isn’t answering. But Loren’s father made up his mind. He doesn’t want Harry to be involved.

My face dropped. I looked up at Harry who had tears down his face. I pulled him into a hug and he wiped away the tears.

“Harry we are so sorry” Niall said but he ignored him. He just walked into his room. We heard a loud crash and we went in the room to see Harry had punched his mirror and his hand was bleeding.

“Jesus Harry” Liam said and took Harry by the hand and pulled him into the bathroom.

“Liam its fine!” He screamed.

“Harry it’s not! Now shut up! Liam screamed back. Niall snickered a little and received a glance from Zayn.

“Sorry” He said and I laughed pulling out my phone. I had about fifteen missed calls and about twenty text messages. I looked at the most recent one.

From Eva:

Louis Loren wants to talk to Harry but his phone is off. What the hell is going on over there?

I knocked on the bathroom door and I heard Harry and Liam screaming at each other.

“Harry can you stay still!” Liam yelled and I heard Harry groan.

“Liam it bloody hurts!” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“Can somebody let me in?!” I yelled and I heard the door unlock. I walked in and saw Liam picking glass out of Harry’s hand and Harry flinching in pain.

“Harry Loren wants to talk to you. She has been trying to call you but you broke your phone so.” I said and his head shot up.

“He can’t he needs stiches” Liam said and Harry’s face filled with anger.

“Liam I need to talk to her” He said sternly.

“Harry your hand is gushing blood. Sorry but you need to go to the hospital.” Liam said and I nodded in agreement.

“ I will drive you” I said and Harry nodded.

“Me and Liam have to take Harry to the hospital” I said to Zayn and Niall and their eye’s widened.

“Shit” Niall said and I nodded. Harry came out of the bathroom yelling at Liam.

“My hand can wait Liam! I am sure if you were in this position you would need to talk to Danielle before anything else.” Harry said and Liam rolled his eyes.

“I am sure I would and if you were in my position would you let me?” He asked and Harry shook his head.

“No” He mumbled and Liam chuckled.

“Niall or Zayn call Simon and explain what has happened that way he can help us figure out what to do.” Liam said before closing the door. I quickly texted Eva telling her what was happening. This was going to be a long night.


“Did Louis text you back?” Danielle asked and I shrugged.

“Let me check.” I said and she went back over to the computer to try and comfort Loren. Liam introduced me to Danielle and we had a lot in common including we both danced. Zayn also introduced me to Perrie we became close friends quickly as well. I checked my phone and saw that Louis texted me.

From Louis:

Taking Harry to hospital will explain later. I will bring him over when we get out.

“Shit” I said and Danielle and Perrie came over.

“Oh god” Perrie said and Danielle nodded.

“Guy what? What’s wrong” Loren asked trying to stop sobbing.

“Ok Loren don’t freak out but Harry is in the hospital.” I said and her eyes widened.

“What! Eva I need more details!” She demanded.

“I don’t have any details. Louis just texted me saying he was taking Harry to the hospital.” I said sighing. Loren nodded and didn’t say anything.

“I will call Zayn” Perrie said and we all nodded.

“Speaker” Danielle said and she nodded. It rang a few times and Zayn finally answered.

“Niall just call Simon! Look Perrie I can’t talk right now a lot of shit is going on” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“Zayn you need to tell me why Harry is in the hospital before Loren has a heart attack.” I said and he sighed.

“Just make Loren promise she won’t go all hormonal when I tell her” He said and I looked at Loren and she nodded.

“She promises” I said.

“Ok Harry might of punched a mirror when he found out he wasn’t allowed to see Loren or the baby and he might need stiches.”Zayn said and Loren’s face dropped. I saw her fighting back tears and Perrie sighed.

“Thanks Zayn.” Perrie said and hung up. We all looked at Loren who was crying.

“I need to go. Call me when I can speak to Harry” She said and hung up. I sighed and plopped down on my bed.

“Jesus” Danielle said sitting in a chair.

“I know. This is so much” Perrie added and I nodded in agreement. We went out into the living room and heard something.

“Liam can you stop I will be fine without putting pressure on the damn hand for ten minutes!” We heard Harry scream.

“The doctors said it will help now will you stop.” He said.

“How just don’t see how it will help.” Harry said in his defense.

“With both of you shut up. Harry just put pressure on your damn hand! Liam leave Harry be. He is being a moody bitch right now” Louis said I he got a laugh off Liam. They then walked in and we couldn’t help but laugh when we saw them. Louis looked annoyed. Liam looked tired. And Harry looked a mess. We stopped laughing when we saw him.

“Go call her so we can all go to sleep” Liam said pointing to my room. We made Jane stay in the guest room attached to my grandma’s. Liam and Louis than sat down on the couch across from us.

“Fun night” Danielle said and they both rolled their eyes.

“Don’t get us started” Liam said and Louis nodded in agreement.

“We should really let them talk” Liam said and we nodded then Danielle suggested something.

“Or we can listen in” She said and we all looked at each other before jumping up and putting our ears to the door.

“What is going to happen?” Harry asked.

“I-I don’t know what to do Harry” Loren said obviously still crying.

“Well I want to see my child Loren!” He screamed.

“Harry my father he won’t” Harry cut her off.

“I don’t care about your father! You can’t keep me from seeing my own child! You just can’t!” He yelled again but it was followed by a sob.

“Harry I can’t do anything! My father made up his mind. He won’t let you see the baby.” She said and it was silent. We heard a crash and that’s when we decided to leave.

“Hurry!” Louis said and the five of us ran out of the apartment. If Harry knew we were listening he would kill us. We went to Louis and Harry’s apartment to find Niall and Zayn talking to Simon.

“We don’t know!” Zayn said into the phone sounding rather annoyed.

“Look the only thing we know is if Harry can’t see his kid, he won’t ever be the same.” Zayn said and hung up.

“Simon pisst off” Louis said sitting on the couch.

“Oh yea” Zayn and Niall said at the same time.

“He agreed to talk to Loren’s dad so Harry can see his child though” Niall said trying to brighten the conversation. Before we could say anything Harry walked in the door and sat on the couch putting his face in his hands.

“I can’t see my child” He said not even angry anymore more like shock. Niall put a hand on Harry’s shoulder while he just sat their lifeless.

“Mate don’t worry. We got Simon to talk to Loren’s dad.” Zayn said and Harry’s head shot up.

“You told Simon!” Harry shouted in disbelief.

“He was going to find out anyway” Louis said and we all shook our heads in agreement.

“Yea but he is going to kill me! This isn’t exactly the best thing that could happen right now.” He said and Perrie joined in.

“Yea but Harry if he could talk Loren’s dad into letting you be a part of your child’s life wouldn’t it be worth it?” Perrie asked and he nodded.

“I need to go to sleep.” He said and started to walk to his room.

“Keep pressure on your hand!” Liam reminded him and Harry gave him the finger. We then all looked at Liam like he was crazy.

“What? He needs to listen to the doctor” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“Yea but it might not be the best time to remind him about putting pressure on his hand” I said and Niall started to laugh. After about an hour everyone had went home and me and Louis where sitting on the couch watching TV.

“You want to go back to the bedroom.” Louis whispered in my ear and I shook my head.

“Not tonight. I am just a tad overwhelmed with everything that happened.” Louis smirked and opened his mouth but I stopped him.

“Sing you song again and you will be sleeping alone in that bed for a long time” I threatened and his face dropped.

“Ok ok” He said and got up from the couch. He took my hand and pulled me up. He started to kiss my neck slowly.

“Lou. I am serious I am not in the mood tonight.” I said and he took his lips off my neck.

“Fine. But don’t go home. Please” He begged and I nodded. He smiled and made his way to the bedroom and I followed.

“Lou you need to clean your room” I said as I walked in and he laughed.

“Yea ok. Do you want something to sleep in?” He asked and I nodded. He pulled out one of his shirts and pajama bottoms. I quickly changed then got into bed with Louis. I rested my head on his chest and we watched TV.

“Uh Eva.” He said and I looked up.

“We never used a condom once. How are you not” I stopped him.

“I’m on the pill” I said and he nodded.

“That makes sense” He said and I laughed. I then drifted off into a deep sleep.

I woke up and realized it was still dark out. I slowly and quietly made my way out of bed and to the bathroom. When I got out I heard light sobs coming from the couch.

“Harry. What are you doing up?” I asked and he quickly wiped his tears away.

“I couldn’t sleep.” He said and I walked over to the couch and sat next to him.

“Harry everything will be ok” I reassured him.

“But what if I really won’t be able to see my child? My own child Eva” He said and I saw tears falling from his face. I pulled him into a hug and he started to cry.

“Harry if I know Loren she will do everything in her power so that you can see that child” I said trying to calm him down. He pulled away wiping the tears.

“Thanks. I-I needed that.” He said and I smiled.

“No problem” I said and hugged him again before going back into Louis’s room to find him watching TV.

“Why are you up?” I asked him and he shrugged.

“Probably the same reason you and Harry are. I couldn’t sleep.” He said and I climbed into bed and laid down next to him.

“How is he?” He asked and I shook my head.

“Not good. He is upset and worried out of his mind.” I said and Louis sighed.

“You think Loren’s father will let him see the baby?” He asked and I nodded.

“Loren’s father can’t see Loren upset for a long time. It kills him.” I said and Louis nodded.

“What happened before Harry went to the hospital?” I asked and Louis sighed.

“What didn’t happen. He got mad and broke his phone. Punched the wall. Cried. Then he punched a mirror which led to the whole hospital hand thing.” He said and my eyes widened.

“Are you serious?” I asked and he nodded.

“What about you?” He asked and I sighed as well.

“Well about five minutes after you left Loren called me on Skype and told me everything. Then Danielle and Perrie came so Loren told them also. The rest of the time we were just trying to calm her down as best as we could.” I said and Louis chuckled.

“You had it easy. I had to hold Harry back from destroying the flat. Not to mention listen to him and Liam scream at each other when Harry hurt his hand.” He said and my eyes widened.

“I did not have it easy. You try trying to calm down a pregnant and very hormonal nineteen year old. Not to mention over Skype.” I said and he was quiet.

“Alright you win” He said and I laughed.

“Yay” I said and Louis chuckled kissing my forehead. We sat in bed till about eight thirty until we realized that we weren’t going to go back to bed.

“I should go home considering Jane has been pestering me about what has been going on.” I said and Louis nodded.

“Yea it might be a good idea to explain.” He said and I laughed.

“I will see you a little later” I said kissing his lips then walking out the door. Well this I going to take a while to explain to Jane.


I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV when the lads came rushing in.

“Is Harry up yet?” Liam said and I shook my head.

“No why?” I asked and they looked at each other.

“Simon he uh talked to Loren’s dad and he couldn’t talk him out of it. Harry can’t see the baby” Zayn said and my face dropped.

“Oh shit. Harry is going to” Before I could finish anything Harry came walking out of his room.

“What is going on? Harry asked and we looked at each other.

“Harry you should sit” Niall said and we nodded in agreement. Harry gave us a confusing look.

“Look Harry Simon called Loren’s dad. He tried all he could but there was no convincing him. He is serious about it. He doesn’t want you involved” Liam said and Harry began red with anger.

“This is ridiculous already! Lou is Eva up?” He asked and I nodded.

“Yea. Why?” I asked wondering why he wanted to see Eva.

“Because one I need to talk to Loren and since I broke my phone I need Eva’s laptop. Two she know about Loren better than anyone else and I need to ask her some things.” He said and walked out the door slamming it behind him.

“Well that went better than expected. I seriously thought we were going to have to cover up holes in the wall.” I said and Niall laughed. Liam and Zayn nodded their heads in agreement. Liam was about to say something but there was a knock at the door. I got up and answered the door and saw at the door looking rather mad.

“Where is Harry.”


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